2014 Anniversary JFK Coins Rule the News


2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollars stirred collectors in the final dog days of July, holding their attention from the doldrums and driving it toward an interesting August for numismatics.

2014-W Reverse Proof Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coins and Coining Press
This photo shows 2014-W Reverse Proof Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coins that were just struck from a coining press at the U.S. Mint in West Point

Stories last week about the clad, silver and gold anniversary coins with their restored 1964 portrait of John F. Kennedy were extremely popular. Visits to CoinNews.net numbered like a busy winter-week versus the sleepier ones typical to this time of year when everyone’s enjoying the outdoors or taking vacations.

This week is exciting for collectors with the 2014 Chicago ANA World’s Fair of Money and the anniversary Kennedy gold coin launching on Tuesday, Aug. 5. Look ahead to CoinNews’ articles about these two events as well as more West Point Mint stories and photos. Until then, here’s a list of last week’s five most-read:

  1. Photos of 2014-W Reverse Proof Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coins – It’s a safe bet to assume that the most sought 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar product will be this fall’s release of the 2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection with its four 90% silver coins for $99.95. Better than clad and cheaper than gold, collectors like silver. The set has that times four…

  2. Billions in Gold, Treasures of History at West Point Mint – Did you know that there is gold near the banks of the Hudson River in New York? And we’re not talking about a little bit of gold dust left in a creek bed, but tons of the precious metal. Secured inside vaults of the United States Mint facility in West Point are thousands of gold bars…

  3. Photos of 2014-W 24K Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Coins – In size, Kennedy gold coins look just like typical halves with their 1.205-inch diameter, 2.16 mm thickness and reeded edge. Visually, the similarities from there begin to depart…

  4. 1964 Kennedy Portrait Restored for 2014 50th Anniversary Coins – This year’s 50th anniversary Kennedy half-dollars bear the vintage Gilroy Robert’s portrait of President John F. Kennedy, a design for inaugural 1964 halves that was "lost" over the years following a number of revisions…

  5. US Mint Cuts In-Person Kennedy Gold Coin Limit to One – The United States Mint announced that it is reducing the limit of in-person purchases of dual-dated 1964-2014 Proof 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Coins to one from the previously stated two-coin limit…

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2hour and 35 minute wait at 12:30! Happy collecting!

Larry Ramos

I went to Chicago from MI trying to get a coin but couldn’t because they were sold out by 0800 on the very first day. Some dealers are paying bus loads of people 1000 to stand in line all week for them. then they give them the money to buy the coin before they get to the counter. Why can’t the US mint make sure that everyone in line has a USmint account. And they are buying ONLY the limit at the coin show? The US mint ignores the limit that they imposed and we the people get shafted by… Read more »