Circulation 2016 Lucky Loonie in 5-Coin Packs and Rolls


The Royal Canadian Mint is now selling circulation-quality 2016 Lucky Loonies to Canadian residents.

Canadian 2016 Lucky Loonie
Canadian 2016 Lucky Loonie

Product options include a 5-coin pack for $5 and a special wrap $25 roll for $49.95.

"In what is now a legendary tale, a Loonie was embedded at centre ice prior to the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City to bring luck to Canada’s men’s and women’s hockey teams," describes the Mint. "Both brought home gold."

Since then, a Lucky Loonie has been released for every Olympic and Paralympic Games. This year, the Lucky Loonie salutes Canadian athletes going to the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brazil.

Designed by Canadian artist Derek Wicks, the coin’s reverse features a loon on the water with its body arched and wings outstretched for take-off. The background offers a stylized maple leap. Near the bottom, centered, are the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Team logos. Completing the design are inscriptions of CANADA, 2016, and LUCKY LOONIE / DOLLAR PORTE-BONHEUR for its popular moniker.

Canadian 2016 Lucky Loonie, reverse
Reverse or tails side of the dollar

Obverses feature Susan Blunt’s portrait of the Queen with surrounding inscriptions of ELIZABETH II, D G REGINA and DOLLAR.

Coins are in standard three-ply brass plated steel, weigh 6.27 grams and are minted to a diameter of 26.5 millimeters.


5-coin packs and special wrap rolls are available directly from the Royal Canadian Mint’s website at The rolls are in commemorative paper wrap.

The Mint is also selling a silver edition struck to collector proof quality in 7.89 grams of 99.99% pure silver. Its price is $39.95, plus shipping.

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The 5 pack is only one per household (address) and the past free shipping has been replaced with a $2.99 fee and 45 cents of tax. In March I ordered the Women’s Right to Vote Loonie set and it only cost $5 and free shipping. If we have to pay for shipping, let us order more than one pack.

Seth Riesling

grantalias –

You are lucky to be in Canada. As a Mint Master’s Club Platinum member here in the USA we cannot order any circulation strike coins per Canadian law. I am lucky to have friends in Toronto & Windsor who purchase all such products for me, instead of having to go through a dealer.

Happy collecting!