Harpers Ferry Quarters, Coin & Currency Set and Platinum Eagle for June

2015-W Enhanced Uncirculated Native American $1 Coin
Shown is a photo of the 2015-W Enhanced Uncirculated Native American $1 Coin from the 2015 American $1 Coin and Currency Set. This year’s set with a different dollar design launches on June 16.

United States Mint product releases in and around summer tend to be sparse, especially in June, but now there’s at least a clearer picture about what will launch next month.

The U.S. Mint in the early AM added two products with release dates to its schedule, the 2016 American $1 Coin and Currency Set for June 16 and the 2016-W Proof American Platinum Eagle for June 30. The pair joins rolls and bags of Harpers Ferry quarters which had already been set to launch on June 6.

American $1 Coin and Currency Sets have been popular due in large part to their exclusive Native American dollars that bear unique finishes and one-year-only reverse designs. They are also cheap compared to other coin products. Last year’s set remains on sale for $14.95. Collectors have so far ordered 88,233 of the original 90,000 available. (See photos of the 2015-dated set.)

There are still no release dates for the uncirculated and proof 2016-W American Silver Eagles or for the highly anticipated 2016-W Standing Liberty and Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coins. This year’s collector Silver Eagles have been delayed because Congress mandated they have flat edges with lettering designating their 30th anniversary.

We’ll offer further coverage on the above products as more information becomes available.

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Seth Riesling

According to the Mint’s website, the 2016 American $1 Coin & Currency Set will have a “S” Mint mark on the Native American $1 coin. Wonder what the mintage & price will be this year & if the $1 FRN will have a fancy serial number like last year’s set did?



Who knows? The person responsible for updating the Product Schedule is so far behind in this job responsibility the product schedule is practically worthless. I wonder if they’re kept in the dark or if they’re simply incompetent (a nepotist assignment? – somebody’s teenager being paid $100,000 to maintain/update the product schedule?)


re: unreeded edge for the silver eagle.
You have to wonder how hard it is to make a planchet with a smooth edge and some lettering rather than a reeded edge.
It’s not like they haven’t done this before…

Seth Riesling

jim –

It is a crazy situation for sure. The Mint has been using edge lettering since the late 1700s on some silver & gold coins. And most recently on all Presidential $1 coins & Native American $1 coins. Anything perceived as out of the ordinary seems to befuddle the impotent management at the US Mint!