2015 Harry S. Truman Coin and Chronicles Set Photos and Sellout


This short article presents a sales and photo overview of the Harry S. Truman Coin and Chronicles Set with its U.S. postage stamp, silver medal and special reverse proof Presidential $1 Coin.

2015 Harry S. Truman Coin and Chronicles Set
Photo of the 2015 Harry S. Truman Coin and Chronicles Set and its contents. Priced at $57.95, the set sold out within minutes of its release.

Collectors snapped up all the sets in very short order. Sales kicked off at noon on Tuesday, June 30, and they ended within 13 minutes when the United States Mint tagged them as "currently unavailable." On Wednesday, Adam Stump, the U.S. Mint deputy director for the Office of Corporate Communications, said that 16,780 of the maximum 17,000 sold in about 15 minutes. He added:

"All accepted orders will be processed and fulfilled on a first-in, first-served basis according to existing United States Mint policies. The product inventory is at the fulfillment center for immediate shipment to customers. No additional inventory will be produced. Product shipments, returns and exchanges will be monitored daily over the next few weeks."

The U.S. Mint’s online product page for the Chronicles Set still has a "Remind Me" button. It lets customers sign up for an email message should more become available as a result of cancellations or payment issues.

Here are some more photos of the set’s contents. Each image may be enlarged with a click.

Photo of 2015-P Reverse Proof Harry S. Truman Presidential $1 Coin
Photo of the 2015-P Reverse Proof Harry S. Truman Presidential $1 Coin. The U.S. Mint has never released a reverse proof dollar until now. Opposite of standard proofs, reverse proof coins have frosty fields and raised mirror-like devices.

Photo of Harry S. Truman Presidential Silver Medal
Photo of the one-ounce, .999 fine Harry S. Truman Presidential Silver Medal. The medal is a duplicate of the bronze medal from the 40’s.

Photo of Harry S. Truman 1973 8c postage stamp
Photo of Harry S. Truman 1973 8c postage stamp

And now, here are larger photos of the coin and medal.

Photo of 2015-P Reverse Proof Harry S. Truman Presidential $1 Coin, Obverse
Reverse proof $1 obverse
Photo of 2015-P Reverse Proof Harry S. Truman Presidential $1 Coin, Reverse
Reverse proof $1 reverse
Photo of Harry S. Truman Presidential Silver Medal, Obverse
Silver medal obverse
Photo of Harry S. Truman Presidential Silver Medal, Reverse
Silver medal reverse

Lastly, here are photos of the Truman bronze medal that the set’s silver medal is based upon.

Harry S. Truman Presidential Bronze Medal, Obverse
Harry S. Truman Presidential Bronze Medal, Obverse

Harry S. Truman Presidential Bronze Medal, Reverse
Harry S. Truman Presidential Bronze Medal, Reverse

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Thanks to our editor for reporting and these images .This US mint offering is undoubtably thee most sought offering.of memory.Will it have staying power and will the following 2015 offerings in this series have sustainability?


And put your hands together gives credit due for process well perceived and delivered.Thank you USA mint..Good Night America

Joe R. Alvarado

Now to buy the graded reverse proof. I don’t want to wait too long like I did on the reverse proof dime. At first the whole set PCGS 70 was around $329.00. Now just the one reverse proof dime is around that same price, $329.00.

paul davidson

The Harry Truman set is no longer available.Those sets went on sale 30 June at 12 noon and was sold out 15 minutes later.


Darn I really needed that postage stamp!
It is time to put these brass president coins out of their misery. It seemed like a good idea at one point but they did not catch on. Just about the end of the series, finally.

Tom H

So I guess I might as well share what I find funny about all of this. I had planned on buying one of these because I collect this set for the silver medals. I have TR and FDR sets. It wasn’t until I received an email from MCM looking for 250 people to buy 5 sets for them that I knew something was afoot. So because of that email from MCM I purchased 5 sets instead of 1. I apparently now have 5 very sought after $1 coins that I couldn’t care less about because they are made out of… Read more »

Carlos Gamez

I find it very weird that I ordered 1 and it weighs 1 pound? Help?


I would just about bet a dollar that the mint will produce all these reverse proof dollar coins in a special set to be announced at a later date, or even several special sets. Can you say suckered?


I didn’t get a chance to get this set ether. Oh well, more money saved for bigger gold set next year, if you know what I mean.


what do you mean, vadim?


