2014 Kennedy Gold Coin Sales Fall; Price Decrease Likely

1964-2014 Proof 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Coin
1964-2014 Proof 50th Anniversary Kennedy Gold Coin

New United States Mint sales figures offer the latest total for the 1964-2014 Proof 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Coin.

Sales of the dual-dated coin, now at 63,388, have slowed following their early surge. The latest weekly change actually marks a decline of 133. In addition to other factors pressuring demand, the coins have looked more expensive since they lost out on a price reduction last week even as gold declined.

6-Day Early Sales Weekly Change to Aug. 17 Weekly Change to Aug. 24 Total
Gold Coin 62,341 +1,180 -133 63,388


Missing a price cut this week is less likely. Struck in three-quarters of a troy ounce of 24-karat gold, the dual-dated gold coin is poised to fall $37.50 to $1,240 — its initial issue price. Other U.S. Mint gold coins are also likely to see trimmed prices.

Coin News Update: As expected, the U.S. Mint reduced coin prices on Wednesday. The new prices kicked in later than typical, happening closer to 2 PM ET instead of around noon. New coin prices are shown in the "To" column further below.

The bottom line, gold’s London Fix weekly average is nestled comfortably within the $1,250.00 to $1,299.99 range. As long as Wednesday’s PM gold fixing remains under $1,300 an ounce — the price is near $1,282 an ounce now, expect these prices for the Kennedy gold coin and other gold products.

Numismatic Gold Coin Products From To
1964-2014 Gold Kennedy Gold Coin $1,277.50 $1,240
2014-W Proof American Gold Buffalo Coin $1,690.00 $1,640.00
2014-W Uncirculated American Eagle Gold Coin (1 oz) $1,625.00 $1,575.00
2014-W Proof American Eagle Gold Coin (1 oz) $1,660.00 $1,610.00
2014-W Proof American Eagle Gold Coin (1/2 oz) $845.00 $820.00
2014-W Proof American Eagle Gold Coin (1/4 oz) $435.50 $422.50
2014-W Proof American Eagle Gold Coin (1/10 oz) $185.00 $180.00
2014-W Proof Gold Eagle Four-Coin Set $3,075.00 $2,982.50
2013 & 2014-W Proof First Spouse Gold Coins $865.00 $840.00
2013 & 2014-W Uncirculated First Spouse Gold Coins $845.00 $820.00


2014 First Spouse Gold Coins include those honoring former first ladies Florence Harding, Grace Coolidge and Lou Hoover. The 2013-dated coins commemorate Edith Roosevelt, Ida McKinley, Edith Wilson, Ellen Wilson and Helen Taft.

If pricing changes are needed, the Mint usually halts ordering of the affected products for around 30 minutes until new price points are entered and verified. Adjustments often happen near 12 noon ET on Wednesdays. This coin news article will get updated with what actually happens.

Sales of 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set

In related news, sales of the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set climbed 3,771 to 120,708. Here’s how its sales have fared since released:

4-Day Early Sales Weekly Increase to Aug. 3 Weekly Increase to Aug. 10 Weekly Increase to Aug. 17 Weekly Increase to Aug. 24 Total
Two-Coin Set 84,593 +13,062 +14,479 +4,803 +3,771 120,708


U.S. Mint products may be ordered from www.usmint.gov/catalog.

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Victor DeCurtis

I received my two, last week. $2480. They cost more today and if they go down, they won’t be less than first day issue.


It would be great if the Mint decided to very quickly end the sale of these Kennedy’s… You know what I mean?


The Mint website has the 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Set as sold out again 8/28/14. Maybe it will stay sold out for more than a day…


This is actually a different uncirculated set. This just has the dollars. This set has a Silver Eagle which will actually be the lowest minted W Silver Eagle in the series if my math is correct.



I had read the mint had about 70,000 blanks. Since 3/4 oz 24K blanks are used only for this coin, I would expect that to be the limit. We will see if they order more blanks, this close to the end of year.