Baseball Clad Half-Dollar Intro Prices End on Monday


This year’s curved National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins have been an enormous success with the $5 gold and $1 silver editions quickly selling out.

2014-S 50c Proof National Baseball Hall of Fame Half Dollar Photo
This photo of a 2014-S 50c Proof National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin was taken as it leaned against its packaging box

If you’ve been on the sidelines waiting to buy the clad half-dollars, now’s the time to make your move. Wait too much longer and you’ll pay more.

On Monday, April 28, at 5 p.m. Eastern Time, introductory prices expire and regular prices kick in. New coin prices will be:

  • $23.95 for the proof Baseball clad half-dollar
  • $22.95 for the uncirculated Baseball clad half-dollar

These prices are $4 higher than what each coin costs now.

There’s no worry that the half-dollars will sell out any time soon. In contrast to the silver dollars with their 400,000 mintage and the $5 gold coins with their 50,000 mintage, Public Law 112-152 authorizes the U.S. Mint to strike and sell up to 750,000 of the clad coins until the end of December. Most recent sales figures for the 50-cent pieces have the proof at 119,869 and uncirculated at 74,203 for a total of 194,072, or 25.9% of the available amount.

As we published earlier this week, here again are the latest sales totals for the commemorative coins as of Sunday, April 20:

Sales of 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins

Coin Prices Sales on Apr 20 % of Total Total Sales % of Max Max Mintages Coins Left
Proof $5 Gold Baseball Coins Sold Out 32,026 64.1% 50,000 100% 50,000 0
Uncirculated $5 Gold Baseball Coins 17,974 35.9%
Proof Baseball Silver Dollars Sold Out 262,091 65.5% 400,000 100% 400,000 0
Uncirculated Baseball Silver Dollars 137,909 34.5%
Proof Clad Half Dollar Baseball Coins $19.95 119,869 61.8% 194,072 25.9% 750,000 555,928
Uncirculated Clad Half Dollar Baseball Coins $18.95 74,203 38.2%


For more information about or to place orders for the baseball half-dollars, visit the U.S. Mint website, right here, or call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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