US Mint 12-Month Product Schedule for 2016

by Mike Unser on December 21, 2015 · 15 comments

The United States Mint on Saturday published a preliminary product schedule for 2016. It’s complete with 78 listings ranging from long-established coins and sets to 100th anniversary issues.

US Mint 2016 Products

Quarter and gift sets are among the early U.S. Mint product releases for 2016

Some of the year’s highly anticipated products include two American Liberty Silver Medals like the high-relief 2015 $100 American Liberty Gold Coins, the Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set and centennial gold editions of the Winged Liberty dime, the Standing Liberty quarter and the Walking Liberty half-dollar. All of these products have "to be determined" release dates.

There are exact release dates for products launching in January, February and March. As for those debuting in April through December, general release months are given for now. Also, prices and images are yet to be published for all but the first few offerings.

Product standouts in January include the Mark Twain Commemorative Coins in gold and silver. (See images of the Mark Twain coins.)

Nixon and Ford Presidential dollars and First Spouse Gold Coins launch in February and March. (See photos of Nixon dollars and Ford dollars.)

The American $1 Coin & Currency Set and the National Park Service Centennial Commemoratives in gold, silver and clad also debut in March. (See designs of the NPS coins.)

We often know release dates by this time of year for collector versions of upcoming American Silver Eagles. We may have to wait several more months for those. Next year’s editions will have 30th anniversary edge lettering, which requires new tooling and testing time. The Mint does expect them ready by summer but currently has their release dates as "to be determined."

The U.S. Mint’s schedule will fill out more completely in the coming weeks. It’s always nice to see a new one around now even in the more abbreviated state. If you remember, products a few years ago only showed up on the Mint’s schedule right before the month of their release. Few world mints even offer annual schedules for public viewing.

The current product schedule is below. Keep up to date with changes at The default product schedule is 2015, so you’ll need to click on the drop down menu and select 2016.

Preliminary US Mint 2016 Product Schedule

Release Dates Products
Jan 6 2016 Birth Set
Jan 6 2016 Happy Birthday Coin Set
Jan 11 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set
Jan 14 2016 Mark Twain Commemorative Coins
Jan 25 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set
Jan 27 2016 Native American $1 Coins in Rolls, Bags and Boxes
Feb 2 2016 Shawnee National Forest Quarters in Rolls and Bags
Feb 3 2016 Richard M. Nixon Presidential $1 Coins in Rolls, Bags and Boxes
Feb 16 2016 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set
Feb 18 2016 Patricia Nixon First Spouse Gold Coins
Feb 22 2016 Shawnee National Forest Quarters Three-Coin Set
Feb 24 2016 Kennedy Half-Dollar Rolls and Bags
Feb 25 2016 Shawnee National Forest Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin
Feb 29 2016 Proof Set
Mar 1 2016 Richard M. Nixon $1 Coin Cover
Mar 3 2016 Nixon $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set
Mar 8 2016 Gerald Ford Presidential $1 Coins in Rolls, Bags and Boxes
Mar 14 2016 American $1 Coin & Currency Set
Mar 17 2016 American Eagle Gold Proof Coins
Mar 24 2016 National Park Service 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coins & Three-Coin Set
Mar 25 2016 Betty Ford First Spouse Gold Coins
Mar 29 2016 Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Set
Mar 30 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Set
Mar 31 2016 American Buffalo Gold Proof Coin
Apr 2016 American Eagle Gold Uncirculated Coin
2016 Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Quarters in Rolls and Bags
2016 Gerald Ford $1 Coin Cover
2016 Ford $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set
May 2016 Cumberland Gap Quarters Three-Coin Set
2016 Cumberland Gap Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin
June 2016 Harper’s Ferry National Historical Park Quarters in Rolls and Bags
July 2016 Harper’s Ferry Quarters Three-Coin Set
2016 Harper’s Ferry Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin
2016 Nancy Reagan First Spouse Gold Coins
206 Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coins in Rolls, Bags and Boxes
Aug 2016 First Spouse Bronze Medals
2016 Presidential Three-Coin Sets
2016 Ronald Reagan $1 Coin Cover
2016 Reagan $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set
2016 Theodore Roosevelt National Park Quarters in Rolls and Bags
Oct 2016 Theodore Roosevelt National Park Quarters Three-Coin Set
2016 Theodore Roosevelt National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin
Nov 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Circulating Coin Set
2016 Fort Moultrie Quarters in Rolls and Bags
Dec 2016 Fort Moultrie Quarters Three-Coin Set
2016 Fort Moultrie Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin
TBD 2016 Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set
2016 Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coin
2016 Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Coin
2016 Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin
2016 American Liberty Silver Medals (Mints S and W)
2016 American Eagle Silver Proof Coin
2016 American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coin
2016 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set
2016 American Eagle Platinum Proof Coin
2016 Silver Proof Set
2016 Mint Set
2016 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set
2016 Congratulations Set

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M. B. December 21, 2015 at 10:17 am

Gee…. Look how far off into the year the Mint has pushed off the Silver American Eagles. If that’s not a sign of a silver shortage, I don’t know what is. This might be the year where silver takes off like gold on steroids!

