2017 American Liberty Gold Coin Sales Reach 14,285 in First Day

225th Anniversary 2017 American Liberty Gold Coin, Obverse and Reverse
225th Anniversary 2017 American Liberty Gold Coin, Obverse and Reverse

First-day sales of the high-relief 2017-W $100 Proof American Liberty Gold Coin reached 14,285 pieces, according to U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White.

That’s about 14.3% of the possible 100,000. At $1,640 apiece, the collectible realized more than $23.4 million in its start.

Released Thursday as part of a yearlong celebration for the U.S. Mint’s 225th anniversary, the proof marks the second issue in a program of $100 high-reliefs that are struck in an ounce of .9999 fine gold.

The 2015-W $100 American Liberty Gold Coin kicked off the series. It scored first-day sales of 36,686 coins, representing 73.3% of the 50,000 possible. That release enjoyed a few added advantages in addition to its smaller mintage, including a lower debuting price of $1,490 and the distinction of being a first.

This year’s coin is the first issue in a biennial series that depicts Liberty in a variety of contemporary forms to include designs representing Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Indian-Americans among others.

Order the new gold coin online, right here, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). Its price can change weekly depending on the trending value of gold.

Sometime later in the year, .999 fine silver medal versions of the coin with varying finishes will be available.

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Wow. That’s not very many. I thought they would sell a lot more, with no Household limit.

Seth Riesling

I like this Proof gold coin design a lot & have from the beginning, so I put it in my budget for this year & bought one. But, the Mint must be shocked at such a low first-day sales number with all the national media attention they got on tv, radio, newspapers & magazines across the USA & around the world due to their 225th anniversary & this new coin design. As I posted here about a month ago, PCGS conducted a poll on its website of some of the most active coin collectors, investors & dealers & flippers in… Read more »


I wish the 2015 would have been a Proof version, in a nice presentation box. Mine is a nice one though, almost a PL. I have a Kennedy half dollar presentation box for it.

Gary Lomax

Disgusting coin. A shameful rendition of Liberty. Political correctness run amok.


Howdy Seth, my brother.

I also bought a copy of this beautiful coin. Amazing design, and quality. I hope more is to come. I do love me a striking piece of gold. Art and currency, what a beautiful combo.

Mouse (The Canadian Coin Collector)


On ebay a few months ago, a U.S. Mint 2017-W American Liberty $100 Gold Coin was auctioned for only $1,224.as pre-sale item #182430897623 on January 23, 2017 @ 4:26 PM. The irony is, at that time, its release price had not yet been announced by the U.S. Mint until ultimately revealed to be $1,640 on April 6, 2017. That meant: $1,224 – $1,640 = -$416 loss for the seller and a +$416 gain for the auction winner who essentially bought it close to its spot price of gold.


Well. My guess is that the people who bought this coin, bought it because they liked it and wanted to. No flipping on this one. Coin Collecting is a fools game. $400+ premium on a coin that has a mintage of 100k? I think not. Beautiful coin, but the USMint, is tone deaf and doesn’t seem to care, so let it sit there or melt the rest.


Gary Lomax -There is nothing disgusting about this coin. Its a shame you find it so disgusting because an African American woman who has a right, just like every other nationality, who has worked and contributed to this great American culture. She too, have every right to be honored proudly on a gold coin. The coin is beautiful as well as the woman depicted on it.


Trying not to be racist. But I would have started out an Ethnic series with an American Indian.

Coin Fav

Love the coin but the price is too high. I wish the US Mint would sell it for $1,420 instead of the $1,600. I hope they bring a bullion gold coin out in 1/4 oz so I could load up on them. I am not a fan of proof coins at all. Either way, I will load up on the silver version. It is about time that the US Mint did something against the norm. Also, I believe the sales are slow because of that $1,600 price. Severalof my friends said they will get it when the price dip a… Read more »


Robert. Funny my mom also thought the native American should have been first. I’m also have 2015 $100 HR gold so I wanted to keep collection complete so I bought 1 overall I like it. I feel it should have been associated with the 225th anniversary. I think a design with the old mints for example CC , O ect. And new facilitys on the other side. Just my opinion.

