BEP Offers Series 2009 $1 Uncut Currency Sheets from Philadelphia Bank


2009 $1 Uncut Currency Sheets from Philadelphia Bank (32 subject sheet)

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) on Tuesday, September 6, began offering Series 2009 $1 Uncut Currency Sheets featuring the signatures of United States Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and United States Treasurer Rosie Rios.

Each uncut currency sheet includes crisp, uncirculated $1 notes of varying quantities that range in price from $16.25 to $61.00. The Series 2009 $1 notes have a Federal Reserve Bank designation of Philadelphia.

Uncut Currency Sheets are "hot off the press" and are a "must-have in any collection and make wonderful gifts for those ‘hard to buy for’ people on your holiday shopping list," the BEP states on its website.

The BEP announced in July that it was raising uncut currency sheet prices on August 22. The $1 products climbed between $0.75 for a 4 subject sheet and $6.00 for a 32 subject sheet.

New Currency Sheet Prices

The 4 subject currency sheet is $16.25, the 8 subject sheet is $22.50, the 16 subject sheet costs $36.00, and the 32 subject sheet is $61.00. Each sheet has respective premiums of $12.25, $14.50, $20 and $29.

Series 2009 $1 Uncut Currency Sheets may be ordered through the BEP page:

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing also offers 16 subject acrylic frames to hold and hang uncut currency sheets. The frame enables viewing of both sides of the notes.

The first $1 notes, called "Legal Tenders," were issued in 1862 while the first $1 Federal Reserve Notes were introduced in 1963. The BEP indicates that the life span of the typical dollar bill is about 42 months, and that the smallest denomination makes up about 45 percent of its currency production.

About Timothy Geithner

Timothy Geithner is the 75th Treasury Secretary of the United States and was sworn into office on January 26, 2009. Before his nomination to the Treasury, Secretary Geithner served as the ninth president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

About Rosie Rios

Rosie Rios is the 43rd Treasurer of the United States and was sworn into office on August 20, 2009. She advises Secretary Geithner on matters relating to coinage, currency and the production of other instruments by the United States, according to her official bio. Rios also serves as a senior adviser and representative of the Treasury on behalf of the Secretary in the areas of community development and public engagement.

About the BEP

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is the largest producer of security documents in the United States. The bureau prints billions of Federal Reserve Notes for delivery to the Federal Reserve System each year (the BEP does not produce coins — all coinage is minted by the United States Mint). These notes are produced at facilities in Washington, DC, and Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to U.S. currency, the bureau produces several other security documents such as portions of U.S. passports, materials for Homeland Security, military identification cards, and Immigration and Naturalization Certificates.

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