2011 US Mint Set, Proof Set, and Silver Proof Set Release Dates

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The US Mint has announced release dates for its three most popular annual products, the 2011 Proof Set, the 2011 Silver Proof Set and the 2011 Mint Set. All three are scheduled to appear early in the year.

2011 Silver Proof Set, 2011 Mint Set, 2011 Proof Set

US Mint images of the new Silver Proof Set, Mint Set, and Proof Set

Both proof sets have issue dates in January. The uncirculated Mint Set is slated for a February launch. The early release dates follow-up on a pledge the US Mint made in late 2008 to make highly sought after collectibles available earlier in the year. In fact, the US Mint indicates that it will be the first time in over a decade that a majority of its core annual products will debut so early.

"We’ve listened to our customers and their desire to have these annual sets earlier in the year," stated Ed Moy, Director of the United States Mint.

For comparison, the first of the annual product sets to appear in 2010 was the uncirculated 2010 Mint Set which launched on July 15. The 2010 Proof Sets followed on July 22. The 2010 Silver Proof Sets pulled in last on August 26. (The 2010 sets are expected to remain available until the end of next year.)

With January and February release dates now planned, coin collectors can obtain the new sets approximately a half year earlier than previous sets. Prices for the new offerings have not yet been announced by the US Mint.

The aforementioned annual issues are listed below along with brief product descriptions and release dates:

Proof Set

The clad Proof Set is scheduled for release on January 11. It contains collector proof quality examples of circulating American coinage. A total of fourteen coins will be included. All are struck at the US Mint’s facility in San Francisco.

Ten of the coins in the set feature new designs for the year, including the four Presidential Dollar coins which honor Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes and James Garfield. The Native American Dollar also contains a new reverse design that shows two hands exchanging a peace pipe. Finally, the five 2011 America the Beautiful Quarters® feature new reverse designs honoring Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania, Glacier National Park in Montana, Olympic National Park in Washington, Vicksburg National Military Park in Mississippi and Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma.

The set includes:

  • (4) 2011-S Presidential $1’s (Johnson, Grant, Hayes, Garfield)
  • (1) 2011-S Native American $1 Coin
  • (1) 2011-S Kennedy half-dollar
  • (1) 2011-S Roosevelt dime
  • (1) 2011-S Jefferson nickel
  • (1) 2011-S Lincoln cent
  • (5) 2011-S America the Beautiful Quarter (Gettysburg, Glacier, Olympic, Vicksburg, Chickasaw)

The price of this set is not yet known, but the 2010 offering also featured fourteen coins and sales for $31.95

Silver Proof Set

The Silver Proof Set is exactly like the clad version described above, with the exception that seven of the fourteen coins are struck from 90% silver. All of the proofs are also struck at the US Mint’s facility in San Francisco. A release date of January 25 has been announced.

The seven coins composed of silver include the five America the Beautiful Quarters, the Kennedy Half-Dollar and the Roosevelt Dime. Together, these strikes contain 1.338 ounces of the precious metal. The remaining seven coins are standard clad compositions.

For reference, the set includes:

  • (1) 2011-S Silver Kennedy half-dollar
  • (5) 2011-S Silver America the Beautiful Quarter (Gettysburg, Glacier, Olympic, Vicksburg, Chickasaw)
  • (1) 2011-S Silver Roosevelt dime
  • (4) 2011-S Presidential $1’s (Johnson, Grant, Hayes, Garfield)
  • (1) 2011-S Native American $1 Coin
  • (1) 2011-S Jefferson nickel
  • (1) 2011-S Lincoln cent

This year’s set sales for $56.95.

Mint Set

A total of twenty-eight coins will be included as part of the uncirculated Mint Set when it is released on February 8. The coins in the Mint Set will feature a brilliant finish which is a change from the satin finish used on the sets for the last several years. The US Mint announced the use of a brilliant finish earlier this month.

Fourteen coins in the Mint Set are struck to uncirculated quality at the US Mint’s facility in Philadelphia. The remaining fourteen are manufactured to uncirculated quality at the US Mint’s facility in Denver. All have the standard clad composition.

The twenty-eight coins of the Mint Set are listed below:

  • (8) P & D Presidential $1’s (Johnson, Grant, Hayes, Garfield)
  • (2) P & D Native American $1’s
  • (2) P & D Kennedy half-dollars
  • (2) P & D Roosevelt dimes
  • (2) P & D Jefferson nickels
  • (2) P & D Lincoln cents
  • (10) P & D America the Beautiful Quarters (Gettysburg, Glacier, Olympic, Vicksburg, Chickasaw)

The United States Mint offers the uncirculated 2010 Mint Set for $31.95.

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What about getting proof singlesw (1c, 50c) from the 2009 set?

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vtrginia meier

need proof set 1c,5c10c 25c 50c 2011 is it available?