US Marshals Commemorative Coin Sales Reach $13.4M

Photo of the US Marshals Service Three-Coin Proof Set
US Mint sales figures as of Sunday show three-coin sets of proof US Marshals Commemoratives Coins at 12,041, leaving 2,959 for sale

United States Mint sales of U.S. Marshals commemorative products moved up by 37,272 coins during their first full week of availability, lifting their 11-day total to 168,931 coins or $13,473,508.

US Marshals coins in proof quality are outselling the uncirculated ones by three-to-one. This ratio is higher than typical, helped by the three-coin set which only includes proofs. Less than 3,000 of those now remain.

It’s too early in the their sales cycle to make too much out of all these numbers. Yet, it’s clear that the commemoratives are performing well. They’re not selling at the pace of last year’s curved Baseball coins but they’re about to blow past totals of the 2013 5-Star Generals coins. That is, if negative turns are abated. In the table below, notice the weekly declines in the individually sold gold coins.

Introductory Prices* Weekly Gain Total Unit Sales Total Coin Sales Total Sold Maximum Authorized Remaining
Proof 50c Clad Half-Dollar $14.95 10,080 33,033 45,074 62,714 750,000 687,286
Uncirculated 50c Clad Half-Dollar $13.95 4,317 17,640 17,640
Proof Silver Dollar $46.95 14,520 52,050 64,091 85,262 500,000 414,738
Uncirculated Silver Dollar $43.95 2,336 21,171 21,171
Proof $5 Gold Coins $412.60 -77 4,682 16,723 20,955 100,000 79,045
Uncirculated $5 Gold Coins $407.60 -324 4,232 4,232
Three-Coin Proof Set $473.60 2,140 12,041 N/A 12,041 15,000 2,959


*There’s a good chance that the U.S. Mint will reduce gold coin prices.

Currently, all US Marshals coins are on "Back Order." The U.S. Mint is accepting orders for them but none are in stock so buyers have to wait longer to get them in hand. Orders may be placed online from this U.S. Mint page, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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