2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Sets are $9.95 and $99.95

2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar
In addition to the six regular annual Kennedy Half-Dollars issued this year, like the one shown above, the U.S. Mint will offer seven unique Kennedy halves in celebration of the coin’s 50th anniversary

Pricing is now known for two of the three anniversary products that celebrate the Kennedy half-dollar semicentennial.

Earlier in the week the United States Mint added the upcoming two-coin clad set to its product schedule with a price and today a public notice listed pricing for the four-coin silver set. The notice, dated June 17 and available next week on the Federal Register, also offers names for the two sets. Product names, prices, and contents of the sets are:

 Product Name # of Coins Composition of Coins Silver Melt Value Price Release Date
50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set 2 8.33% Nickel, Balance Copper $0 $9.95 July 24
50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection 4 90% Silver, 10% Copper $29.83 $99.95 TBD


The link in the first paragraph jumps to a CoinNews.net article that outlines the upcoming products in detail, so very briefly:

  • The 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set has two uncirculated Kennedy halves with one from the Philadelphia Mint and the other from the Denver Mint.

  • The 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection includes a regular proof from the Philadelphia Mint, a reverse proof from the West Point Mint, an enhanced uncirculated half-dollar from the San Francisco Mint and a regular uncirculated half-dollar from the Denver Mint. As indicated by the chart above, its release date has not yet been announced.

All six of these coins have unique obverses that offer a higher relief portrait of Kennedy as originally designed in 1963 by Gilroy Roberts. Reverses bear the standard Heraldic Eagle as designed by Frank Gasparro and seen on Kennedy halves issued since 1964.

Silver Set’s Melt Value

Collectors should be mostly comfortable with the $99.95 price of the four-coin silver set, or about $25 per coin.

Breaking down the numbers, each half-dollar from the set has a melt or intrinsic silver value of $7.46 at Friday’s London silver Fix price of $20.62. Combining the four silver coins, the set has a silver weight of 1.44 troy ounces and an intrinsic value of $29.83, placing its premium over melt at about $70. That may seem high but probably not to the Mint since there is other set expenses it has to pay on top of silver costs to include bills for labor, tooling, production, marketing, and special packaging.

50th Anniversary 24K Kennedy Gold Coin

The remaining anniversary product is a dual-dated 1964-2014 Kennedy half-dollar that is West Point struck in about three-quarters of an ounce of 24-karat, or 99.99% fine gold. The gold piece launches on Aug. 5 during the ANA World’s Fair of Money. Prices of numismatic gold coins from the U.S. Mint are determined by the London Fix weekly average of gold and calculated each Wednesday. That means pricing for the 24K Kennedy gold coin will not likely be known until July 30.

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Henry Salas

Very Good

Victor DeCurtis

Now, if only the Mint could get their web site working.

Victor DeCurtis

Can someone confirm, for me, that the Mint’s website can’t be connected to? I’ve been trying for 6 days now, but still “no joy.” I just had an interesting conversation with the “answer lady” at mint control and she assures me, because she checked last night, that the web site works. When I informed her that she was being flippant, by disregarding a customer’s concerns, and not acknowledging my problem, I decided that I was talking to a wall. I’m the customer, I can’t make an order, but she’s right. Oh, she checked the web site, when she went home,… Read more »


Victor, the site *is* working for everyone else. (And, just tried, is working under firefox and IE 11 on two different computers.)

Try a different browser. Clear you cookies and temp internet files. The standard stuff…

Victor DeCurtis

I downloaded Fire Fox. My IE doesn’t do it, anymore. I tried downloading IE-11 but it won’t load. Now I have to get used to a different browser, but, being a big boy, I think I can, I think I can. Thanks for the tip.


Cool. I’ve been waiting to see what the mint would release for the Kennedy 50 year anniversary.


Break free from the grip of Microshaft! Firefox (one word, btw) isn’t quite as awesome as it once was versus IE, but it loads way faster and is far more customizable.

You may not want or need many add-ons but I’d strongly recommend downloading Adblock Plus to throttle those annoying pop-ups and pop-unders.


I wonder how the Mint will handle limits- by household quantity or by time window. Any opinion on which is better?

Anecdotally I placed 3 separate orders for baseball coins. The first arrived only yesterday. Seems like when the Mint hits a home run, they have a hard time handling success… e.g. Website and fulfillment.


The mint should limit sales to 5 per household on silver and gold sets and keep the mintages levels low. A limit of 100,000 for the gold and silver would help the values of the sets rise quickly.


I agree. Let the numbers speak for themselves as it did for the baseball coins and other issues in the past: Keeping the Limits for Gold and Silver Kennedy coins at 5 per household will work well for both collectors and dealers. A mintage limit of 100,000 for the Gold is better than 50,000 (for the baseball coin issue) and gives collectors more of a chance at a coin and keeps demand in the secondary market high. A mintage limit of 400,000 for the Silver coins will sell out and keep interest high. Again, let the numbers speak for themselves:… Read more »


Excellent article Mike Unser !

Curious on mintage limits & if the mint’s website will be able to handle the traffic

I’ll likely buy two sets, unless household limits are 1 set.

Please comment & thanks to coinnews.net


Well, this smacks of the same play made on the HOF coins. Release at the ANA convention in August,will the marketeers make out like bandits once again? It will all come down to mintage limits and household limits.
The four coin release is going to be VERY popular.
Hey Mike, any info on the mintage numbers and limits yet?


Any word on a release date for the 4-coin collection?

Mike Unser (CoinNews.net)

The silver coin collection is due out Oct. 28. Last week we stopped by the San Francisco Mint to watch enhanced uncirculated silver half-dollars getting made. We’ll publish photos of them soon.


ordered online the 28th got them today the 31first fastes I have ever received anything from the mint.
has anybody herd about a error with the 50th clad set. the hair below the R?