2016 Mark Twain Commemorative Coin Release Dates

Mark Twain Commemorative Coins and Cases
Mark Twain Commemorative Coins and Presentation Cases

Release dates have been announced for the silver dollars and $5 gold coins commemorating Mark Twain’s life and legacy.

There are two set of dates to remember. The gold coins launch on Thursday, Jan. 14, while sales of the silver dollars kick off almost two weeks later on Wednesday, Jan 27.

Mark Twain Commemorative Coins will be available in collector qualities of proof and uncirculated for a combined total of four issues — two $5 gold pieces and two silver dollars. (See images of all four coins.) They would normally go on sale at the same time, and that was the originally plan. It changed, according to U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White, when officials reassessed the launch and wanted more silver dollars on hand for immediate shipping. The Mint does not have target levels to announce at this writing.

Silver dollar introductory pricing is $44.95 for the uncirculated and $45.95 for the proof. Each weighs 26.73 grams and is composed of 90% silver (and 10% copper) for about 0.773 troy ounces of silver.

Prices of the Mark Twain gold coins can change up to weekly depending on the latest weekly average of LBMA gold. Weighing 8.359 grams, each has a composition of 90% gold (and 10% alloy) for about 0.242 troy ounces of gold. Their introductory prices will be known on Jan. 13, one day before their release. The mostly likely price points are based on two gold ranges:

Gold Average $5 Proof Gold Coin $5 Unc. Gold Coin
$1,050.00 to $1,099.99 $364.00 $359.00
$1,100.00 to $1,149.99 $376.15 $371.15


Prices include surcharge amounts of $35 for each gold piece and $10 for each silver dollar. The collected funds will benefit museums and educational program dedicated to Mark Twain.

When released, the commemoratives will be sold online at catalog.usmint.gov/coins/commemoratives.

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I don’t recall ever the Mint having two launch dates for one commemorative ….. what a bunch of incompetents …

That’s the Mint’s “planning” for you … and I take their “excuse” with a large truckload of salt …. time for the auditors from the Treasury’s oversight office or what ever it is called to take a close look at the Mint’s operations going back a few years …


And from what I’ve read the Mint could not even take one representative coin each of the Mark Twain commemorative to display at the FUN … instead they carry along the still not sold out HR Liberty golds to sell at the show … talk about warped priorities . one would think they would display the Mark Twain too but nooo maybe the Mark Twain coins were too heavy for them to carry …..



The US Mint Website now says Mark Twain silver commemorative “TBD” wow


Just more evidence that having bureaucrats sit in for a real director of the Mint is a big mistake.

Another date for the silver Twains? Are they getting so cheep to charge S&H twice for the same commemorative? Just squeezing every little penny out of the collector that they can.

NHGUY 10977

Isnt 100k for gold coin high mintage?


Not for commemoratives. Congress has been mandating that number by law for years. The unpopular commemoratives have been selling only 20k-30k but the popular commemoratives have doubled that range, but still nothing near the 100k for the most part. The good thing is that they can only sell the coins in the year they were intended so they don’t languish in the Mint’s overstock for years like other mint products have done.


Why does this commemorative sell for over $300 while the five dollar gold eagle is well under &200? They are both five dollars and the same amount of gold.


$5 gold eagles are 1/10th oz. The $5 commemorative is just under 1/4 oz of gold.

Christopher Williams

Interesting that HSN and Mike “Sold Out, Limited Edition” Mezack have yet to put the new Mark Twain coins on air.