2015 Annual Uncirculated $1 Set Photos and Early Sales


Sales of the 2015 United States Mint Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set hit 11,592 from its release on Tuesday, June 16, through to Sunday, June 21.

Photo of the 2015 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set
Photo of the 2015 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set. The six dollars arrive in a folder that slips into a protective envelope. The coins are also encapsulated. The folder includes information about the coins, their specifications and a certificate of authenticity.

Priced at $46.95, a set includes this year’s dollar coins in uncirculated quality from three different minting facilities — four 2015-P Presidential $1 Coins from Philadelphia, a 2015-D Native American $1 Coin from Denver and a 2015-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle from West Point.

Photo close-up of coin obverses in 2015 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set
Photo of coin obverses featuring former presidents Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson and also Weinman’s Walking Liberty design, plus the dollar reverse depicting a Mohawk ironworker.

The sales start is slower than last year’s release, which is still available from U.S. Mint for a price that’s $2 less than this year’s set. The 2014-dated issue logged debuting sales of 12,876, although its first sales reporting period included one more day. Sales have more than doubled since then to 27,040, rising a modest 242 in the latest weekly stats. The annual set from 2013 opened with early orders totaling 9,636 and eventually ended at 43,150.

Photo close-up of coin reverses in 2015 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set
Photo of coin reverses featuring Everhart’s rendition of the Statue of Liberty and also of John Mercanti’s heraldic eagle, plus the dollar reverse of Goodacre’s depiction of Sacagawea and her baby.

Order the newer sets directly from the United States Mint at its website, right here, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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Not even sure why this product exists!! Another attempt to get more money from collectors!!!


It’s true. .. you gotta know what and what not to buy. … not that I’m claiming i do, but I’m trying. …

Joe R. Alvarado

I got a 2013 Set directly from the Mint. The thing is that the Silver Eagle has NO MINT MARK. I called to ask about it and I was told that they do not sell the bullion, which has no mint mark, to the public. And in fact they don’t even have them there at their “FULFILLMENT CENTER” in Memphis, TN. So do I have an error burnished Silver Eagle with out the mint mark? Or is it a bullion that should not have been there? I even thought maybe it was a returned item in which the buyer got… Read more »


First I must assume that you know that the mint mark is on the reverse.

2nd I may assume that your coin is not an error but that a bullion coin was placed in this set in error. If this is the case your coin is not an error but the set may be worth more to the few that collect errors in packaging / labeling.

Then again you know what they say about those who ass/u/me.


Why are the Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Sets not listed by year of issue in the guide books on coins? I’ve looked in the 2017 Red Book and the 2016 Deluxe Edition and have not found a listing for these sets. Also, does the total mintages listed for the Uncirculated Silver Eagles include the Silver Eagles packaged in the Uncirculated Dollar Coin Sets? Since we have several years of these sets now, it would seem that they would be important enough to track in mintages and values. Just thinking…