2017 Quarters, Kennedy Halves in U.S. Mint’s Product Schedule for February

Effigy Mounds quaters and 2017 Kennedy Halves
New quarters and Kennedy halves dominate U.S. Mint product releases for February

Quarters populate the lineup of United States Mint products scheduled for release this month.

Products for February include rolls, bags and a three-coin set of Effigy Mounds National Monument quarters and a proof set with all five of this year’s quarters in silver. Rolls and bags of 2017 Kennedy half-dollars will also be available

Here is a table highlighting the Mint’s product schedule for the month:

United States Mint Product Schedule for February 2017

Release Dates Numismatic Products Prices 
Feb. 6 2017 P, D & S Effigy Mounds Quarters, Three-Roll Set $46.95
Feb. 6 2017 P, D & S Effigy Mounds Quarters, 100-Coin Bags $34.95
Feb. 6 2017 P&D Effigy Mounds Quarters, Two-Roll Set $32.95
Feb. 6 2017-S Effigy Mounds Quarters, 40-Coin Roll $18.95
Feb. 16 2017 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set $31.95
Feb. 22 2017 P&D Kennedy Half-Dollar Two-Roll Set $32.95
Feb. 22 2017 P&D Kennedy Half-Dollar, 200-Coin Bags $139.95
Feb. 27 2017 Effigy Mounds Quarters Three-Coin Set $9.95


Release dates and prices are subject to change, the U.S. Mint notes. All the products launch at noon ET on their day of release.

Place orders using from the bureau’s website at catalog.usmint.gov or by phone at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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Mark S.

What about the Smokey the Bear
America the Beautiful P& D
2010 – 2020 set


Where’s the product schedule for March? April? The rest of the year? Don’t they know what they’re doing over there that they can only do a schedule one month at a time? This is laissez faire management style taken to extremes.


i agree with jim, where is the year long schedule? usually it is out by jan. 2 of the new year.


I agree, the year long schedule is a staple of the Mint and to now sort of act coy with it by releasing it piece-meal only reinforces the impression that they are totally incompetent beyond the shadow of any doubt. As for me I gave up on the Mint a few years ago, the last big purchase was the 2014 Platinum proof just so I could totally complete one thing (the Preamble series) …. it was a wallet draining experience …. gotta say .. but now I’m just looking for the $1 NA C&C set to buy regularly and any… Read more »


Mark S.
The set you are talking about is not sold by the US Mint and is not an official US Mint product. That set is put together by a cable shopping network and the infamous Mike Mezack using US Mint America the Beautiful Quarters that are business strike and probably come from a bank. The quarters are produced by the US Mint but the “Smokey the Bear America the Beautiful P & D 2010 – 2020 Set” is not a US Mint product.

Mark S.

So for example $79.95 + 5.00 S/H
Will get 2010 -2017. Then every yr. 10 coins
till 2021. It’s in a Danco album.
Buy something else.
What about the last 30yrs Indian head pennies
$199.00 s/h 4 payments .

May I ask you a question……
I was told that ANACS,IGC….Are not apart
Of ANA. Only stick with PGCS,NGC only
But it what I can afford. B U T…..
What about 1909 VDB ms64rd (red) $169.95
5 payments of $42.49 + 5.00s/h

Sorry for the plethora of questions

Mark S.


I think the fact that the US Mint had so many TBAs on last year’s product schedule and customers, including myself, were complaining about that all year long that the US Mint thought it would solve that problem by not having any or as little as possible TBAs. That’s one of the ways the mint solves their problems instead of actually taking care of the problem and doing and better job. But that is just my thought and opinion on that.


Product Schedule for March is up:


Tinto – agreed!

I just want to know when the Proof Buffalo fractionals will be released, most likely in Sept/Oct.., maybe pick up one of those Palladium Proofs if they show this year.


Looks like look we may see the April product schedule pop the evening of Friday, 03 March to include the $1,640+ golden cornrows (you all have fun with that, my “one-off” 2015 High Relief was enough for me!)

