2014 Kennedy 50c Product Sales as of Nov. 16

50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Products
50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Products

New United States Mint sales figures show much more modest weekly gains across the three 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar products that include a total of 7 coins in varying finishes and compositions.

Increases and the latest sales totals are in the table below, but keep in mind that they are through to the last seven days ended Sunday, Nov. 16. That means they do not reflect potential benefits from the Mint’s lifting of its household ordering limits, which were announced on Friday and went into effect on Monday at 12:01 AM.

Prior Weekly Gains Current Weekly Gains Latest
Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection 12,655 6,770 144,572
Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Proof Coin 493 312 66,859
Kennedy Half-Dollar Uncirculated Clad Coin Set 4,414 2,706 148,928


Based on their limits, the silver coin collection is at 48.2% of its maximum 300,000 sales and the uncirculated clad set is at 74.5% of its maximum 200,000 sales.

2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy half-dollar products may be ordered online from the Mint here, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

Currently, the U.S. Mint is showing that the clad set is on back order and that it has an expected in-stock date of Thursday, Nov. 20.

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Lifting the the order limits I don’t believe will make any difference.(On the silver set) I think next week we will only see no more than 4500 silver sets sold and struggle to ever hit the 180K mark, unless they sell them for the next 12 months, and or drop the price…

David OBrien

My grandkids will be so happy when they get these coins with such low mintage numbers.


The premiums for the metal are way out of wack,and I still believe the moderns collectors are to young to have known Kennedy.Me being a senior still likes this offering,possibly at some point this could a nice sleeper,I agree if next weeks number continue to weaken the mint will have a ton of this stuff to dump.


I still think the gold Kennedy will come back in the profit margins, assuming they only sell the initial 70K they claim to have set aside to begin with, or they pull that coin without any notice. Then you’ve got a WINNER! I’m still all in on the gold. Especially at the new price. Just need to hold it for a bit though. All the sets are very nice. All make a nice addition of collectable coins anyone would like to have.


I don’t know if the metals are going north or south.I would much rather see the good old american dollar be strong,all goes back to the USA mint they are selling collectibles,they never have and will never tell anyone they are selling investments.


I’m surprised the clad Kennedy’s have not sold out at $9.95 and 200,000 minted you can’t go wrong. The graded NGC & PCGS 66, 67 & 68, are going for good money. Their keepers.


It would be very interesting to know just how many of the various sets were sold to dealers. We pretty much know about the golds, but the silvers haven’t seemed quite as whacky.

Removing the household limits is prelude to their being withdrawn. I am still positing an end-of-year termination.


I don’t see anything in the upcoming releases that might provide additional momentum to sales except maybe the LESPS, which is still in mid-November TBD.
I believe we may see a change in the composition of the coins in the set to .999 silver, based on language that was made public earlier this year.


seems likely remaining silver Kennedy sets will sell out, but big question is will Mint resume production of the sets? can they restart or retool production lines at all 4 mints..? is it worth their while? I’m thinking, probably not!


GOOD POINT foxman69 ! If sales of these sets are slow, even IF they get to the 180K mark I think it would be doubtful that they would go through the set up for producing more of these. I think your right.


I had to send back my set, it was defective, they just refunded my money and didn’t send me another as requested. I have to assume most of the sets are defective. That is my experience this year with the US Mint. So it is probably if you have a clean set it will be worth money because there are so few that aren’t messed up.


The mint has made a policy adjustment.if you return material refunds only.Reorder if you want a replacement but be prepared for a lengthy wait


i ordered the household limit and all 5 were very nice. now that they lifted the order limit they jacked up the price by 40 bux. not buying in at that price. ill keep the 4 i have left (i had to give a set away 🙁 )


Please someone reignite the dead Kennedy Blog.Writing to oneself is like silencing a giant falling Sequoia.


Dittoes to Senior..! you’d figure more collectors would want a place to weigh in on all the 50th JFK issues….I’d be very surprised to ever see 300,000 of these sets; hard to say based on such a small sampling, but apparently many collectors were unhappy with quality of silver sets…Mint might be scrambling to replace returned sets and keep enough back to anticipate those returns and end sales sooner than anyone may have predicted… It’s getting late in the game to correct their dies or production process…


With the discontent and grumbling the returns must be pilling up,I wouldn’t be surprised to see final numbers less than 200,000.I would totally stay away from the secondary market on this one


Just what exactly is the problem you are all seeing with these coins? I looked at mine and they seem to look OK. Is it possible for someone to add a photo to this blog so that we all can see? Mike Unser, is that possible?


I’d like to know what the defects are so many collectors are reporting, Is it a problem with the packaging or the coins themselves? I’ve heard of reports of a 2014 D Silver Kennedy Half double die with doubling most notably on the date, Has anyone else seen this or heard of it?


I have read of debri in capsule and various types of markings on the coins no doubling or minting errors


I returned 1 of 5 and got a replacement. I didn’t like the looks of the enhanced Uncirculated from Phila. It didn’t look as n ice as the other 4. Not sure if it was defective. More of a subjective decision on my part. I also have mild doubling on the 2014 D. Most noticeable on the 4 and the W.