Coin Collecting Supply Company “Wizard Coin Supply” Launches New Website


Wizard Coin Supply launches new websiteOakton, VA — Wizard Coin Supply, a global provider of coin collecting supplies, recently launched its new website at

Currently offering one of the largest selections of coin supplies and coin collecting accessories on the web, Wizard Coin Supply is poised to service the recent surge in coin collectors around the United States.

With the immense popularity of state quarters and presidential dollars, in particular, people have been flocking to the hobby in record numbers in recent years. As a result, there is a growing demand for new coin collecting materials and updated information on collectible coins. Wizard Coin Supply is positioned to fill the void and become the preferred supplier of coin collectors everywhere.

Wizard Coin Supply has emerged as a reliable source for an array of coin collecting supplies at discount prices. Wizard specializes in offering the best brands and products at deeply discounted prices. For example, the full line of Intercept Shield products – the best coin protection on the market – is available at a standing 30% discount.

In addition, Wizard carries over 1000 different sizes, shapes and colors of Capital Plastics holders – the industry’s premier coin holder – with the entire selection priced at a 25% discount. Wizard Coin Supply has made significant investments in its technology infrastructure and, as a result, every purchase is processed within a secure and easy-to-use ordering platform and supported by dedicated customer service.

Collectively, the knowledgeable staff at Wizard Coin Supply has over 40 years experience in coin collecting and brings a level of accessibility and customer support that is unparalleled in the industry.


Karin Herndon, President of Wizard Coin Supply, added, “Wizard offers over 2000 unique products at magically low prices. We’re determined to continue expanding the selection and lowering our prices as our volume grows.” As new products are introduced, Wizard is growing its inventory and its knowledge base to service every level of coin collecting enthusiast.


The Wizard Coin Supply website is designed to educate coin collectors, while highlighting some of the fun and interesting aspects of the hobby. New collectors will benefit from detailed descriptions of every product as well as some of the informative articles.

Experienced collectors, meanwhile, can communicate directly with coin collection experts to get informed opinions on new product lines. And collectors of all experience levels will enjoy the everyday discount prices at Wizard.


“We try to make Wizard fun with a magic theme but we’re not just hocus pocus,” explained Ms. Herndon. “Our secret potion is a dash of fun blended with large portions of wide selection, discount pricing and efficient service.” As interest in numismatics continues to grow, Wizard Coin Supply will remain at the forefront of the industry, offering an expansive array of coin collecting supplies and expertise through a fun and engaging online experience.


About Wizard Coin Supply

Wizard Coin Supply is a global provider of coin collection supplies and coin collection accessories, based in the Washington DC suburbs of northern Virginia. Wizard is dedicated to providing its customers with the largest possible selection of quality coin supplies at deeply discounted prices and to promoting the hobby and enjoyment of numismatics.

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Jerry Aubin

Been waiting a couple of years now for new Intercept shield Lincoln Cents coin album. When do you expect it to be ready for sale?

U V Henson

I am looking for a coin holder flat for Morgan dollar Barber 50.25 10 5 +indain head penny wheat penny and lead penny maybe another nickle.
Thank you