Amazon Store for Collectible Coins Debuts


More than 10,000 unique U.S. coins from over 75 dealers are now available via one single online location with the recent launch of Amazon’s Collectible Coins store.

Amazon's Collectible Coins Store
An image of Amazon’s Collectible Coins store

Amazon’s expansion marries its dominant online store and search capabilities with the expansive inventories of dozens of reputable coin dealers, the company states. Currently listed in the store are thousands of collectibles ranging from recovered Saddle Ridge Hoard coins to more modern and recently issued U.S. coins.

"Collectors of rare coins are passionate about the hobby because coins represent the intersection of history, collectibility and wealth," said Steve Johnson, director for the Amazon Marketplace. "The introduction of the Collectible Coins store was inspired by customer demand and the need to provide a unique experience for customers to discover graded and rare U.S. coins from reputable dealers."

Dealers offering inventory through the store include well-known names such as Stack’s Bowers Galleries, Kagin’s, David Lawrence Rare Coins and Liberty Coin.

"Amazon can offer millions of new individuals access to the wonderful world of numismatics," said Don Kagin, owner of Kagin’s Inc. "Amazon has made a commitment to provide the necessary resources to make their store a vital and first class experience for the collecting public and coin dealers."

Kagin’s inventory on the store, as of this writing, included 356 different pieces from the famed Saddle Ridge Hoard. Each has been graded by Professional Coin Grading Service and ships in a unique presentation box.

Coin collectors looking for something a bit more affordable have a multitude of options. Hundreds of items are listed in the store with price points under $25, like a 1942 S Lincoln Cent, or more recently released U.S. Mint proof and uncirculated sets.

The Amazon Collectible Coins store is located at

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Amazon. Blah. Theyre advocating for the national sales tax thereby putting many many dealers out of business thereby costing the consumer more. eBay is against it. patronize those who are on our side and boycott those who are not. I don’t know about you, but I’ll stick with eBay. Amazon is not on our side


Has anyone looked at the price they’re asking? Aye carumba!


I shop on both sites. Shopping on eBay is definitely easier than selling. eBay favors buyers over sellers.

Re sales tax, I hadn’t heard about a push for national tax. Nothing would surprise me though.