Vadim means this item is real pricey now but will not have “legs” the Truman coin RP is ugly as heck in the pix, dont kow what it l00ks like in person…..I also collect these for the silver medals, but as I have been fu({ed by the US Mint b4 I just breath dep & enjoy the pain, like those C&C sets that went thru the roof, now only a few buck$ over purchase price….17k a good low mintage, but realy who cares, a rogue RP or 3 whats the big deal….like the special finish Sac $1 whats that @… Read more »


For those with questions on Grading:
To be given the Early Release & First Release pedigree the only requirement by NGC is that it is graded within the first 30 days of Release by the US Mint (this date info for the “Early Release” pedigree is charted on their website). In this case All of the coins shipped in time (to be reshipped to the Graders within 30 days of the issue / sale date) will qualify for this pedigree. PCGS has similar requirements.


Carlos – The Mint has a flat shipping rate of $4.95 no matter what you order.


I had a feeling on upcoming JFK and spouse medal set , might be sold out within 10 mins, ! Because this set had NO LIMITED, people like JFK, and last thing, It is cheap under $ 10 ,


Brad. What I mean is that I like to purchase coins that have real precious metal content. In this set, other then the silver medal nothing else is worth buying. What I also meant is that I rather save money on real gold coins coming out next year, the 2016 Centennial 24k Gold Coins: 1916 Mercury dime, 1916 Standing Liberty quarter, and 1916 Walking Liberty half-dollar.


Was on line at 12:02, tried to order, website said sold out and to click the reminder button. Maybe the web site needs tweaking. Just sour grapes but it seems that there are now so many reverse proofs that it is hard to keep up with them, maybe it was good that i couldn’t order…


Too bad its a golden dollar reverse proof, and not a precious metal. Money will be made for some with a quick flip.

Joe R. Alvarado

I called at 1:04 P.M. Central time and had no problem. Tom H, keep the silver medals and sell the reverse proof coins now while all the big deal about them is still going on and from that money buy the gold and silver you want. That way you can make your unwanted coins work for you and for your best interest. I also wish you a great and safe July 4th. Whistler, which sets are you talking about when you wrote “like those C&C sets that went thru the roof, now only a few buck$ over purchase price…” ?… Read more »


BRAKING: as of 8:25am this morning you can order some sets! Got 2 sets for me, but not because of the golden coin.


the price of this set sink so fast on Ebay, it is very disappoint,


Re: Price drop on ebay….BOO HOO!!


I would not worry about the current price drop at this time. Too many are listing them right now which is driving prices down. Follow the number of listings and you will see a direct correlation. I will hold mine just like I did the Native American C&C sets until the prices stabilize. I did not let those go until less than 30 were listed at any given time. These sets will certainly not lose money.


Any graded ones posted on ebay yet?


NGC graded 69 is going for $189!!!!


FEDEX SMARTPOST 2.1 lbs. – MEMPHIS, TN to Charlotte, NC 620 miles, time to deliver 8 days. Has anyone at the US Mint been told about US Priority Mail from the US Post Office? Two to Three days, you would think one government agency would use the other especially when it is three to four times faster. Slow Boat to/from China comes to mind. Just saying…



Thanks for the info. I checked it just now and it’s now up to $217.50 with 8 hours to go! Looks like that is the only one so far on ebay …


I think PR69 is going to be the target grade. Received mine today and went through them with a loupe and I don’t think any are 70. Most have a small mark under the A on the obverse. I even got one my wife says might be rare because of the scratch/grease line on the back. lol. May be sending two back because of that. I would feel bad selling it even to someone who didn’t care about grade because it is so obvious. I am guessing many will be back for sale at the US mint over the next… Read more »


Just came across a video unboxing of the Truman C&C set: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jxFCV0SY3gQ

Christopher Williams

Our US Post Office has done it again. I came home from work today to Track my shipment of my coins and it read “Delivered” but nothing is here.

I will never understand why FedEx hands off the packages to the USPS. Our carrier here has a bad habit of delivering mail to wrong addresses.

Now I have to go to the PO and try to find out what’s going out


Delivered as promised.No issues.


MCM offering the Truman coin NGC PF69 at $199.00

This is interesting because it’s a fancy base metal quarter-sized
reverse coin.

The US Mint making a market for their presidential $1 set – that flopped
like the spouses.

This is like flipping condos in Florida until the drop.


SWKnight .Many of these offerings are directed at entry level girls and boys,out of these minor offerings may come a couple mayor collectors which may make a serious mark on this hobby.

sc Mac

Did Whitman’s 2017 Redbook get it wrong ? They’ve got the Mint Mark Printed as ” S ” for the Reverse Proof Coin S ?????