Coin Carousel Brings Coin Collecting to Next Generation


In 1999, the U.S. Mint release of the 50 State Quarters® Program prompted a resurgence in coin collecting and became the most successful coin collecting series in history. However the younger generation is not adopting coin collecting as a hobby, like they have in the past.

Coin Carousel spinner
A spinner from the Coin Carousel™ collection system holds up to five quarters

Whether the cause is electronic entertainment or the decline in use of coins, Elia Martinez, an Arizona inventor, wants to put a new spin on coin collecting, specifically to entice the next generation of coin collectors and bridge the gap between generations.

"Coin collecting is a hobby that connects generations," said Martinez, "but to interest children in the fast-paced digital age, we need to have a way to hold their attention and give them a way to engage with the hobby on their level."

The Coin Carousel™ is designed to hold the 50 State Quarters and America the Beautiful Quarters® in a collection system. Each carousel holds five U.S. quarters in individual coin frames, capturing the coin so all sides are visible and free to be examined.

Coin Carousel
The Coin Carousel holds, stores and organizes quarters

These carousels are stacked into a numbered library storage system to track each quarter in the collection.

Martinez says, "Knowing how much I loved looking at coins as a child with my dad, I wanted to create a new system for coin collections so they can be displayed, viewed, and most importantly, shared."

Coin Carousel, a LAgeek product, is a quarter collection system designed to collect, store, and display U.S. quarters minted after 1932. The Coin Carousel comes in a variety of sizes in five unit arrays in multiple stacks; made in the USA with long-lasting high-impact materials. For more information please visit, available on

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Joe Brown

Clever idea, that would have been right up my ally. If they came out during the state 1/4 program i would have stored them that way, same for America The Beautiful Quarters, but i’m filling my ATB with the book i bought off our mint. Might be good idea to sell them with a hand book for next generation.


Here is a chance for the Mint to really try to get more interest from the younger generation. They need to put some money in ADVERTISMENT!! I mean BIG ads targeted to the younger people. If not it will be a waste and they will have to build a building to store … spinners? Hey, maybe add lights to the things to really get noticed. The Mint has to spend money in advertising to sell money!