2014 Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coins, New Security and Finish


Next year’s silver bullion coins depicting the iconic maple leaf will sport a new finish and an advanced micro engraved design, additions that are "cutting edge in coin security," the Royal Canadian Mint said this week.

2014 $5 Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coin
Beginning in 2014, Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins feature enhanced security features that include a radial line finish and laser-engraved leaf. (Larger and different angled photos are below.)

Replacing the bullion finish associated with the Silver Maple Leaf (SML) since its 1988 introduction are "precise" radial lines that emanate from the center of the coin on both the obverse (heads side) and reverse (tails side). These lines are matched from die to die and coin to coin.

"The specific width and pitch of the lines radiating from the coin’s central maple leaf design create a light-diffracting pattern which is unique to the Mint’s ‘next generation’ SML and unmatched by competing bullion products," the Royal Canadian Mint said in a coin news statement.

A laser engraved maple leaf is added to the coin’s reverse. Centered within it is the number "14," denoting the coin’s year of issue and visible only under magnification. This particular security element was introduced in 2012 on the Canadian $1 and $2 coins and then added to Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins in 2013.

Beginning in 2014 and forever forward, Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins will have the "radial lines" finish background. The micro-engraved laser mark is also permanent, with the centered numeral adjusted by year. The bullion coins will keep their other traditional obverse and reverse designs, and their specifications to include:

  • a $5 denomination,
  • composition of 99.99% pure silver,
  • weight of one troy ounce of silver,
  • a diameter of 38 mm and
  • a serrated or reeded edge.

The Royal Canadian Mint this week started shipping 2014 $5 Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins throughout its network of authorized dealers. Many dealers are pre-selling the coins now with expectations of delivering them by next week. Advertised pricing is running about $3-4 per coin over the spot price of an ounce of silver. Orders of higher quantities are offered with discounts.

Photos of 2013 Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coins

Below are are several Royal Canadian Mint photos of different sides and angles of the new bullion coins. The photos may be enlarged with a click.

2014 $5 Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coin - Obverse
Obverse or heads side
2014 $5 Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coin - Reverse
Reverse or tails side
2014 Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coin - Closeup of Radial Lines and Laser Mark
Closeup of the radial lines finish and laser mark
Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coin - Laser Engraved Maple Leaf for 2014
Closeup of the laser-engraved mark
2014 Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coin - Angled View
Angled view of the new silver coins
2014 $5 Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coins - Edges
Edge view of the new bullion coins
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Absolutely beautiful coin, the state of the art in production. Well done. RCM.

Jerome N. Fine

I live in the USA and wish to purchase a few of the new Canadian 2014 coins. How and where may I do that and what will it cost?

Many thanks.


Mark L

Just received my order of the new 2014 Maple Leafs. Very disappointed 🙁 Thought the new innovative design would be stunning and interesting but they look cheap and are not pleasing to the eye. Instead of looking mesmerizing and having an “infinity” look from the radial lines, they look disjointed and parts of the coin look hazy because some of the valleys are smooth and some of the valleys are rough in texture. The previous Maple Leafs were classy and elegant while these look like tokens. The RCM needs to either perfect their minting process for the new design or… Read more »


Received 40 coins of the 2014 editions last week, and I must say I like these one better than the ones I bought in 2013.
They are not shiny and classic as the previous ones, but they look really nice and feels great when you are handling them and does not get fingerprints on them as with the old shiny ones.