Boys Town Commemorative Coin Release Ceremony on March 9

2017 Boys Town Centennial Commemorative Coins
Images of Boys Town Centennial Commemorative Coins

Next week, on Thursday, Mar. 9, officials from the United States Mint and Boys Town will formally introduce coins from the Mint honoring the centennial founding of Boys Town.

Sales of the commemorative coins — up to 50,000 $5 gold coins; 350,000 silver dollars; and 300,000 clad half-dollars — will begin on the same day.

Most coin release ceremonies last less than an hour. The free event’s location details follow:

Date: Thursday, March 9, 2017
Time: 2 p.m. (ET)
The Liaison Capitol Hill
Metropolitan Ballroom 
415 New Jersey Ave NW 
Washington, DC 20001

The following map shows the hotel’s location:


Where to Buy

Boys Town Commemorative Coins will be available for purchase after the ceremony, and they will also be online the same day starting at noon ET from

Product options include proof and uncirculated versions of each coin as well as a three-coin proof set. (Read about options and see coin images.)

Their introductory prices will range from $20.95 to the mid to upper $400s. Prices for the more expensive products will depend on the trending value of gold. Surcharges collected from these coins are authorized to be paid to Boys Town to carry out its mission of caring for and assisting children and families in underserved communities across America.

Founded by Father Edward Flanagan in 1917, Boys Town is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the country, dedicated to serving at-risk children and families of all backgrounds and religions.

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Seth Riesling

Per the Mint’s email press release I received about this event a week ago, the 3-coin Proof set will NOT be a available for purchase at this charity event since it is a limited edition of 15,000 sets (with a household limit of 2 sets) & the Mint no longer sells special limited edition coins or sets at its 3 sales locations or at coin shows it attends with a US Mint sales booth.



So the 3 coin sets may be sold out even before the introductory ceremony starts.

They usually go to the site being celebrated for their ceremony but I guess a trip to Nebraska is too boring even for the rich politicians in DC.

Seth Riesling

jim – This ceremony is not a government one & is sponsored & hosted by the non-profit Boys Town foundation. Anyone can attend (based on room capacity) at the hotel if you call or email them for an invitation. They will start the Washington DC event 2 hours after the coins are offered to everyone at noon Eastern time as usual by the Mint. The privately held event will only offer the Proof single versions of the $5 gold & $1 silver & 50-cent clad commemorative coins & will not have the 3-coin limited edition Proof set at the event.… Read more »


Seth –
So who pays for the national park ceremonies?
I can understand why BT would rent a room in DC if they can’t afford the expense of a local ceremony but why even bother? The coins won’t sell as usual so it’s money not well spent for the little advertising they might get out of it.

Seth Riesling

jim – The Mint has a special “slush fund” that Congress allowed in the 1990s so they wouldn’t have to rely solely on the annual US government convoluted & political budget process since they need funds at end of Fiscal Year to start production for the next calendar year. This fund is used for promotional events such as the NPS ceremonies. But it is basically for the promo value since they stopped advertising on TV years ago. I agree that the hotel event in DC will not sell much, but it will get local & national (at least in Boys… Read more »