Sales of 2012-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle Starts at $5.68M

2012-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle
Debut unit sales of the 2012-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle were 123,801, for a dollar total of more than $5.68M.

Debut sales of newly released 2012-W American Uncirculated Silver Eagle retreated sharply from past issues, according to the latest U.S. Mint sales figures.

Playing roles in the slower start are distracting summer activities like the London Olympics, weaker silver prices and a release between two other products containing American Silver Eagles.

Priced $45.95 each, sales reached $5,688,656 between its Thursday release and Monday. In unit numbers, buyers ordered 123,801. That represents a 33.1% fall from debut sales of 184,967 for last year’s Uncirculated Silver Eagle, which notably started with a price tag that was $14.50 higher at $60.45.

Then again and despite its price, eyes were certainly keener on last year’s release. Pent-up demand was greater as the 2011-W American Uncirculated Silver Eagle marked a return from a two-year hiatus in the series. Plus, the Eagle launched during a more favorable collecting month (September 20) and in the midst of a run-up in silver prices.

Also, this year’s coin came between two sets with Silver Eagles that have received far more attention and trimmed collector’s budgets. The 2012-S American Silver Eagle Two-Coin Proof Set debuted on June 7, 2012 and the Making American History Coin and Currency Set debuted Tuesday, August 7, 2012.

2006-2011 Uncirculated Silver Eagle Sales Figures

In Silver Eagle mintages by year, the first uncirculated American Silver Eagle appeared in 2006 with total sales of 466,573. Of those, 198,553 were ordered individually, 248,875 were from the American Eagle 20th Anniversary Silver Set, and 19,145 were claimed in the American Eagle 20th Anniversary Gold and Silver Set.

Sales climbed in 2007 to 710,299 but pulled back in 2008 to 535,598.

Uncirculated Silver Eagles were not minted in years 2009 and 2010 as the U.S. Mint focused its resources on fulfilling the demand for bullion coins.

Last year’s uncirculated Silver Eagle remains available. Its individual sales stand at 298,284. Then there are 100,000 more that were sold in last year’s American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set.

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Mike U –
It’s interesting that your headline talks $ sales but the article spends most of it’s ink on units sold. You know none of us collectors cares about how many $ were sold but we are interested in units sold and mintages. Who are you writing this article for? If it’s collectors then headline units sold and not the irrelevant $ or keep the article faithful to the headline.


I went to my calculator, to find out how many were ordered. Money sales is a way to show how much was spent, but has nothng to do with how many were bought. Remember when “Gone With The Wind” was the highest grossing movie of all time? That was when ticket prices were less than a dollar. Now, ticket prices are anywhere from $9 to $17.00 a seat and the number of seats, filled, is nothing near, GWTW totals. Keep it simple for us. Just the total coins bought. The money means nothing, when the prices change all the time.

Jim, I agree for the most part. That said, articles with dollar amounts in the headlines often attract a wider range of readers. We’re always looking for more site visitors. 🙂


I don’t get these uncirculated eagles. Why would I buy these? I mean I have every year bullion eagles and I also collect every year of the proof eagles graded pr70dcam from pcgs but I have no interest in buying these uncirculated eagles for $45.95. Its too many of the same design. I love reverse proofs but that’s where I draw the line. How many different versions of the same damn coin are they going to try to push on us. How about some creativity and imagination and coming up with a new design for some 99.9% silver coins. Am… Read more »


Mike Unser – Thank you for all of your articles with in depth information on a wide range of collecting topics. Please forgive “none of us collectors” who made it past 6th grade in English.

Mark – as Mike’s Unser’s articles bare witness to, It’s all about the money with the Mint these days. The new “S” minted proof or the 3 ASE reverse proofs (to date). The anniversary & special sets with multiple ASE coins. It’s beginning to look like the ATB quarter series, 56 coins over 10 years with 15 ways to collect them.


I got a degree in math, not English. What would you have me say – not one of we collectors? If I left off collectors it would be ‘not one of us’, not ‘not one of we’. At least I don’t say ‘me and him bought some coins’ or ‘he gave them to RonnieBGood and I’.


