2017 S-Mint Proof Silver Eagle, Anniversary Gold Coin, and Douglas Quarters for April


New quarter products, an unexpected American Silver Eagle, and an anniversary gold coin populate the lineup of United States Mint products for April.

US Mint Products for April
U.S. Mint images of collector products for April release

Offerings for the month include an annual Congratulations Set that, for the first time, has a proof American Silver Eagle from the San Francisco Mint instead of the West Point Mint; the .9999 fine 24-karat 2017-W American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin; rolls, bags, and sets of quarters honoring Frederick Douglass National Historic Site in Washington, DC; and an annual set of the year’s five uncirculated quarters.

Below is a table that summarizes the scheduled products and their prices. Pricing for the anniversary gold can change every Wednesday depending on the weekly average of LBMA gold. (See the gold coin’s pricing schedule.)

United States Mint Product Schedule for April 2017

Release Dates Numismatic Products Limits Prices 
April 3 2017 Frederick Douglass Quarter Rolls and Bags None $18.95-$46.95
April 4 2017 Congratulations Set 75,000 $54.95
April 6 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin 100,000 TBD
April 10 2017 ATB Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set None $12.95
April 24 2017 Frederick Douglass Quarters Three-Coin Set None $9.95


Sale dates and prices are subject to change. All the products launch at noon ET on their day of release.

Place orders using the Mint’s website at catalog.usmint.gov or by phone at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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Seth Riesling

Mike Unser & CoinNews readers FYI –

The “S” Mint mark ASE Proof $1 coin in the 2017 Congratulations set will also be included in the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof set later this year, according to US Mint officials. So there will be at least 125,000 of them available (maybe more if they raise the 50,000 set limit from past years on the limited edition silver Proof set in this 225th anniversary year of the US Mint).



Even so, it will be the smallest mintage of an S mint ASE proof $1 coin subset of the proof silver eagle $1 series.

Seth Riesling

As the “subset” of US Mint customers has dropped off by about 30 percent since FY 2015. The Mint’s numismatic products profits for FY 2015 dropped about $100 million from 2014. Therefore, these will not carry a big premium unfortunately. The Mint may offer a 225th anniversary ASE Proof set also with a “S” Proof ASE & a “W” version in special packaging. Lots of tricks up their sleeves this year!



So in 2017 the ASE will come with the “S” and “W” proof eagles, the “W” burnished eagle and then the bullion eagle with no mint mark. Is that right?


Yes, there will be 4 that we know of right now. Who knows what else they will do.


Seth – The mint has decided that the unpopular (in my mind) American Liberty coin is the 225th celebration coin. Maybe later on in the year when they find sales haven’t met expectations they’ll package up the two proof ASEs to boost sales. But after buying a Congratulations set and/or a Limited Edition Silver Proof set to get the S mint ASE would you then turn around and buy the repackaged two proof ASE set too? Since they’re so stingy on handing out product information more than a month in advance you may not get to make that decision until… Read more »

Seth Riesling

jim – The Mint is obviously trying to maximize its sales using their 225th anniversary as a backdrop. They issued the cent coins for circulation in January with a “P” Mint mark for the first time since the Mint was founded in 1792 without announcing it & then said they will put them in the Uncirculated Mint set this year only. A poll by PCGS of collectors & dealers showed that nearly 70 percent will not buy the $100 African-American Lady Liberty 225th anniversary gold Proof coin mainly due to the high mintage of 100,000 without any household limits &… Read more »


Ebay coin flippers already set up the price for S SILVER EAGLE PROOF ,I guess this coin may sold out within 10 minutes,since there are no limits , but I think there might be other surprise soon , like .9999 silver proof limited set or special SILVER medal /eagle set from 5 mints facilities.

Chas Barber

IF it sells out & I can’t buy in 10m (“S” ASE Proof) I will NOT buy from any flippers never have, never will….& the more I see what I have it may be time to liquidate v. accumulate…. The mint is reall in need of a director & some direction! You owuld think with a bidnessman as POTUS he might want a ‘real’ mint director. But, as the Gov’t only make$ the $ he has no interests, the 1% & corporations/oil & Insurance empires run the Executive branch @ present…The Mint @ best remains an afterthought……Gee how about a… Read more »


This article states that the San Francisco mint is striking a proof ASE for the first time but didn’t the San Francisco mint stroke the proof versions for the early years of the program?.. (1986 to the early 90’s) can someone fill me in with some Info regarding this matter? I kind of don’t get it

Charles Barney

I was online ordering the 2017 s silver eagle at exactly noon. The mint let me put them in my cart and by the time I entered my credit card info they were no longer available. I wonder what happened to the ones in my cart. Just not right.


Does anybody know what happened today with the mint. I’m so mad! I was online at 12:05 and had my 2 sets in my cart, checked out and they disappeared at the end of the process and said unavailable. I couldn’t get through on the phone either. All those third party vendors probably ordered 10,000 coins at a time. How can the mint do this to us collectors again. Why wouldn’t they put limits on the first day at least, especially after they’re last shit storm with the gold dime. My son is having his first child in a few… Read more »




The US Mint just told me that they sold out in 3 1/2 min. Which dealers do you think bought the mint out. The phone rep I just talked to said she placed an order for somebody of 25,000 sets. Wouldn’t that be like a monopoly or something? Who do we call to complain about this bullshit? She did say they were unavailable, but she didn’t think they were sold out.


Really SUCKS 3 1/2 min and sold out! I’m about done with the US MINT! Who to hell can even get on in that time when everyone is trying to make orders! Reminds me of the 2916 American Liberty coin! I really do wonder what they did with the rest of them! I called and lady said they are not sure if more are coming out but do the remind thing just in case… Yeah right! I’m sure eBay will have plenty of them for way more money. Blaaaaaaa on you US MINT!!!

Robert titanic

Received text from from some mint nerd that mint doesn’t play favorites
Poor naive ldiot
Thats precisely what they do when offer a product of 100,000 or less with no household limit
2017 S silver eagle sold out in 90 seconds , who did they think scoffed them all up,? Individual collectors or big boys buying in multiple lots of 100. If mint is going to lie at least let them have a certain amount of credibility to them