2016 Gold Standing Liberty Quarter Mintage Announced

2016 24k Gold Standing Liberty Quarter Mock-up
The 2016 24k Gold Standing Liberty Quarter will feature sculptor Hermon A. MacNeil’s original bare-breasted obverse and eagle reverse. (Mock-up image shown.)

Last week, the United States Mint revealed the release date of Sept. 8 for the 2016-W Standing Liberty Quarter Centennial Gold Coin.

Today, Aug. 9, the agency announced its mintage, ordering limit, specifications, packing and shipping timeline.

As for limits, no more than 100,000 will be sold and ordering will be restricted to 1 coin per household. The coin’s specifications include:

  • Denomination: Quarter
  • Finish: Business Strike
  • Composition: 99.99% Gold
  • Content:.9999 Fine Gold (7.776 grams)
  • Diameter: 0.866 inch (22.00 mm)
  • Weight: 0.2500 troy oz. (7.776 grams)
  • Thickness: 0.064 inch (1.63 mm)
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Mint: West Point
  • Mint Mark: W

The gold Standing Liberty quarter is the second of three coins for release this year to celebrate popular designs introduced 100 year ago. A centennial gold Mercury dime launched on April 21 and went off-sale within an hour. Its mintage was set at 125,000 coins and there was a household ordering limit of 10 coins.

Similar to the centennial gold dime, the gold quarter will be encapsulated and placed in a custom designed, black matte, wood presentation case, and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

The gold quarter’s price will be based on the Mint’s pricing schedule, and known the day before its release. Today, it would be $485 based on gold’s average of between $1,300.00 and $1,349.99 an ounce. The issue price for the gold Mercury dime was $205.

In stock coins will be available for immediate shipping, the U.S. Mint states.

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From 10 to 1 household limit! How are the big guys going to get there 2000-5000 to air on tv

Seth Riesling

Glad to hear there is a 1 coin per household limit on this centennial gold coin so most who want one can get it.
The photo in this article as stated is a mock-up without a “W” Mint mark & not the actual coin. If you want to see a photo of the actual coin & a video showing their production at the West Point Mint, you can go to coinworld.com. Coin World was invited to view the production of this gold coin & the Proof “W” 2016 American Liberty high relief silver medals.



Still will be a quick one as THEY have an in & some kind of fix is in on anything “good”…..payoffs, paid buyers, employees & family whatever it takes

Seth Riesling

Whistler –

Amen! These gold quarters should last about an hour due to the 1 coin household limit versus the 10 coin limit on the gold dime. At least this is as fair as the Mint can get with 1 coin per household. These will sell like hotcakes (flapjacks, pancakes) at IHOP! Lol


tom tumb

Glad to hear the 1 per household. Maybe I can get one.
Was not able to get the dime

Seth Riesling

tom thumb –

The Mint still has more than 9,000 of the gold dimes to sell at some time. If you press the blue “Remind Me” section under the coin description & put your email address in, you will get an email when they decide to sell the rest. Good luck.



1 per is a joke – they need to up that to 5 at least, how are people supposed to get more for their children? Preposterous!


Thought it would at least be two.

Seth Riesling

No matter what the household limit is set at, someone is upset. Give the Mint a break for once! They can’t please everyone all the time. The only fair way is 1 per household. Do you want them all to go to unethical tv coin dealers?



The second market will have to really pay up on this coin. With the lower mintages they will have to pay even more people to get what they want. The price on the graded gold dime has gone down now and I will be looking for one soon. I believe that is what is going to happen with the gold quarter as well. It will be kind of high at first and then go down after all the hoopla.

Seth Riesling

joera –

You describe the SL gold coin situation perfectly!
You can get graded gold dimes for about $269 or less shopping around & gold has gone up since they were issued at $205 each. The Mint’s website lists the current price as $215 for whenever they offer the more than 9,000 gold dimes they still have.



Oh great! So dealers can’t flood the market and inflate the prices with their “MS70” grades. As for the flippers, oh well…

jerry limb

Three of my ten mercury were flawed. That is a thirty percent chance I will not get one SLQ SP 70 for my collection. And the SP70 Mercury are down to $256. And what is a SP designation but curve scale.

Andre W.

I would hope the limit would be 5 per household. 1 is ridiculous…….. This product won’t be worth more than issue price unless gold goes up substantially…

Michael angiolillo

the mintage for this coin is only 25,000 less than the dime. At 10 per customer, he dime sold out in 40 mins. At 1 per customer, it will take longer than a day to sell out. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. I think Andrew W might be right. 2 years from now the value of the quarter will approach melt value.



What you think , little high on the mintage , good on the house hold limit, I say hour an a half sell out , lucky if it makes 2 hours,

Seth Riesling

charles –

I think the mintage is good considering it is a larger gold coin & will cost over double the gold dime. This will be a quick sellout as collectors, dealers, investors & flippers have been waiting for this gold centennial quarter since the gold dime was issued in April (pent up demand on a popular old coin design from 1916).

Happy collecting!