Boz December 21, 2015 at 10:33 am

There has supposedly been a silver shortage for t least two years, with silver eagles on ration and so forth.

Availability has very little to do with value. Look at diamonds, they are so common you can dig them out of the dirt in Arkansas.

it is all about marketing and manipulation. When dealers and speculators like the Hunt Brothers take notice and gvernment gets a wild hare to accumulate it, then there will be price hikes.

Guest Guest December 21, 2015 at 12:28 pm

Silver and gold have both been dropping in spot price December 2015.
US Mint coin prices should reflect this.
But the mint keeps making their coin prices not worthwhile at up to 3x spot price.

Seth Riesling December 21, 2015 at 1:27 pm

M. B. & Boz –

There is no world silver shortage I can assure you! There is only a shortage of 1-ounce .999 fine silver blank planchets. The U.S. Mint no longer produces the blank planchets for the silver American Eagle coins & purchases then from private vendors in the U.S., mainly from Sunshine Mining and Minting company based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (which operates a major silver mine there & last year opened a hugh new production facilty in Las Vegas to cater to the casino industry for tokens & to increase silver planchet production for many world Mints also) . Just look at how much silver Mexico has! Their government even keeps the price of silver artificially inflated so the Mexican government doesn’t lose its ass on silver sales! The popularity of 1-ounce .999 fine silver coins worldwide in the past few years has caused the few companies & Mints that do manufacture the blank planchets to slowly ramp up production. Therefore, there is a lag in getting those planchets to the Mints. Silver is plentiful though or it wouldn’t be at a 6-year low recently! Don’t pay a big premium for bullion silver bars/ingots or silver bullion coins because some dealers are hyping up the so-called silver shortage to their advantage. The Mint sold 47 million bullion version silver American Eagle coins this year & almost a million Proof & Burnished versions also! I wouldn’t call that a shortage in any way! As they say “Caveat Emptor” – Buyer Beware! Good luck with your silver hunting/collecting.


Buford December 21, 2015 at 3:03 pm

Boz, you are definitely correct! Silver, and all precious metals, have and will be, always Manipulated to simply supply and demand…mostly, if not always, Demand…Dealers Love this, and so does the U. S. Mint!…Nevertheless, keep Collecting Friends! …

Christopher Williams December 21, 2015 at 6:16 pm

Thank you for the heads up to next year’s schedule, Mike.

Patrick Kleaver January 1, 2016 at 2:59 pm

I notice no Coin and Chronicles Sets are scheduled in 2016 for Presidents Nixon and Ford, but instead the Mint skips to Ronald Reagan. Is this a political statement on the part of Mint officials? Nixon was the president the press loved to hate, but despite his failings I, for one, believe he did a lot of good for the country. Ford did a good job of restoring faith in the presidency. They both deserve to be treated by the Mint the same as Reagan.

Seth Riesling January 2, 2016 at 10:11 am

Patrick Kleaver –

I agree with your statements totally! But the reality as far as the U.S. Mint officials is that only “popular” presidents (as far as the Mint officials believe) will have a Coin & Chronicles set. In 2009 they did a C&C set for Abraham Lincoln only, in 2013 for Theodore Roosevelt only & in 2014 for Franklin D. Roosevelt only. 2015 was the first year since presidential $1 coins were issued that the Mint did a C&C set for all 4 presidents honored that year. The Mint also did C&C sets in 2005 for John Marshall & in 2006 for Benjamin Franklin. The Mint officials seem to want to be selective in who they honor with such special sets based on how popular they think the person honored is & what they think public demand will be based on their subjective (biased) opinions. Sad but true situation. I would buy any C&C set & have them all since the 2009 set. Good luck in your collecting Patrick!


Christopher Williams January 2, 2016 at 10:15 am

What is very interesting is that a few years ago I purchased the Marshall Coin & Chronicles set for $35.00.

Now it’s selling (sealed) for between $65.00 and $89.00.