Seth Riesling

Mouse –

Howdy from Texas my Canadian fellow numismatist! You are so right – this is a beautiful piece of hand-held art for sure. Glad you liked the design. I have enjoyed adding some RCM beauties to my collection since 2012. I really liked the strange design on the Pop Art: Canada Goose 2-oz. silver coin – very different & a great addition to my eclectic numismatic collection from our great neighbors to the North!

Best wishes & Happy collecting Mouse.

(Keep Austin Weird)


I meant shouldn’t have been associated with 225th anniversary. I think my auto correct changed it : )

a Bob

A respectable sales total since it is obvious that they will be on sale well into 2018.
What is the rush.

Scott the Robot

If the Walking Liberty Gold with a lower mintage of 70,000 and half the price has not sold out yet there is no way this coin will sell out. I was thinking maybe if nobody bought it (as in the total mintage ended up being 20,000) it might be worth picking up but with 14,000 first week the total mintage will likely be 40,000 or so. Thus, this coin is looking to be the worst of all worlds – not unpopular enough to become an overlooked rarity, nor is it popular enough to be an instant collectible either.

Danny Morano

14,285 first day sales out of a mintage of 100,000 and no limit on how many a person can buy. TOTAL FAILURE OF THIS COIN! That means even the big boys were smart enough to realize it a total failure. Sure they bought a few and will have them graded. But, add $1,640.00, all forms of shipping, cost of grading and advertising costs. My guess, they will mark them up to at least $2,250.00 to $2,500.00 to make any money. They can be like the old Snake Oil Salesmen in the 1800’s and hawk the coin all they want but… Read more »


Glad to see the open mindedness of some of the posters here. This is an attractive coin, and I am hoping that we might see a lower gold price at some point this year so a few more people can afford it.


To be honest. I do not like it. She looks angry


This is a wonderful coin, featuring something rare on U.S. coins: Beautiful portraiture. While I will probably purchase one once the price comes down, it will be a rare addition to a collection I’ve been selling off after fifty years of collecting. The reason? The racist attitude I see in some of these posts, and which is so common in other coin forums as well, tells me that there is no future in this hobby. It was fun while it lasted.

Mike McCoy

How long will the coins be avilable? Also are they avilable in 1/2, 1/4 & 1/10 ounce ?


I did not buy this coin and didn’t intend to. However, seeing that it is not likely to sell out I’m thinking that the after-market will bring the coin much closer to the gold melt value. In that case I just might put some money down for the coin at the end of this year or into next year. It is a 225th anniversary coin after all regardless of its unpopularity and that should make it worth collecting anyway. Now I didn’t get into the 2 minute sale of the proof ASE S coin but maybe the mint will learn… Read more »


The true heroes of the civil rights movement, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman and others would cringe at some of the reaction and motive behind this series. They would also turn in their graves over the pseudo intellectual token nod to “diversity”. The idea of America is individual liberty, freedom and responsibility regardless of race, religion or creed. Political correctness contradicts those ideals and is a poison on society everywhere it’s practiced. Those who recognize this and are accused of being racist is a prime example of that poison. Stop the divisiveness. Lady Liberty is racially neutral. There are… Read more »


I would love this coin. I think it is beautiful. It is simply beyond my budget.

Jeffrey Razook

My idea, while wild, would be to make the exact same coin in silver with the $100 denomination. Not just the silver medal version. Sell it for $110 or so. Genius… $18.00 worth of silver and maybe a couple make it into general circulation… A fantasy but it would be interesting.


@salivatemetal: So, since Lady Liberty represents all races, isn’t it okay to showcase women of different races, or must all be represented by white women forever and ever? Not PC to show the reality of the population of America, it would be a lie to say that America can be fully represented by a white woman.

