2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Gold Coin Limited to 75K


A mintage limit has been set for the dual-dated 1964-2014 Proof 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Coin. The first-ever gold half-dollar offered by the United States Mint went on sale Aug. 5, 2014. Then, and until a few hours ago, it had no stated limits.

1964-2014 Proof 50th Anniversary Kennedy 50c Gold Coin
1964-2014 Proof 50th Anniversary Kennedy 50c Gold Coin

Earlier this morning, the U.S. Mint announced that its mintage would be capped at 75,000 coins.

Sales of the gold piece at 67,640 units reached 90.2% of the new limit as of Nov. 30, 2014. Its last four weekly sales increases have ranged from 312 to 493 units. Buying action should pick up, at least in the short term. Collectors now know for certain how many can sell and that less than 7,360 remain.

Presentation case and reverse of 1964-2014 Proof 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Coin
Presentation case and reverse of Kennedy gold coin

Produced at the West Point Mint to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy half-dollar, each coin is composed from 3/4 troy ounces of 99.99% pure gold. Other specifications are identical to standard Kennedy halves to include their diameter of 1.205 inches and reeded edge.

These gold coins bear a restored portrait of John F. Kennedy like the other two 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar products and their unique 6 coins, but it is the only one to have the dual date. The U.S. Mint already announced product limits for the other two Kennedy anniversary products, a four-coin silver collection and two-coin clad set.

2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection and coins
Photos of the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection and its four 90% silver coins. Priced at $99.95, the four halves are in different finishes with each struck at a different U.S. Mint production facility. Sales of the collection are at 76.7% of a maximum of 225,000 units.

2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Sets - Outsides and Inside
Photo of 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set, which is $9.95. Sales of this set are at 85.3% of a maximum 200,000 units.

Current Gold Coin Pricing and Ordering

Pricing for the 1964-2014 Kennedy gold coin is determined by the latest weekly average of gold. It launched at $1,240 and has been as high as $1,277.50. Today, the coin is available for $1,165. That price is based on a weekly gold average that sits within a range of $1,150.00 to $1,199.99 an ounce. The soonest that price could change is Wednesday, Dec. 10.

Kennedy half-dollar products may be ordered online from the U.S. Mint here, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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JOE #2

Can this baby possibly come back to life a little?

Joe C.

To Joe #2: I think this coin will sell out very quickly. 75K is a low quantity.


So are you guys buyers??? If they continue to sell these at a rate of approx. 400 per week it would take 4 1/2 months to sell 75K . That will never happen. I think they pull the plug within the month. Gold is GOOD! I say BUY! 🙂

Gary D.

Jp, They have already sold 67,640 coins, that would mean they only have 7,360 to sell to reach the 75,000 cap.


Good. This will sell-out.
If you do not have one or wish another get one while you can.
The lower price of gold (since the initial issue) is an added bonus.


Great coin for the investor. 75 K gold real nice.


For those who haven’t been keeping score, 62,341 were sold the first week (in August), 1,180 the second week, 1,015 the first week of November and a whopping 3,104 for the other 14 weeks combined. Many complained that 70K were too many, and in fact there has been some dumping in the secondary market as there is an over-supply out there. The current price from the mint is $1,165 and might go up this Wednesday (although right now it won’t). Judge for yourself, however the likelihood is that less than 2,000 more will be sold this year and sales will… Read more »


The dust hasn’t settled yet wait a few years. That is for dumping in the secondary market and over supply out there.


@Joe – The comment about dumping was made based on empirical evidence at the Long Beach show in early Sept. Several dealers there had piles of K15s (many PR70s) that they were not able to move. They were hoping that maybe they could return them to the mint – they’d already flipped enough that the whole venture was profitable – but at least one dealer had over 50 slabbed that he wanted to but couldn’t move. With the price having been at $1165 for a couple of months now, that has put a lot of downward pressure on dealers who… Read more »


Hi Jeff , The dealers will win if they payed cash and didn’t put them on a high interest rate card. The people who bought 2 or 3 from the mint will be happy down the road.


I bought one but sent it back when it was slow to arrive. Beautiful coin!

Investment-wise I think silver will outperform gold. Both have required patience these last few years. If you remember the last precious metals bull market in 1980, before it hit a peek it had about a 50% retracement. Patience pays.


75K is a low mintage ? If you remember JFK and you want to own the commemorative coin, it will be a nice coin for you….