Seth Riesling January 2, 2016 at 3:14 pm

Christopher Williams –

It is interesting how the 2015 C&C sets have caused more collectors to purchase the 2005 & 2006 U.S. Mint C&C sets in the secondary market. I somehow missed getting them at issue price, but about 3 years ago i noticed i didn’t have them on my inventory list & immediately found a dealer in St Louis where i have relatives & bought both sets in their original sealed plastic wrap like you mentioned. I paid $40 for the 2005 John Marshall C&C set & $45 for the 2006 Benjamin Franklin C&C set. They are nice sets & i should have bought two of each set! The 2009 Abraham Lincoln C&C sets were limited to 50,000 at $56.95 & a 1 set per household limit by the Mint. They sold out immediately & luckily i got one at issue price. Then they shot way up in price on the secondary market to around $250 but are now about half that amount. Go figure!
By the way Mr. Williams, i loved your YouTube opinions on HSN’s clown tv coin dealer Mike Mezack! I was channel surfing over the Holidays & watched a few of his sad & misleading (& outright lies) presentations. He has exclusive labels from ANACS (an inside job) & every January 1st new year day he offers for sale the next year’s silver & gold American Eagle bullion coins making it look like he already has them (he has ANACS put a 2015 Eagle coin in the ANACS 2016 labeled holder & obviously tells the cameraman not to pan down to the date on the coins & also must tell the show Host not to ask why the coin date doesn’t match the date on the coin in the ANACS holder! Neither he nor the HSN show Host nor the screen graphics say that it is a pre-sale item! They say “We have these ready to go with a free ANACS grading certificate for today only – just 24 hours once a year, so get yours now!” What a sad situation for the naive beginner collectors who don’t know any better who buy from HSN Coin Collector shows. The U.S. Mint sent him a cease & desist order on their trademark for the national parks quarters coin products, but he marches on with his legal team & HSN’s legal team to try hard to keep up his scam! Glad you exposed him publicly on your YouTube posting!

Happy New Year Mr. Williams.


Christopher Williams January 2, 2016 at 3:18 pm

Seth, thank you very much for your nice comments.

It was years ago that I did that video. I was so fed up that I had to vent.

Happy New Year’s to you, too, Seth.

Patrick Kleaver January 2, 2016 at 4:30 pm


Thanks for the history of the issuance of the Coin and Chronicle Sets! It didn’t hit me until I read your reply how selective the Mint has previously been as to who to honor. With the plethora of products the Mint has offered in recent years, they certainly can’t use the excuse that they couldn’t “fit in” all the the Presidents who weren’t honored. They could easily have skipped some things they issued in order to treat all the Presidents the same!

Jeff Kinner March 29, 2016 at 5:14 pm

HSN has been busted so many times for cheating customers and several years back, they had ICG silver eagles in ms70 with only 500 and as usual, never show the cpoin date, but got busted as the mint hadn’t even released the coins out yet. All of his other coins he sells for hundreds over their value. His famous 50 year mint set for 399.00 and claims to have a national dealer that sells the sets making them worth 2 grand. In the Red Book they run from 3-5 bucks a set. Its true the mints don’t make the blanks anymore. They are contracted out to several companies and its mostly refined junk silver like jewlery that is used for business strikes. From the time gold and silver are mined to having a finished product takes 7 years. In Africa, Russia secretly bought up all the mines and keep the gold and dump the silver to the u.s. and other countries. The gold and silver blanks are all sent to Philly to be struck and from there they are sent to Denver and San Francisco to have the mintmarks stamped on. Only a select few gold and silver go to West Point and most don’t get a W mintmark. All proofs are sent to San Francisco as they all have the S mint mark. Mint sets go to Phily and Denver. Many special coins are made in San Fransisco or West Point, Like the Burnish die coins. The silver eagles were made at the Frisco mint for years and then it was moved to West Point. The mint makes about 50 million silver eagles a year but don’t have that much gold to work with. Its Congress and the mints that control the prices since so much silver is minted, the prices are cheaper. Look at how much gold is produced compared to silver and you now know why its controled. If gold was put out like silver, it would be 50.00 a oz. and if silver was a fraction of its production, it would be several hundred a oz. With the market in the crapper and the economy in the dump like it is everyone is hoarding all the gold silver and platinum. The wall street market and the government blowing smoke up our butts making us think everything is ok so companies can inflate their fake profits. You hear the jobs reports are up, but unless your a doctor, nurse or atty, there are no real new jobs. They claim that unemployeement is down. What they don’t say is everyone ran out of their benefit time so it makes it look like its down when in fact its worse. Realtors are inflating the housing market to make it look good, but many admit that the market is flooded with homes that can’t be sold as no one is selling from the loss they took from the 2008 crash. Even new home builders are stating they can’t sell the new homes, so the prices drop in order to try to sell them. We have no COLA thanks to our dumbass president for the 3rd time, but food is 600% UP AND oBAQMA THINKS THAT SINCE GAS IS LOW, we are doing fine in our economy. We are saving 20 cents a gallon, but our taxes have tripled, food has went up 600%, everything we do has gone up in price, like our cable bills, water, electric,etc. In order to retire. You must have your house paid off along with your autos. Have 10 times what you made a year in savings and thats just to survive. Healthcare under Obama is costing people 1,000’s more a year in premiums. The lucky few of us that are veterans get health care for life. The country belongs to the people. We need to take it back, fire all the morons in Washington, and get our country back in order for us, not the rich and paid off congress from interest groups. We are closing in on 19 trillion debt. most of it from Obama. There are about 300 million people in this country. Divide it into 19 trillion and we all would be millionaires!

Christopher Williams April 9, 2016 at 5:57 pm

I look forward to the “2016 Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set” to complete my collection.

I really do enjoy the “Coin & Chronicles” sets.

The input from everyone here is very much appreciated.

Mark Fortner July 27, 2016 at 1:25 am

The centennial mercury gold dime is already out, but when is the new centennial Gold quarter and the centennial Gold half dollar be available to the public?

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