2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set Sells Out


Earlier today, Aug. 7, the United States Mint moved its 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set into the "sold out" column.

Coins of the March of Dimes Special Silver Set
Coins of the March of Dimes Special Silver Set

Released on May 4, for $61.95, the set of three silver coins effectively sold out in just over a week when the Mint on May 12 listed them as unavailable. A "Remind Me" option kept the door slightly open for the possibility of more sales. That door was closed today.

Since May 12, their weekly sales have bumped around only slightly. That last batch of Mint figures had them down 9 to 74,623.

2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Sets include:

  • One proof 2015 March of Dimes Proof Silver Dollar from West Point,
  • One reserve proof 2015 Roosevelt Silver Dime from Philadelphia, and
  • One proof 2015 Roosevelt Silver Dime from West Point

Until this year, the U.S. Mint had never produced a reverse proof silver dime, or a proof silver dime from West Point. Both are exclusive to the special set. A reverse proof finish has the opposite appearance of standard proofs, with mirror-like designs and frosted backgrounds. Regular proofs appear each year within annual sets, like those struck by the San Francisco Mint for 2015 Silver Proof Sets.

2015-W Proof March of Dimes Silver Dollars remain available, as do 2015-P Uncirculated March of Dimes Silver Dollars. Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the March of Dimes, the commemorative coins are sold through the Mint’s website right here. The proof is $51.95 and has sales of 49,595. The uncirculated silver dollar is $48.95 and has sales of 22,345.

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This was without a doubt the best offering of the year. A real gift to dime collectors who were about after years of quarters and dollar coins.

Danny Morano

Just got my Jackie Kennedy Proof. Beautiful, glad I bought it.


Just received the 2015 American Liberty High Relief piece earlier in the week; although it was struck as a successor more or less to the 2009 UHR, the Mint did not execute this new product as perfectly as they did in ’09. Back then, they spared no expense with a mahogany presentation box with a small booklet. This year, the Mint cut a number of corners; especially, giving it a presentation case that was fitting for a proof commemorative and not a high relief. No additional booklet either. I noticed a couple of rim nicks on the reverse, almost like… Read more »


I meant to say the dime guys were bored to tears after decades of special quarters and dollar coins. Finally something to get fired up about.

And I wish the spell checkers would quit changing my words.

That is my ten cents worth anyhow!


Glad I skipped this HR gold .. did the Mint ever say exactly how they produced this coin? Was it given for example, a satin finish and stuff like that beyond the high relief strike … ?


Not to change topics, but… We rec’d 4 2015 Liberty Golds. The rim nicks were apparent on one under 30x loupe. Sent it back. Another had nicking under the torch, again under 30x. That’s going back too. That leaves us with 2. It’s a beautiful coin – a fresh approach instead of recycling the old classics. I’ve heard that there one of the TPG’s has MS, and also proof-like and mirror Proof-like varieties. We’ll see how that turns out. As far as packing, I’d rather have more coin, less package. The Jackie’s came in beautiful presentation cases but sent them… Read more »