Just FYI – the mint is just following this notional schedule right down the line:



Proof Buffalo fractionals???
Haven’t heard anything about them since 2008. Thought they were a done deal.

Keep Calm & Stack On

Jim, there’s a high probability that we’ll see Proof Fractionals this year.

Recommend you do a google search on 2017 Fractional Buffalo, & you’ll see the a couple of articles,

Time to save up, & Prioritize! Good luck!

Keep Calm & Stack On

With any luck, the Proofs in ’17 will be very successful and then we’ll see Burnished & Bullion Buff’s in ’18


It’ll cost ~$2500 for the set of gold fractional buffaloes at today’s prices.
I’m more interested in the palladium coin which at today’s prices is >$460 less than gold.


Mark S.: Some of those prices seem VERY high to me. E.g. a few simple searches turned up several different dealers offering 1909 VDB cents in MS64 RB for roughly half of what you quoted.

Maybe I’m overly skittish but I tend to walk (or more often run) the other way when I see ads for “unique” sets and “instant collectibles” in magazines or on TV.

Mark S.

I’ve bought coins Kennedy’s had them sent to be certified and came back CLEANed…
That’s like buying a car and discovering the frame was bent………..That’s way I don’t buy from someone here an FK.n gone…….

Mark S.

Hey Munzen,
1909 VDB is RD not RB
a difference isn’t it
I’m trying to get bac into
Numic again.
Looking for plastic Caddies
for graded slabs,
universal caddies.
Something is drawing me into the
America the beautiful collection
P&D then the S then maybe the silver one S
Stay away or be like a month to a flame


Munzen I totally agree with you. STEP AWAY FROM THE TV! Mark S. ICG and ANACS are two of the top four grading services. But PCGS and NGC are the top two. “Buy what you can afford” has always been the way to go. So you are safe to buy from ICG and ANACS. But many collectors would rather go with PCGS and NGC. I’m not sure I understand your comment, “That’s way I don’t buy from someone here..” Are you talking about buying from someone on TV or someone “here” on this website? I, and many others, wouldn’t buy… Read more »

Seth Riesling

Munzen & joera – That is some great, wise advice you have given to Mark S. I agree totally with your comments. Mark S. – There are approximately 6,000 coin dealers in the USA. TV coin dealers pay the highest advertising costs to be on television & they pass that cost on to those who buy from them. I have never seen a “great deal” from a coin dealer ad or show on television in the decades I have watched them to see how they operate. They don’t offer truly rare coins because there are not enough to go around.… Read more »


I read one time about a high school kid (long time ago) who started a business just based on the difference in prices between the East coast and the West coast. If I remember right the East coast prices were lower but I assume that with the Internet and today’s technology that that difference doesn’t exist so much anymore.

Seth Riesling

jim –

I know a guy, before the internet, who would go to the 2 annual ANA coin shows each year & buy coins from one dealer & sell to another on the same bourse floor & make enough profit to pay all his trip expenses & still have money left over! He now runs the ancient coins division of NGC – David Vagi (a genius wonderboy!) Simply amazing.


Chas Barber

IF your going to slab it, for your peace of mind & resale value PCGS & NGC are your best bets. PCGS is still l00ked @ as the gold standard & NGC a close 2nd. NGC seems to get a lot of rarities, maybe some kind of symbiotic relationship going on, I don’t know. Anyway, always look @ the coin, but the coin…’nnot the holder” ~~ develop your eye, you can get nice ones from almost any of PCGS, NGC, IGC or ANACS, but the latter 2 are a bit inconsistent & tend to suffer from grade inflation or don’t… Read more »


Seth – as always, many thanks for your props! I don’t come anywhere near you in knowledge, but collecting for almost half a century has still given me a good sense of what to do – and what to NOT do. I despair sometimes at the amount of hype in the popular media, and more so how many people ignore “caveat emptor” before paying ridiculously inflated prices. A few years ago I spent a lot of blog time trying to dissuade a bunch of people from buying those infamous “ballistic rolls” of Presidential dollars. Sadly there were a couple of… Read more »