Canadian 2014 $20 Snowman Silver Coin for $20


The Royal Canadian Mint continues a popular series with its newly released 2014 $20 Snowman Silver Coin. Struck from 99.99% pure silver and like other coins from the Mint’s Exchange $20 for $20 program, each is sold at its legal tender face value of $20.

Canadian 2014 $20 Snowman Silver Coin for $20
Canadian 2014 $20 Snowman Silver Coin for $20

The Royal Canadian Mint introduced its $20 for $20 silver coins in 2011. Including this newest piece, the series has seen a total of fourteen different releases with all but the most recent issues selling out. A list of the Exchange $20 for $20 coins and their reverse themes include:

  • 2011 $20 Maple Leaf
  • 2011 $20 Canoe
  • 2012 $20 Polar Bear
  • 2012 $20 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
  • 2012 $20 Farewell to the Penny
  • 2012 $20 Magical Reindeer
  • 2013 $20 Hockey
  • 2013 $20 Wolf
  • 2013 $20 Iceberg
  • 2013 $20 Santa
  • 2014 $20 Canada Goose
  • 2014 $20 Bobcat
  • 2014 $20 Summertime

Mintages of these silver coins have varied from 200,000 to 250,000. This latest issue is limited to 200,000. The most recent Summertime coin, also with a 200,000 mintage, is at 94% of sales.

$20 for $20 Silver Coin Melt Values, Specifications and Latest Design

$20 for $20 silver coins weigh 7.96 grams, have a diameter of 27 mm, and a serrated edge. For reference, the weight equates to just over one-quarter troy ounce of silver (0.25592 troy oz.). Based on today’s LBMA Silver Price of $17.26 an ounce, each coin has an approximate melt value of $4.42.

Shown on the reverse of the 2014 $20 Snowman Silver Coin is a playful snowman. As designed by Jesse Koreck, the snowman is in the midst of a snowball fight. A hat and scarf complete the characters ensemble. Inscribed around the snowy scene are CANADA, 2014, FINE SILVER 9999 ARGENT PUR 20 DOLLARS, and the artist’s initials of JK.

Each is struck as legal tender and features Susanna Blunt’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. Inscriptions include D G REGINA and ELIZABETH II.


Ordering information and additional details are available on the Royal Canadian Mint website. An affiliate link to the Mint’s page of $20 for $20 silver coins is found hereicon. A household order limit of three is in place. The Mint promotes that the coin has no tax and it ground ships for free.

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I guess it’s okay to talk about “melt” value even when speaking of a snowman?


Already ordered mine for my daughter’s birthday.

I know that there is not $20 worth of silver in the coin but at least there is some and I’d rather spend $20 for a coin with some silver in it than $50 for a 25 cent piece that simply has a picture printed on it in a box and it’s still only worth 25 cents.

They are a very economic way for me to buy silver coins for my children and for the most part they are very nice.


It’s an attractive coin, for sure. In the future the silver value will make owners of the coin even happier.


I had this as a subscription and it showed as processing on October 1st. When I checked this last weekend the status had not changed. I sent email to the Royal Canadian Mint and the response I received was that the coin is backordered so it may take 2-4 weeks to go out. I’m fine with that but I wish that Mint was more proactive about notifying its customers about these kind of delays. Also why advertise the coin so much when you can even fill subscritption orders that they knew were in place? As for the coin itself I… Read more »


Just started to collect silver. Ordered a few coins from the Canadian Mint. Just learned to purchase by the oz. Now fee ripped off. Looks pretty, but still ripped off. Buying silver rounds from another site. The Pegasus round is really pretty and worth it since the price of bullion is currently being manipulated.