Mike M.

Received mine today – if I read the order sequence correctly it was the 49th order placed. In any case, as noted earlier, how stupid can you be to offer on Ebay at a loss given their 10% plus almost 4% for PayPal???
Makes no sense whatsoever!


Ugly, and the society agrees. You can get around eBay and paypals charges.
I may pick one up because it’s like a gremlin or pinto……over time it may be worth more than melt cuz it’s so ugly

Chas Barber

Johnny–> Pintio or Gremlin, sweet, I had a Pinto & a VEGA, never got to a Gremlin, buddy had a pacer we called the 42o Expre$$…..it waz the ’70’s returning now it seems….The HR series should have been the Liberties used since 1792, Flowing, Bust, Seated, STELLA, there are alot we can never buy or were not made in AU, or silver, or re-issue an 1804 $1 in gold? Nahh let’s put on a chick with Stars on her headband the size of a Cadillac, that’s Liberty brah!


Today the US Mint raised the price of this coin by $50 or 3% to $1690, effectively killing sales. Instead they should have reduced the price by $200 to $1440 in a last ditch effort to save this coin. Who in the world is running our Mint, the Canadian, Chinese and Australian Mints are producing vastly superior new products. If this coin had a face value of $1000 it would have sold out in two minutes, even if the Mint had charged $2000 or more per coin, they are greatly mismanaging our hard earned tax dollars, I mean (becoming worthless)… Read more »


Any won know why the Mint hasn’t posted the sales figures for the week of April 9th?

Danny Morano

It’s probably because their embarrassed at the low sales.
Regards, DrWho7


@Bustywidow, first of all, sorry for the loss of your husband, But, the “busty” part of your username certainly got my attention. 🙂 Secondly, Previous iterations of Lady Liberty could be perceived as Caucasian depictions. However, as we have seen throughout many races and race mixing, features that distinguish race vary widely, and this depiction tends to exaggerate the stereotypes of black women, with larger lips, an angry demeanor and most offensively, dreadlocks. Most black people I know do not have dreads. If I were a black woman, I’d be offended by this depiction. To me, the whole idea behind… Read more »

Seth Riesling

Danny Morano –

LOL. That was a good one for sure! I got a nice specimen of this coin at issue price, but it looks like most just said No! I have to say it is overpriced currently, but sometimes I just can’t help myself (I put it in my numismatic budget last year when design mock-ups were voted on by the CCAC & CFA). I am happy with it as an historic gold issue & that it celebrates the Mint’s 225th anniversary. I will pass it on when I pass on.



They didn’t have any coins to sell, then they did again so I bought one. It is being prossesed for over a week now. Does this mean I get a returned one that didn’t get the ms80 stamp of approval? Seems very fishey to me. Normally the coins takes a few days to ship out.. Not a week and still waiting.


Received coin today. I was surprised at the small book that came with it explaining us mint coinage thru the years. I do not like the glossy box the coin came in.

Chas Barber

What are the sales #s so far…..anything after Day 1? Maybe a better seller if that Foxy Lou Hoover modeled the new StarBand…… uh that would be ugly, she is quite a stunner, but then HH was kinda rotund…..

Seth Riesling

Chas Barber –

LOL. Suzanne Summers saw this large stars headband & is selling them on HSN now! The newest fashion piece at Paris & Milan & NY fashion runway shows. The Lady Freedom Headband for fatheads! jk.



As of April 12th, the Mint sold another 2,461 coins for a grand total of 16,746, that’s all folks! Hopefully the Mint will melt down about 70,000 of these coins, they probably won’t sell anyway and in the process make it a rare coin with ever increasing premiums for those few who did make the purchase. Good luck, I wouldn’t count on our Mint being that smart though, their goal is to make money, they don’t care about you making it. The US Mint should be earning at least ten times what they are currently bringing in through coin sales,… Read more »


Dan, how can you tell if the mint is selling a returned coin or not? I’m sure they have had returns sent back to them. This is the first time I have had to wait from April 8 to April 17th for one to be sent out.


