2017 Proof American Gold Eagle Photos and Early Sales


New proof Gold Eagles scored one of their best sales starts in recent years but they moved a lot slower out of the gate than a year ago.

2017-W $50 Proof American Gold Eagle, Cert and Case
This CoinNews photo shows a 2017-W $50 Proof American Gold Eagle. Each coin is encapsulated for protection, and packaged within a velvet, satin-lined presentation case that also holds a Certificate of Authenticity from the U.S. Mint.

This year’s collector coins had the unenviable task of launching in the midst of a bearish gold market, with gold now looking to stretch its losing streak to seven sessions in a row. There’s less incentive to buy early with the option of waiting on the sidelines for possible price reductions. In contrast, last year’s coins debuted at a bullish time with the yellow metal rallying to a more than 1-year high.

Released last Thursday in four sizes and in a set with one of each, collectors scooped up 27,013 coins in four days for a combined 12,807.60 ounces. Last year’s Gold Eagles in the same amount of time reached sales of 45,673 coins, or 21,362.15 ounces, for the strongest showing since 2010.

2017-W $50 Proof American Gold Eagle, Encapsulated
Proof Gold Eagles are sealed in a protective capsule, as shown in this CoinNews photo. They are available in four sizes, as well as a 4-coin set.

Here’s a table comparing these results from those of the last seven years:

2017 27,013 12,807.60
2016 45,673 21,362.15
2015 20,655 10,007.85
2014 18,309 9,301.10
2013 9,370 4,480.15
2012 8,369 4,234.55
2011 29,353 15,902.55
2010 54,466 29,677.95


Early sales of the 22-karat gold coins spiked in 2010 with pent-up demand featured. The U.S. Mint did not sell any proof Gold Eagles in 2009, diverting their production that year to bullion versions.

American Gold Eagles are minted in sizes of 1 oz., 1/2 oz., 1/4 oz. and 1/10 oz. with respective denominations of $50, $25, $10 and $5. The set with one of each was the biggest unit seller.

2017-W $50 Proof American Gold Eagle, Obverse and Reverse
This CoinNews photo shows the obverse and reverse sides of the largest coin available, the 1-ounce or $50 American Eagle Gold Proof Coin

Here’s a table showing how each of the 2017-dated products performed early into their release:

Debut Sales of 2017-W Proof American Gold Eagles
1 oz $1,560.00 2,883 2,883.00 7,842 $4,497,480.00
1/2 oz $795.00 584 274.00 5,507 $435,660.00
1/4 oz $410.00 678 169.75 5,638 $278,390.00
1/10 oz $175.00 3,067 306.70 8,026 $536,725.00
4-Coin Set $2,890.00 4,959 9,174.15 N/A $14,331,510.00
Totals 12,136 12,807.60 27,013 $20,079,765.00


Finally, here are some CoinNews photos of a proof $50 Gold Eagle under varying light conditions.

2017-W $50 Proof American Gold Eagle, Obverse
A photo of the proof American Gold Eagle’s obverse. It features a modified design of Saint-Gaudens’ U.S. $20 gold coin design, “Standing Liberty”.
2017-W $50 Proof American Gold Eagle, Obverse-a
Another view of the coin’s obverse
2017-W $50 Proof American Gold Eagle, Reverse
A photo of the proof Gold Eagles reverse. Designed by Miley Frances Busiek, it features the “Family of Eagles” motif, symbolizing family tradition and unity.
2017-W $50 Proof American Gold Eagle, Reverse-a
Another view of the coin’s reverse


Proof American Gold Eagles are available from the U.S. Mint’s online page of gold coins, located here, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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Nice set but way too expensive for me 🙁 Maybe one day!!