Coin Discovery Set to Introduce Coin Collecting


A new product from the United States Mint aims to introduce younger generations to the joys of coin collecting.

United States Mint Coin Discovery Set
United States Mint image of its Coin Discovery Set

Featuring coins in three different finishes, coin collecting supplies and a booklet describing how coins are made, the U.S. Mint’s Coin Discovery Set launches on Dec. 16, 2014 for $24.95.

New images released today from the Mint reveal that the set is an attractive offering. The coin hobby could use an infusion of young blood and products like these can inspire interest in collecting. I really like it, just not its timing.

Unfortunately, the set’s late release may curb seasoned collectors from buying them as a stocking stuffer for this Christmas. Older collecting folks like us tend to plan a bit more, having learned to avoid the mayhem and possible pitfalls of last-minute shopping. It would have been nice to see this set released in November or early this week. I’d have bought at least a dozen, throw in a few different coins for variety, and give sets to all my nieces and nephews for Christmas.

United States Mint Coin Discovery Sets include:

  • A proof 2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar stuck at the San Francisco Mint with a S mint mark
  • An uncirculated 2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar stuck at the Philadelphia Mint with a P mint mark
  • A circulating-quality 2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar stuck at the Denver Mint with a D mint mark
  • An educational booklet explaining the coin production process and the different coin finishes
  • 25-cent coin tubes
  • A magnifying glass
  • Cotton gloves

Also, the set’s box is designed to store any of the Mint’s proof sets.

These sets are limited to 45,000. More information is available through the U.S. Mint product page found here.


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James O'Brien

The US Mint is LIMITING the issue of these introductory coin collecting kits to 45,000 but issues millions of silver and gold coins each year – how incredibly short-sighted is this ???

This must be the numismatic marketing ‘faux pas’ of the century (so far)


@James O’Brien

Yeah, the Mint does it again … par for the course. They probably just looked at this as a simple line item which will not generate much income so it is shunted to the end of the line. They are not thinking IMO of future collectors… since most of their income/profits are coming in from dealers and large volume buyers. It would be interesting to see how much revenue the Mint gets from this non-collector base. Do they break this info out in their Annual Report


And to demonstrate their total blindness to collectors … they did not even include other coin denominations which are more easily found in everyday change like the ATB quarters …. would have been nice if they included some unc ATB quarters … to go with the quarter tubes …


Probably a box dep dir Peterson had to check off in his list of goals for 2014. Nevermind that it’s not even a half hearted attempt. But it does show how the mint can charge so much for so little – a lesson the little tykes need to learn some time.


PCGS & NGC hopefully will grade the entire set INCLUDING the cotton gloves.

Joe C.

They should be giving these sets away to the kids at coin shows.


A good Idea but Why Launch just in time to Miss Delivery by Mail for the Holidays???


I agree with a few of your comments. One I do not agree with is that the mint generates most of their income through dealers, I rarely purchase anything from the mint, they charge way over spot and they have a horrible return policy. I think this set is a great idea but once again they fall short of the big picture by the minting limits and the release date as RonnieBGood pointed out, they probably won’t make it in time for Christmas. Jack… Had to laugh at the grading comment!! To my knowledge the Mint will not be attending… Read more »


Do you think it is worth buying these?

Joe C.

If you have a young one around the house or a young relative it might make a good gift to get them interested in coin collecting.