Making American History Coin & Currency Set Tops 50,000


Sales of the Making American History Coin & Currency Set hurdled 50,000 by jumping almost 5,000 in seven days — an increase not seen since the first full week after the set’s August 7, 2012 release.

2012 Making American History Coin and Currency Set
Sales of the Making American History Coin and Currency Set moved atop 50,000

New United States Mint sales figures have the sets up 4,974 to 51,868, making them the second best-selling numismatic silver product of the week and the fifth best overall.

The latest sales tally is above the set’s initial production run of 50,000, but the U.S. Mint indicated a 100,000 unit potential based on the availability of $5 bills — one of the two collectibles in each set.

Below is a breakdown of weekly sales since the release of the Making American History Coin & Currency Set in early August. Holiday shopping in November helped in driving sales higher after weekly amounts had fallen to the sub-500 area in October.

Weekly Sales of Coin and Currency Set

  Weekly Sales Total Sales
August 7, 2012 Release Date
August 13, 2012 24,130 (debut six-day sales)
August 20, 2012 6,769 30,889
August 27, 2012 2,979 33,878
September 3, 2012 2,671 36,549
September 10, 2012 1,105 37,654
September 17, 2012 1,778 39,432
September 24, 2012 925 40,357
October 1, 2012 1,188 41,545
October 8, 2012 1,049 42,594
October 15, 2012 655 43,249
October 22, 2012 466 43,715
October 29, 2012 370 44,085
November 5, 2012 304 44,389
November 12, 2012 1,041 45,430
November 19, 2012 1,464 46,894
November 26, 2012 4,974 51,868


Contents of Coin and Currency Set

A joint U.S. Mint and Bureau of Engraving and Printing product, each Making American History Coin & Currency Set has a coin and note. The note is a Series 2009 $5 bill with a beginning serial number of "150" to commemorate the BEP’s 150th anniversary. The coin is a 2012-S Proof American Silver Eagle that is struck in one ounce of 99.9% fine silver. It carries an "S" mint mark to denote its production at the San Francisco Mint. While there is no physical aspect on the coin denoting an anniversary, it is within the set as a reminder of the U.S. Mint’s 220th year of service.


Orders for the coin and currency set may be placed online at the U.S. Mint website located here. The set’s price is $72.95.

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There is no shortage of five dollar bills. They can just print off another series or change thefederal reserve district. It would not surprise me to see the product go over 100k.


I didn’t buy any. So it will probably be worth a lot of $$$ in the future. 🙂


The 100k limit which is unlikely to be retracted will be sold out soon when they finally release the revised 2012 San Fran eagle set mintages being lower than 250k. I have a few of those notes and I been seeing over the 50,000 number in the serial number a month or so ago. Not sure how BEP is printing them out but it seems they were intent to go over the 50k mintage awhile back and this news confirmed it. There is some good returns on Ebay if you luck in with a high graded note in that set.… Read more »


People are finally waking up to the lower mintage. The 2 coin SF set should get a boost in the not too distant future. The three things that determine prices are mintage, mintage and mintage. Demand is created by mintage.