US Marshals Commemorative Coin First Day Sales Hit $8.4M


The United States Mint has announced early sales of the 50c clad, silver dollar and $5 gold 2015 US Marshals Service 225th Anniversary Commemorative Coins.

A photo of the US Marshals Service Three-Coin Proof Set
Photo of the US Marshals Service Three-Coin Proof Set
Photo of the US Marshals Service 225th Anniversary Three-Coin Proof Set
Another photo taken from a different angle. Notice the reflection qualities of the proof coins’ mirror-like backgrounds

The series of seven products with six different collectible coins that celebrate the anniversary of America’s first federal law enforcement agency launched on Thursday, Jan. 29, at noon ET. By midnight, or in the first 12 hours, buyers snapped up 89,402 coins for a total of $8,418,774.30.

These coins are struck in collector qualities of proof and uncirculated. As is the norm, the proof coins with their frosted designs and mirror-like backgrounds are outselling the uncirculated coins with splits of 69,230 to 20,172.

Here are the first-day sales splits across all the commemorative coins and products:

Introductory Prices First Day Unit Sales First Day Coin Sales Total Sold Maximum Authorized Remaining
Proof 50c Clad Half-Dollar $14.95 14,212 23,633 31,282 750,000 718,718
Uncirculated 50c Clad Half-Dollar $13.95 7,649 7,649
Proof Silver Dollar $46.95 24,057 33,478 43,678 500,000 456,322
Uncirculated Silver Dollar $43.95 10,200 10,200
Proof $5 Gold Coins $412.60 2,698 12,119 14,442 100,000 85,558
Uncirculated $5 Gold Coins $407.60 2,323 2,323
Three-Coin Proof Set $473.60 9,421 N/A 9,421 15,000 5,579


Three-Coin Proof Sets have one proof $5 gold coin, one proof silver dollar, and one proof clad half-dollar.

Intro Marshal coin sales were expected to be lower than last year’s 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins, which were blowout; supported by the first curved designs ever produced by the United States Mint. They are sharply higher than the 5-Star Generals commemoratives from 2013, however. In a longer period covering the first five days, their lower sales totaled 7,883 for the gold coins, 27,298 for the silver dollars and 19,810 for the clad half-dollars.

US Marshals Commemorative Coin products are available online from this U.S. Mint page, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

The authorizing law (Public Law 112-104) permits the U.S. Mint to sell these commemoratives through to the end of 2015, or until sales reach maximum coin mintages. Customer demand will determine the ratio of proof to uncirculated coins minted within the authorized mintage limits.

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The 3 coin set is “Currently out of stock” with a remind me button. WOW!!!
Hope you all ordered one or 10!


These are superlative designs, well struck, with sensible limits. Some of the designs will be enhanced in ways that defy description. Good luck getting the 3 coin set, and these designs may be the best of ANY coin in recent memory!! Great job again, mint folks!!

JOE #2

I see the $5 gold proof sold out.


Can someone explain to me where 85,000 gold coins get sold in 24 hrs time? Certainly not to just us little ole collectors?
Somethings fishy here…? Hmmm??


It’s likely that they haven’t made those 85k yeat.


You think? They don’t give you the option of a “remind me ” button for those gold proofs. If only I had a crystal ball and a rich relative !


WOW! Almost all gone! How could they not made enough of these.


Here is the official language from the US Mint site regarding the gold proof, silver proof and Unc.;
“This product is not available for sale, it may or may not be made available for purchase again. ”
The 3 coin sets have a “Remind Me ” button which states that this product “MAY ” become available again.
Can someone(MIKE UNSER ?) explain what is really the status of these coins? There is no way that 500,000 of the silver versions have sold out already. Let alone 100,000 of the gold.


Come on guys,
It is a bit funny to me when they do these small mintage sets within a very large total mintage. IF you really want the three coins just buy them separately. There is no real price advantage to buying the set nor is there a special coin minted for this set!


I expect that they are not “sold out” but just have sold their minted supply on the items listed as “out of stock”.

This is the one flaw I see with the new ordering system. You cannot order a coin prior to it being minted. This gives the Mint a great “order to ship time” but it is not going to be well liked by anyone wanting an item and then having to constantly checking the Mint’s web site to see it the coin is available!


You are absolutely right Ronnie. It is very irritating when you cannot even place an order. I also find it frustrating when I place my order, it is received, then I get the next email stating the order has been processed, then “BOOM” I go to the order history and find my order is now “ON HOLD”. It should have gone to shipped at that point.
Anyone else have this problem?


RonnieBGood, I’m of the same opinion. I’m new to coins collecting, about 2 years now, and it seams that commemorative (silver and gold) coins sell out. Could it be that mint benefiting from this new ordering system. I can see how people can be placing multiple orders paying 4.95 one too-many.


Well it’s like this…….the mint sells large numbers of these 3-coin sets to the large TV coin shows…..then the mint states that they are not available at this time…..then the large purchaser reviews the coins for flaws ……returns the bad ones back to the mint and then they are available once again to the public…..nevermind ….that would never happen 🙂


Ronnie is right!
out of stock is not mean Sold out
they just sold all their (first Strike ) inventory ,Usually 15-35% of mintage
This set is not this year Mint’s Jackpot winner,
100k mintage for gold and 500k for silver is too many for so few REAL COIN COLLECTOR
Most people buy coin for re-sale profit in recent days


Watch this year 2014 Silver Limited Set, and March of dime special set , these are real low mintage


March of dimes silver coins? I’m all for the charity and the good that is done with the March of Dimes cause, however , you will never see 500,000 silver coins sold on this one. Not sure about the 2014 Silver set… Just my opinion.


Way too fishy these sell outs, speculators, mint needs to put limits on these for the first month, ridiculous – I ordered the dollars but was waiting on gold, 3 days..BS!!


JP, look again, there are 85K gold coins left remaining to be sold.


Will2020- I see that… I guess we’re all in the GOLD yet! I’ve only been doing this buying from the mint since 2009. I learn something everyday. I guess the mint underestimated the initial response of this coin. Plenty to go around yet.

Mike Unser (

FYI: As this time the three-coin proof set is on “back order” status so orders may be placed.


the surprising sale of the three coin set meant i missed or lucked out. the number sold will in the long run reduce the value of the set. i did buy the 2013 5 star general sets which apparently were bypassed by many. like the half dollar from 2011, i believe, the low mintage will add value to these coins, making them more collectible than the 2015 u.s. marshalls’ coins. having practiced in federal court and entered fed buildings after 9/11, i have not been mistreated but there is a feeling of being watched that i should not have to… Read more »


Biill’s comment about how the Mint preferentially sells to large corporations and TV hucksters is right on. They will inspect them, keep the PR70’s&69s, then send back the defective coins for the mint to sell to the public. The public has always been the runt of the Mint’s litter in that it sales first to corporations thru its Bulk Purchase Program. To get there, mr., mrs., or ms. citizen, you only need to satisfy these partial reqs: 1) be a licensed full-time “coin dealer” (any state-licensed firm or company engaged in the commercial sale of coins via storefront, coin shows… Read more »