2015 Maple Leaf Coins Capture Reflections


A moment in time is captured on two new coins from the Royal Canadian Mint, the 2015 Maple Leaf Reflection 1 oz. Pure Gold Coin and 1 oz. Fine Silver Coin.

2015 Maple Leaf Reflection Gold and Silver Coins
2015 Maple Leaf Reflection Gold and Silver Coins

Both feature the same unique imagery and are available while their limited mintages last. No more than 8,500 of the silver coins will be issued with just 350 of the gold coins struck.

"This exceptional coin captures the moment when leaf and water meet." promotes the Royal Canadian Mint. "The leaf’s reflection is visible for a mere instant, as if to mock the fleeting nature of time. But on this coin, the reflection is a masterpiece that will last generations. It is incredibly detailed, every ripple shines—a stunning effect that has been achieved by applying micro engraving and laser frosting in a way that has never been done before."

The coins are struck in 99.99% pure silver or gold.

Coin Designs and Specifications

Reverses feature a combination of traditional and micro engraving with the addition of unique laser frosting techniques enhancing their realism. The image, by Canadian artist Lilyane Coulombe, shows a single maple leaf as it barely touches the surface of the water.

2015 $200 Maple Leaf Reflection Gold Coin
2015 $200 Maple Leaf Reflection Gold Coin

A set of soft ripples emanate from the leaf. Enhancing the concept of reflections, the inscriptions of 2015, CANADA, and 200 DOLLARS on the gold coin or 20 DOLLARS on the silver appear above and in the rippling water below.

2015 $20 Maple Leaf Reflection Silver Coin
2015 $20 Maple Leaf Reflection Silver Coin

Susanna Blunt’s regal portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is found on obverses. Inscriptions surrounding the portrait include ELIZABETH II and D G REGINA.

Specifications for the two coins are offered in the chart below:

  Gold Coin Silver Coin
Royal Canadian Mint Product No: 142759 142738
Mintage 350 8,500
Composition 99.99% pure gold 99.99% pure silver
Finish proof
Weight 31.16 g 31.39 g
Diameter 30 mm 38 mm
Edge serrated
Certificate serialized
Face Value $200 $20
Obverse Artist Susanna Blunt
Reverse Artist Lilyane Coulombe



Visit the Royal Canadian Mint’s website at www.mint.ca to order. Here are affiliate links to the gold coiniconand silver coin.

Current pricing is CAD $99.95, or US $80.37, for the silver and CAD $2,699.95, or US $2,699.95, for the gold. Each ship encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell display case with a black beauty box.

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Terry Power

I love the coins from the Canadian mint, but their prices are about the craziest in the entire world. $2,700 for a 1 ounce gold coin when spot is around $1150 or so? I don’t see $1,500 of premium value in this. Maybe the Canadian mint is stuck with a lot of gold they bought at $1800/oz?

Love their products, but the gold coin shold be around $1900…..in my opinion.


I have to agree with Terry. There are a few coins that I’ve passed on because the price was way too high!!. I’m not paying $80 some dollars for an ounce of silver. I like the coin and I understand the mintage is very low but I wouldn’t pay over $50 for it.


Canadian Mint must figure they will find 350 and 8500 folks willing to pay the premium…if the minted more coins and charged less they still may make more money..the reflection design is cool but not worth the premium…Dear Canadian mint — it cost you just as much to mint a coin with a stupid motif as one with a worthwhile motif like the reflection coins.


Argo and the rest of you are right. Maybe there are 1,000+ people willing to pay the double premiums, but not me. I think the Chinese pandas are always overpriced, too! You can get a great-looking 1 oz. silver coin for around 20 dollars, all day long. American Eagle, ordinary Canadian Maple Leaf like a 2015. That anniversary with a big 25 on it (was that in 2013?) is a great-looking coin! I think I paid 20 or 21 for it. Also look at Perth mint Crocs, and NZ & Fiji Turtles. I think they’re all as nice looking as… Read more »

DW Gillies

Astonishing but at current prices ($1170 for gold, $15.50 for silver), each coin will net $550,000 in raw profit, for a total of $1.1M net profit on these sales. Now I understand the artist probably worked months on this because it’s the coolest coin I have EVER seen, but she can probably “make do” with US$100k of income, and the mint clear $1.0M. Maybe that $1.0M is some sort of minimum target they try to hit with every “project coin” at the Canadian mint?

– A part-canadian living in the USA


In the end — (they still have some left of the 8500 ) I just purchased the silver coin — its a very unusual design !