Security Enhancement for 2015 Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coins


2015-dated gold bullion coins depicting the iconic maple leaf feature a new radial line finish, the Royal Canadian Mint announced Tuesday.

2015 Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coin
The Royal Canadian Mint has replaced the traditional Gold Maple Leaf bullion finish for 2015 with a radial line finish

Introduced in 1979, the Gold Maple Leaf (GML) bullion coin last saw a major change in 2013 when the Mint added a micro-engraved laser mark showing the issue year within a textured maple leaf pattern. That was a small visual enhancement. The new finish changes the look of the coin entirely, although the designs are the same.

As described by the Royal Canadian Mint in a news release, it has replaced the Gold Maple Leaf’s traditional finish "with an eye-catching array of precisely machined lines radiating from the coin’s central maple leaf design at a width and pitch which creates a light-diffracting pattern."

Buyers of Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins will recognize the enhancement as these coins have had the radio line finish since the start of the year. The micro-engraved laser mark coupled with the new finish introduces dramatic security, according to the Mint.

"The combination of this unique feature with a laser micro-engraving of a textured maple leaf incorporating the numeral ’15’ to denote the coin’s year of issue, firmly places the GML at the pinnacle of gold bullion coin security, in addition to being the world’s first 99.99% pure gold bullion coin."

The Royal Canadian Mint does not sell bullion coins directly to the public, much like other world mints. Instead, they are sold in large volumes to bullion distributors who resell them for a small premium above the market value of their precious metal content. The 2015 Gold Maple Leaf bullion coin is now available throughout the Mint’s network of official bullion distributors.

Photos of 2015 Maple Maple Leaf Bullion Coins

Below are several Royal Canadian Mint photos of the new bullion coin. These photos may be enlarged with a click.

2015 Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coin - Obverse
Obverse or heads side of the 2015 GML
2015 Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coin - Reverse
Reverse or tails side of the 2015 GML
2015 Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coin Micro-Engraved Laser Mark
A close-up of this year’s micro-engraved laser mark
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Is there a difference in value between the original 1979 1 oz. gold maple leaf coin and the new 2015 one?