2011-W Uncirculated American Gold Eagle Sells Out, New Mintage Low

2011 Uncirculated American Gold Eagle
2011-W Uncirculated American Gold Eagle

Coin collectors can no longer look to the United States Mint for the 2011-W Uncirculated American Gold Eagle. The Mint sold out of the one ounce, 22-karat American Gold Eagle on Tuesday, January 17.

Unlike other numismatic gold products, the United States Mint never officially announced a maximum mintage for the $50 denominated coin. Guesstimating would have put it under 10,000 since the previous two one-ounce issues fell below the threshold. As it turns out, the final mintage for the 2011-dated coin could very well end below 9,000, and may even be at an all-time low for any American Gold Eagle coin ever sold.

Based on the latest numismatic weekly sales figures from the Mint, buyers had snapped up 8,810 as of Tuesday, January 17, right before the coin was declared sold out. If sales hold close to that level, it would be the lowest total for any type of Gold Eagle to date.

Three types of American Gold Eagles are produced by the United States Mint — two collector versions featuring a unique proof and uncirculated finish along with denoting West Point ("W") mint marks, and an investment-grade bullion version that does not have a special finish nor mint mark. While the proof and bullion versions have been around since 1986, the uncirculated coin only joined the American Gold Eagle family in 2006. To further shorten its runs, they were not produced in years 2009 and 2010 as coin blanks were reserved for the two other versions.

Unlike the bullion and proof pieces that are offered in one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce sizes, the uncirculated American Gold Eagle was produced only in the one ounce size last year as the Mint cut its product portfolio and eliminated the smaller coins. The following table shows how mintages for the uncirculated Eagles compare against each other over the years.

Uncirculated American Gold Eagle Mintages

  $50 (1 oz.) $25 (1/2 oz.) $10 (1/4 oz.) $5 (1/10 oz.)
2011-W 8,810 (latest sales) n/a n/a n/a
2008-W 11,908 15,682 8,883 12,657
2007-W 18,606 11,455 12,766 22,501
2006-W 45,053 15,164 15,188 20,643


The quarter ounce 2008-W Uncirculated American Gold Eagle is officially the least minted American Gold Eagle at 8,883. This is not just for the uncirculated coins, but across the bullion and proof versions as well. The amount is notably higher than current sales for last year’s Eagle. As such, the 2011-W Uncirculated American Gold Eagle may take the crown as having the lowest mintage, or most scarce in the line of all Eagles.

The 2011-W Uncirculated American Gold Eagle was released on May 5, 2011 with an opening price of $1,778.00. As gold prices fluctuated, so did the price of the Eagle. The coin was last listed at a price of $1,878.00.

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