Has the mint learned anything from the 2016 Gold Mercury Dime debacle in Apr? Since the flippers, and other crooks seeming for the most part got away with breaking the rules with the only penalty being that if they used different names but shipped to the same address the extra orders were canceled. The brazen eBay flippers were bragging about how many coins they had for sale on line and I am not aware that anything was done to these people who may have broken the rules. I am EXPECTING THE MINT TO DO A LOT MORE GOING FORWARD TO… Read more »

Seth Riesling

bilelle- The only thing that I think may work & be somewhat fair to all is on special products have a 1 per household limit for the first 7 days of sale. Then if any are left, customers could order as many as they want. The Mint management is basically lazy & just want a quick sellout & not to have to adjust & update their 2 websites for every new product for household limits. So this 1 coin limit is very rare for them. Also, the limit of 1 like this gold quarter means obviously that 100,000 orders will… Read more »


Big presale deal on EBay! $899.95 and only 4 left!!!! Better hurry!


I’m sad to see the one coin limit. I bought 3 Mercs instead of ten allowed in anticipation of buying ten Standing Liberties. So I’ll get one gold 25c and I’m already shopping for non us mint related stuff now. I waited patiently for this announcement & I’m saving $4,950 on what I guess will issue at $550 a piece.

Jeffrey Seigworth

At gold at 3500 tons a year and used for nothing but a displacement brick in the toilet, and platinum at only 200 tons, I think I will go on enjoying my 1 oz 2016 platinum proof AE.

Seth Riesling

Jeffrey Siegworth – I learned early on in 1988 from the Platinum Guild International industry trade group that all the Platinum mined since it was first discovered would only fill the average American home living room! Now that is true rarity, & not too much more has been mined each year. All the gold mined since it was discovered would fill more than 3 Olympic-sized swimming pools! Yet, for many different years over the past 28 years, platinum has traded at below & sometimes way below spot gold price. Both have major industrial uses & I have never understood why… Read more »


For all the people who seem to loathe the people that want to sell this coin for a profit: WHY DO YOU BUY THIS COIN? Is it because you hope the coin loses value? Of course not – you buy it because you hope it rises in value! This is so simple one would need help to deliberately misunderstand. Since the goal of a COLLECTIBLE coin is for it to rise in value, WHY would people be upset that it is a profitable coin that has secondary market value??? This is incredulous – if the coin goes DOWN in value,… Read more »


We all have an opinion on what we think the mintage and HH limit should be. And we have these opinions, wishes and wants for different reasons. It does not make any difference what we want or how we want things to be done because there will always be some people who will disagree with us and be unhappy. The US Mint cannot and will not make everybody happy or satisfied with their products, mintages, house hold limit or price of what they sell or produce. It just won’t happen. All we can do is try to get our opinion… Read more »


The variety of comments reminds
me of the Ole
joke about
Harry Truman who was out on the
Campaign trail and found a $100 Bill.
Harry turned to a campaign aid and said
don’t know
Should toss the $100 out the airplane and make someone
Happy or make
Change and throw 100 $1 out the
plane and make 100 People happy.

Pretty soon a little old
Voice spoke up and said Harry why don’t you jump out of the plane and
make everybody HAPPY.

So no matter what the
Mint does somebody will not be happy

Seth Riesling

Bilelle – That joke is priceless! LOL. I thought that I had heard it all as a “student” of humor, especially political humor. Thanks for teaching me something new. JtheLoJ – As for household limits, why does any collector “need” more than 1 coin on special issues other than greed!? A person only needs 1 of each coin to have a complete collection – gifts are another story & I have 4 nephews to buy for on certain products. But to be fair to all collectors, I have no problem with a 1 per household limit. You can always do… Read more »


Recently got a email from the US Mint to update my password! I think they are double checking accounts and if they are going to P.O.Boxes! I bought 5 dimes all buy one a 70! Been buying most of everything that comes out except for ASE Gold and Platinum! I am good with the limits! I was at the ANA MONEY SHOW, for the release of the gold 3/4 ounce Kennedy! I just wanted one and to have it graded onsite for my collection! I drove by the conference center at 12:30 at night! No line! Got there at 5:45… Read more »

Seth Riesling

Shawn – You are so right about the unbridled greed on the low limited mintage special US Mint coins at ANA shows & the Mint’s 3 gift shops in DC, Philadelphia & Denver. Because of the number of people hurt & trampled & got sick in rain in line during the 2014 gold Kennedy coin fiasco, the ANA’s insurance company & the Mint’s legal department decided not to ever issue such “rare” limited coins at their coin shows & gift shops again. Police had to be called out in the 4 locations selling that coin to control unruly crowd &… Read more »

John Ehrlichman

Does anyone who ordered the gold dime centennial coin remember if the black box housing the coin was wrapped in plastic? Thank you so very much. Looking forward to the release of the gold quarter.

Seth Riesling

John –

The gold dime black box was not wrapped in plastic from the US Mint.


Michael Bodge

Its great news only 1 per house order but it will still be a race to get one big dealers have lots of buyers and this limit will slow them down so real coin collectors can get one at mint price.


Yes I also am glad to see the HHL of 1 to give us little guys a chance at the mints offering.

I didn’t stand a chance on the Mercuty Dime. Hope the mint will do a short time notice and a HHL of 1 so that the Dealers and Flipers won’t have a chance to get all of the “OTHER BUYERS” fully mobilized.
MB, Good Luck on your big Quarter Bilelle

John Ehrlichman

Seth, thank you for the answer.

Richard R

So glad the household limit will be 1. I’m even more sure now I will be able to get mine, as I was able to get my 1 mercury dime at the 10 per limit.

Michael Mccrary

I received my one coin from mint today. Very nice clean coin no scratches no finger prints.