Mike U –
Have you noticed an increase in site visits when you use $ rather than count? What percentage of your readership is made up of collectors? Again, who are you writing this article for? Excuse me, per RonnieBGood, ‘For whom are you writing this article?’

james prenne

Guess most readers are forgetting one big word “COLLECTORS”. I collect coins whether they be proof or uncirculated eisenhower dollars. I’m not an investor, just a small collector with limited income. If I want the coin I buy it. Right now I love the Silver American Eagle so that’s what I collect. Furthermore, I collect only U.S.A. coins. No Canadian or Chinese. I want to keep it at home.


James – In agreement. It’s good to get a product that is Made in America. Designed in America and minted from ore mined in America. The Mint is pushing the limits of collectors at times but it is the only Government agency that makes a profit and does not add to the deficit! Mark – The Uncirculated ASE coins are directed at collectors with a higher profit for the Mint. They can be purchased directly from the Mint and not through Dealers. The “bullion” coins that began in 1986 were originally a response to a change in laws that allowed… Read more »


The 2011 W UNC is going to be a sleeper jump on it. There still on sale at the Mint. Forget about the 2012 W UNC. They will be on sale a lot longer.


Joe –
Don’t know why you would say that. The article says slower sales this year than last year. That means fewer 2012 than 2011. What makes 2011 a sleeper if they’re still selling them? The mint obviously minted a specific number of coins and will sell them until there are no more. Same thing will happen for the 2012’s. If the mint makes the same number of 2012’s as 2011’s there’s no sleeping going on. Unless you have inside information what makes you think they’ll mint more 2012’s?

Brian V.

The sleeping took place in 2009. Rather than following the law to ” mint to bullion demand”, Ed Moy should have spoken to a couple of Coin Collector friendly congress members to prevent the gaping hole in the series!!

Way to go Ed !!!


Brian V. –
Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I’d much rather take a hole in a series and the progress Moy was making with the mint’s responsiveness to collectors than the backward thinking and non-communication we’re getting with deputy director Peterson.


The 2011 W UNC was also included in the 25th Anniversary set. So, it is almost up to 400,000 now. The 2011 S UNC was only available in 25th Anniversary set and the mintage is only 100,000.


jim Do you think the mint will sell the 2011 W Burnished Uncirculated Silver Eagle in 2013 ? I don’t. So far they minted 298,284 of them. And that is including the 25th Anniversary 2011 W Burnished Uncirculated Silver Eagles. They already sold 123,284 of the 2012 W. And there is a year and 5 months to go to sell them. I should have not let the cat out of the bag. The 2011 W Burnished has a lower mintage than the 2006 W 2007 W 2008 W 2010 W right now. And there is less than 5 months left.… Read more »


I screwed up that’s 398,284 2011 W UNC. Still lower than the rest of the W uncirculated. Except for the 2008 W Burnished Uncirculated Rev. of 2007. There 47,000 of them. And we all know about the S UNC 100,000. Dawn on marble head.


Joe –
All I’m saying is don’t count your Eagles before they’re minted. Wait until you get the final mintage of the 2011 W UNC and the 2012 W UNC before saying one is more or less than the other. Right now you’re just guessing. And based on latest evidence there’s no predicting what the mint will do. Still and all I wouldn’t call a coin with a mintage of almost 400,000 a sleeper coin. And sleeper or not I don’t think it’s value is going to increase significantly (i.e. >5x) more than what you’re paying for it.


Yea, your right I got a little ahead of myself jim. But a 2006 W Burnished Uncirculated with a mintage of 466,573 is selling for $110 in mint state 69 & $601 in mint state 70. I bought a bucket load of them from the Mint. NGC was real good to me with the 70’s & a bunch of 69’s. Flip I mean sold 3/4 as soon as I got them. I going to hold on to the other 1/4 for long while. You must have a handful of the 06W’S jim. They were a hot item at the time.… Read more »


Joe –
You’re obviously an investor (or maybe gambler) where I’m just a simple collector. So no, I only have one 2006 W UNC. Don’t have the money to buy any more than one or two of anything.


Invest in silver gold & platinum. Gamble some times & buy extra. Sometimes it pays for its self & make some cash. Always can get your money back & break even with the right coin dealers & pay off your credit at the end of the month. Usually get to keep 1 or 2 Eagles that I bought for free. I don’t have any extra cash myself. Buy money with money. Don’t pay interest. It’s a pain in the ass. But, I enjoy it.


jim I forgot i’m also a collector started as a kid.


Correction no 2010 W Burnished Uncirculated Silver Eagle.