Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales Surge in January

2016 Australian Kangaroo 1oz Silver Bullion Coin
2016 Australian Kangaroo 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

Australian gold and silver sales surged to three-month highs in January, the latest figures from the Perth Mint show.

Silver sales posted a fifth straight month atop 1 million ounces, and they marked the third highest month since CoinNews started tracking the Mint’s data in February 2013. The two higher months happened in September and October.

Year-over-year gains were impressive as well with gold sales 2x higher and silver sales 2.5x higher.

Bullion Sales in January 2016

January sales of Perth Mint gold coins and gold bars reached 47,759 ounces, rising 19.1% from the previous month and jumping 106.1% over January 2015.

The Mint sold 1,473,408 ounces of silver last month, logging a 36% advance from December and a 151.5% increase from a year earlier.

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales by Month

Below is a monthly breakdown of Perth Mint bullion sales from January 2015 to January 2016.

Perth Mint Bullion Sales (in troy ounces)
January 2016 1,473,408 47,759
December 2015 1,083,460 40,096
November 2015 1,145,239 31,664
October 2015 1,751,898 66,951
September 2015 3,349,557 63,791
August 2015 707,656 33,390
July 2015 746,700 51,088
June 2015 384,586 31,019
May 2015 337,511 21,671
April 2015 472,273 26,545
March 2015 638,557 34,260
February 2015 392,114 31,981
January 2015 585,953 23,174


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Seth Riesling

Darrin Lee Unser – Or Mike Unser – Thanks for the update on sales figures released a few days ago. I bet I get a few of the Perth Mint Australia’s 2016 new silver high relief Norse Gods – Odin very low mintage coins on first day of issue March 1 before you publish an article about its availability & quick sellout! ☺ Do the figures above for gold sales include the new Perth Mint Australia (Gold Corp. of the state government of Western Australia) 1 ounce .9999 fine gold ingots they are producing for eBay with both the Perth… Read more »


Good to see investment buying picking up. I just bought some Silver this past week from Scottsdale Mint and the tone I got on the phone was that they were really cranking sales on the silver side.

Seth Riesling

Darrin Lee Unser – It is March 1 in Perth, Australia now & you know what that means!? Around the time I posted a comment here on February 11 The Perth Mint Australia announced on its official website a description of the new coins that would be issued on March 1 including the. 2016 Norse Gods series – Odin 2-oz 999 silver coin of Tuvalu with very limited mintage of 2,000 coins (1 coin per household limit till midday March 3 if any are left). I ordered mine earlier tonight. I bet you got yours as you always do before… Read more »