2014 Bald Eagle Series Features 5 Canadian Coins


A unique series of 5 coins from the Royal Canadian Mint showcases one of the world’s most iconic creatures, the Bald Eagle.

2014 Bald Eagle Canadian Coins
Royal Canadian Mint images of its series of five 2014 Bald Eagle Coins

Offered in subscriptions, there is a 3-coin option limited to 8,500 pieces with all three in 99.99% silver and a 5-coin option that includes the three silver coins plus another in 99.99% gold and the final one in 99.95% platinum.

The silver coins offer three different likeness of the bird while the gold and platinum issues display the same portrait of an eagle head in three-quarter profile.

"These premium coins are part of the Royal Canadian Mint’s 2014 five-coin series of fine silver, gold, and platinum coins featuring four ‘day in the life’ scenes of the iconic Bald Eagle," describes the Royal Canadian Mint. "Collect the entire series to complete the story of a day in the life of the great Bald Eagle."

Bald Eagles are found across vast portions of North America to include Alaska, most of Canada, the contiguous United States and portions of northern Mexico. The bird is typically found near large bodies of water. The creatures will soar hundreds of meters above the water’s surface scanning for fish, then dive to catch their prey.

Of course, the birds will also feast on other small creatures given the opportunity, including rabbits, ground squirrels, beavers, raccoons and even reptiles. Bald Eagles are not actually bald but gained their name from the white feathers on their head.

Designs and Specifications Bald Eagle Canadian Coins

These Bald Eagle coins are composed in 1/10 oz. gold, or 1/10 oz. platinum or 1 oz. silver. As mentioned, the gold and platinum coins offer the same portrait of an eagle. The coins are meant to depict "day in the life" scenes of the iconic Bald Eagle as it rests, soars, hunts, and returns to its perch with the day’s food.

The Perched Bald Eagle silver coin shows the bird standing on the branch of a pine tree with the gold-plating applied to all portions of the eagle. Its wings are out-stretched to their fullest extent.

On the Soaring Bald Eagle silver coin, the bird is enhanced with selective paint applications to intensify the detail. In the design, the eagle is shown soaring above the water preparing to dive at prey below. Rocky shorelines and pine-covered hills complete the image.

The remaining Bald Eagle silver coin depicts the eagle with freshly caught prey. A fish is hanging from its talons as it flies above the water.

Bald Eagle Coin Specifications

  1/10 oz Gold Coin 1/10 oz Platinum Coin Perched Eagle Silver Coin Soaring Eagle Silver Coin Eagle with Fish Silver Coin
Composition 99.99% pure gold 99.95% pure platinum fine silver (99.99% pure) fine silver (99.99% pure) fine silver (99.99% pure)
Finish proof proof proof proof proof
Weight (g) 3.13 3.13 31.39 31.39 31.39
Diameter (mm) 16 16 38 38 38
Edge serrated serrated serrated serrated serrated
Reverse Artist Derek Wicks Derek Wicks Claudio D’Angelo Claudio D’Angelo Claudio D’Angelo
Obverse Artist Susanna Blunt Susanna Blunt Susanna Blunt Susanna Blunt Susanna Blunt


All five coins include Susanna Blunt’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

Pricing and Ordering

The Bald Eagle 3-coin subscription is CAD $89.95, or US $81.94, for the first coin with the next at CAD $99.95 and the third at CAD $114.95.

Bald Eagle 5-Coin Subscription enrollees will be charged a first payment of CAD $304.85, or US $272.72, for the three silver eagle coins as they ship the first month. The next month, the gold coin will ship at a charge of CAD $279.95. The final payment of CAD $299.95 will be charged the third month with the shipment of the platinum coin.

Subscriptions are available through the Royal Canadian Mint website at mint.ca with affiliate links of:

3-coin subscriptionicon        5-coin subscriptionicon

All orders receive the Royal Canadian Mint’s 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. In addition, subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

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