2014 Kennedy Silver Coin Collection Sales at 125,147


Sales of 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collections moved up to 125,147, new figures from the United States Mint show.

Photo of the four coins in the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection
Photo of the four coins in the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection

The tally, six days’ worth of sales from the collection’s release on Tuesday through to Sunday, represents 41.7% of the maximum 300,000. As is typical with popular products, early sales are always strong. A good portion happened in the first 12 hours when collectors ordered 85,670.

Within the collection, priced at $99.95, are four silver coins in four different finishes and from each of the four U.S. Mint production facilities.

In related coin news, new figures are also available for the other two Kennedy half-dollar anniversary products. The 2014-W 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Gold Proof Coin went up 1,015 to 66,054 and the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set climbed 5,194 to 141,808.

The gold coin is now priced at $1,202.50, but will likely fall to $1,165 by around noon ET on Wednesday. The two-coin uncirculated set is $9.95.

Kennedy half-dollar anniversary products may be ordered online from the Mint here, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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wow !! ordered mine Oct 31st came today Nov 4th. Very pleased with the new fulfillment center U.S. MINT big improvement old system.. 5 stars *****


Ebay single sets low as 139.99 and upward 399.99


How the heck did you get them out of the portfolio to get the picture????


They are in the holes tight but you can pop them out. There is a thumb indention on the right side of each.

Yes less than a week from order through shipping to my door is incredible relative to the past history of special sets.


Received my sets today. Friends, these are an 11 on a scale of 1-10.. absolutely flawless coins..from the production team to whomever built the Mint’s website to the delivery, an absolute A+. The day I ordered these sets, Oct. 28, was the very day I had to re-register my vehicle on the California DMV website. BOTH transactions went through in less than 3 minutes. Kudos to whomever built the back-end of both sites. In a word: Wow.


Thank you for letting us know how to get coins out.
The 2 coin set- very hard to get coins out.


So, basically after the 85,670 sold in first 12 hours, only approximately 40,000 more sold as of November 2, which is roughly 8,000/day…still in first week sales, I am surprised at low numbers.
Any thoughts?
Doubt it will go over the 180,000 originally minted.


Sorry, my math not to good today…


Eddie, your assumptions are likely correct. These are terrific looking coins and a must for collectors of the JFK series and beyond, but likely will not meet the 300K mintage. Agree with you that it will be hard pressed (no pun intended) to reach 180K. I had this discussion with a good friend of mine who has been a coin dealer for 25 years. Unfortunately, the lackluster sales spells a very soft aftermarket, slabbed or otherwise. Now, had the Mint set a production limit of 100,000, it might have been a different story. But there will simply be too many… Read more »

ny collector

I had to return my set, the uncirculated was scarred and scraped, and they are just refunding my money even though I requested a replacement. They are pathetic. For some reason, I’m be happy with whatever I get. My posts here seem to be deleted.


Received my Kennedy Silver Coin Collection. The reverse proof West Point half has to be one of the most beautifully minted U.S. coins. Can’t hang with the St. Gaudens 20 dollar gold piece or the Liberty Walker half, but it’s right up there. That West Point half alone is worth the price of the set.


Would someone explain to me whether there should be a corresponding finish on the reverse of each respective coin?

Very difficult to get them out to view. They really jammed them in there.

Also does the Union Shield on the reverse look a little dissymmetrical? The lateral stripes appear to be slightly different lengths.

The Obverse of the Reverse Proof on my sets looks a little pock marked call it. The “S” is actually my favorite coin. Probably just preference. I like cameo generally.


Anne the reverses are supposed to match the obverses. These are hard to get out of the display cases holes, just like the HOF coins. Found that it took gentle encouragement with a non metal letter opener to pry them out. After they are out try to put a ribbon in the hole before you put them back in, they are a lot easier to get out, pull the ribbon. There are not supposed to be pock marks on the coins. My reverse proof had hairlines on the front like somebody did a harsh wiping with a cloth. You are… Read more »

Mark Totzke

Some comments/questions: 1. Very pleased with my silver Kennedy sets. I note that on the enhanced finish S coins all of them show traces of striations from the wire brushing of die. Not a problem for me, it is different and attractive in its own way. Is this common for all sets? 2. Love the uncirculated clad half sets. All of mine have a smooth semi-prooflike surface. 3. Ref the clad sets. I have read there is a mintage limit of 200k. The mint website states no mintage limit but a product limit of 200k. What does that mean? Are… Read more »


The mint screwed me on the shipping on these. The new mint site still says, if you purchase over $300.00 of coins in one order, and choose standard shipping, you’ll get a free upgrade to expedited (UPS 2nd day). Standard used to be their 1-2 week in transit for $4.95. Now Budget for $4.95 is their 1-2 week. Standard is now ground for $12.95, and expedited (UPS 2nd day) is $17.95. Since the site still says choose standard for the free upgrade, and not wanting to wait weeks for my coins, I did as the site says and chose standard.… Read more »


Update; I just checked the US mints site, and they’ve changed the shipping policy since my back and forth with them, to read, if you choose BUDGET OR STANDARD, you’ll receive a free upgrade.