2016 Proof Silver Eagle, Standing Liberty Gold and Reagan Chronicles Set Pricing

Initial prices for the 2016-W Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Quarter and the 2016-W Proof American Silver Eagle are $485 and $53.95

The much expected 2016-W Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Coin launches at noon ET this Thursday, Sept. 8. It’ll cost $485.00 to get one.

That price can change-up weekly in the unlikely event any are left beyond the next several days. Limited to 100,000 with 1 available per household, the gold Liberty quarter is expected to sell out quickly. (See images of the coin.) The U.S. Mint each Wednesday adjusts prices on its collector gold coins according to a weekly average of London gold. Debut pricing for the 2016 Standing Liberty Gold Coin is based on gold’s latest weekly average of between $1,300.00 and $1,349.99 an ounce.

Collectors are also looking ahead to the Sept. 16 release of the 2016-W Proof American Silver Eagle. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the first issue, collector editions of this year’s American Silver Eagles will feature a smooth edge with lettering denoting their anniversary. The 2016 Proof Silver Eagle will be $53.95, marking a $5 increase from the previous issue. Last year’s piece launched on Jan. 2, 2015 when the London silver fixing was at $15.71 an ounce. Silver was at $19.92 an ounce this morning.

The U.S. Mint is planning on releasing other annual products that include proof Silver Eagles, and then there is the uncirculated edition by itself. The agency has not announced their release dates but it has settled on their prices. Here’s a table with related American Silver Eagle product pricing for 2016:

Product 2016 Price Last Year’s Price
2016-W Proof Silver Eagle $53.95 $48.95
2016-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle $44.95 $39.95
2016 Congratulations Set $54.95 $50.95
2016 Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set $49.95 $46.95


Lastly, the U.S. Mint will release the 2016 Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set on Oct. 11 for $68.95. There’s no news yet about what it’ll include. Previous sets have had stamps, silver medals and exclusive reverse proof $1 coins featuring the honored president. Last year’s sets were $57.95 apiece.

CoinNews will talk more about the above products before their release.

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Oh boy, can’t wait for the Regan set. I’m sure the packaging changes will be well worth the $11.00 increase in price. Yes sir e Billy Bob, gon a get me a doz fo sur. Thank u US Ripp Off!


Yeah, that Reagan C&C would complete the Prez C&C sets for me … I guess that’s the Mint’s parting “gift” to folks like me they can do that since they’re a monopoly in this area …


Can’t wait! But it looks like I will have to spend more money than I would like to spend. But like I tell my wife “I’m not spending money, I’m just trading money!” lol It worked before but I’m not sure it will this time. lol


I’m thinking the standing liberty will “sell out” at around 50,000 and they won’t offer the remainder, just like with the dime.


Both Stunning designs. I would like both but seem to be stuck on the Buffalo’s.
Great work by your mint.



I agree, the buffalo’s are striking, though I’ve only bought a few over the years. If the mint management had gotten their heads out their butts they would have noticed that 2016 is the 10th anniversary for the gold buffalo and done something about it. They didn’t so their screw up and another bad mark (one of many) against them.


Inside my heart I long for a complete set of 2016-W Anniversary Gold Pieces. Mercury Dime Standing Liberty and Walking Liberty.
Today I add the second piece.




Success…finally. Although I was already on the Mint’s website when the clock struck noon, repeated crashes had me re-entering my information again and again – at least half a dozen times. Finally completed the order at 12:27.

How was YOUR experience?

Steven J

Well logged on the mints website at 11:55am for my shot at the Gold Standing Liberty Quarter. After several crashes, finally at 12:20pm I was successful in acquiring the second of the best set for 2016, the second being the Silver Liberty Medals, which there was success there also! I feel elated on both counts! However I’m sure there will be many who couldn’t get one today because the big boys swoop in and ruin it for everyone! I firmly believe on these low MINTAGE items until the mint makes it one per person period and also does it by… Read more »


Dean –
I myself would have much preferred a set in silver using the same alloy and the only difference being the 2016 date. But I wasn’t there to vote on the bill. I think most of the deadheads in congress just rubber stamp these types of laws anyway.

Steve J

I definitely agree this Cenntenial Set should have been done in silver just like the originals, and that it should have been the whole set at once instead of piece meal. They still could have made the gold coins and people would have bought those too! Problem is the mint never just sits down with us collectors and customers to truly have a conversation. I can already see the shopping channel guy asking three or four times the price for the gold guarter and have 25% of the total MINTAGE to sell! Very sad. I hope you got one today… Read more »


Steven J –
“back door shananigans” – it’s actually “behind closed doors shenanigans” but this is America and this is the way politics are done in America.

Also, did anybody notice the little days until our 225 anniversary April 2, 2017 on the web site? I’m guessing they may be planning something (imagine, the mint thinking ahead) to celebrate the day – but save you money, it’s going to be costly.


I just logged in (12:50p CST) and ordered the Gold Standing Liberty Quarter without issue.

Sweet coin.

HB Guy

I ordered mine at 1242 US ET without any problems or delays. Very smooth process.


2:12 Standing Liberty Still Available, so much for the “quick sellout” everyone who wants one should be able to get one!

Seth Riesling

Mike Unser & CoinNews readers FYI – coinworld.com has published photos of the special 2016 ASE $1 coin special edge lettering twice (in August & again this week) they took during an invitation to tour the West Point Mint. The edge lettering is incused on the smooth edge & reads “30th ANNIVERSARY” in italic lettering font. Coin World also found out what items will be included in the Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles set. Go to coinworld.com to find out since this article doesn’t have all the information or photos of the special edge lettering on the ASE 30th anniversary… Read more »