Don’t really care for this coin…….the word “LIBERTY ” and the stars are too large and not to scale with anything else on the coin……the eagle on the reverse looks like its in pain and not regal at all…..not a well designed coin…….the black woman on the coin looks fine ,,,,but the rest of the coin is not …….. look at a St. Gaudens or a double Eagle gold coin to see how coins should be


The US mint is the only Federal Agency that actually makes money…….so instead of criticizing them…….. hold them up to other agencies that cost too much and deliver too little

Rick Virden

Why does this comment require “moderation”? Isn’t this another form of censorship?


i was at the dalton, georgia show this weekend, over 150 dealers and 250 tables, a really nice show. not one single dealer had this coin, i asked if they were going to get one and all had the same answer “no way”. they said it was not a winner. they actually looked shocked when i asked if they had one!


Richard –
Actually the BEP makes money too, and stamps for what use they are these days.

lonnie –
I think dealers and collectors are missing out on this coin. It is a coin of significant relevance as the mint’s official 225th anniversary coin. Admittedly a not very popular coin now and probably not for some time into the future. But in the end I think collectors will bemoan the fact that they didn’t buy the coin when they had the chance.


I think you are right on the mark. This will be a coin that will be like the silver medal. No one wanted it but later it went up and it was only then that collectors said “should have got that one” but it would cost them more. Seth was one of the people that saw the true beauty of the silver medal and this gold coin.


Well, there’s the rest of this year and even into the next to buy this coin if they continue to sell coins past their mint year (a practice which I don’t agree with) so bide your time and hope gold goes down in value and buy one later. I have yet to buy one of these liberty coins – silver or gold – and I’m not sure I’ll be able to put together the outrageous premium on an ounce of gold the mint is asking but even so I don’t buy with my eyes wide open. It’s not a coin… Read more »

Seth Riesling

Such a beautiful, black Nubian Queen! Glad she finally made it on our highest denomination legal tender coin. She represents Liberty for all people in the USA. Her cornrows are meticulously coiffed & her crown of stars shows her regal stature. A golden masterpiece! Kudos to the U.S. Mint on a job well done on their 225th anniversary with this gold commemorative coin.



Unfortunately the only people making money eventually on this coin are going to be who bought the first day strike. That has sold out completely. The rest will end up holding the bag as the premium for coins has crashed just like the bars.


I have two of the 2015’s and am very happy with those, both graded as ms 70’s. TBH I don’t like the depiction of lady liberty on the 2017 version at all. This identity politics crap has gone way too far. Not everything in life has to be made to even things out. It seems that the so called ”disadvantaged” have quite a number of ”advantages” these days. It’s rather amazing actually. And, if we are gonna depict minorities we should start with the native american. After all they were here first. If anyone has been brutally victimized and marginalized… Read more »

Jonathan Miller

The racist comments on here are shocking but not surprising. Perhaps in another 100 years people will gain some tolerance and see the world from more than one perspective. The logic is still escaping me as to how Liberty can simultaneously represent all races and yet only be acceptably depicted as a white woman. And for the culturally illiterate those are braids not dreadlocks. Something that nearly every African-American woman, (and a lot of men) have worn in their lives. PS, I will enjoy this coin in gold and silver while the rest of you boycott it because of its… Read more »

max brown

I bought one, and if it wasn’t so expensive, I would have two. I am not surprised by most of the comments on this blog. I am shocked at the level of ignorance yet for the true good people, “may the creator continue to bless you!” This is a beautiful, beautiful coin. I’m a artist and I recognize (my opinion) is a profile of the actress Kerry Washington. Great work! For those who keep bringing up the “Native American” should be first, should do their homework. Africans are indigenous to the Americas(north and south) as well as the entire World!… Read more »