Release Dates for US Mint Annual Sets Added to 2012 Product Schedule

US Mint 2011 Silver Proof Set, 2011 Mint Set, and 2011 Proof Set
Core U.S. Mint annual sets will launch in May and June

An updated product schedule published on the U.S. Mint website now includes release dates for some of the bureau’s most popular products, including its core annual sets.

Additions to the product schedule feature the 2012 Proof Set, 2012 Silver Proof Set, 2012 Mint Set, 2012 Native American $1 Coin and 2012 Presidential $1 Coin products. Their release dates span from April through to the early June, as shown in the following list of scheduled U.S. Mint products and their prices:

Updated U.S. Mint Product Schedule

Date U.S. Mint 2012 Numismatic Product Product Price
4/2 Chaco Culture Quarters Rolls $32.95
4/2 Chaco Culture Quarters Bags $34.95
4/5 Chester Arthur Presidential $1 Coin Rolls $32.95
4/9 Chester Arthur $1 Coin Cover $19.95
4/12 American Eagle Silver Proof Coins $59.95
4/17 Chaco Culture Quarters Three-Coin Set $9.95
4/19 American Eagle Gold Proof Coins TBD
4/24 America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set™ $12.95
4/24 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set $18.95
4/26 Native American $1 Coin Rolls $32.95
5/1 Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Set $16.95
5/7 Proof Set $31.95
5/15 Kennedy Half-Dollar 200-Coin Bag $139.95
5/15 Kennedy Half-Dollar Two-Roll Set $32.95
5/21 Mint Set $27.95
5/25 Grover Cleveland Presidential $1 Coin Rolls $32.95
6/4 Silver Proof Set $67.95


Core U.S. Mint annual sets consisting of the Proof Set, Silver Proof Set and uncirculated Mint Set each contain collector versions of coins seen in every day circulation. These include the:

  • Lincoln cent
  • Jefferson nickel
  • Roosevelt dime
  • 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters (El Yunque National Forest of Puerto Rico, Chaco Culture National Historical Park of New Mexico, Acadia National Park of Maine, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park of Hawaii and Denali National Park of Alaska)
  • Kennedy half-dollar
  • Native American $1 Coin
  • Presidential $1 Coins (honoring Presidents Chester A. Arthur, Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland)

The annual Mint Set offers two uncirculated versions of each of the above coins for a total of 28. Fourteen of them are minted in Denver while the other fourteen originate from Philadelphia. Conversely, the Proof Set contains a single coin of each denomination and design for a combined total of fourteen, and those are all produced in San Francisco. The Silver Proof Set is nearly identical except its dime, quarters and half-dollar are composed from 90% silver for a total silver weight 1.34 ounces.

When released, the annual sets and other products will be available directly on the U.S. Mint website at or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

As a reminder, it is not unusual for release dates on the Mint’s product schedule to change, and prices for silver coins and sets are subject to adjustments in the event of significant fluctuations in silver prices.

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It’s the end of March…Where are the 2012 Five Ounce series…where are the Spousal gold coins. Is the U.S. Mint holdi9ng off for the price of silver & gold increase they know is coming.


The Mint is probably waiting until the 2011 Five Ouncers current inventory decreases. The 2012 ATB’s look to be even better detailed than the previous. I believe that if silver stays low, they should sell quickly.


No, the deputy director doesn’t know how to do his job. We should have seen a complete year schedule by now, not bits and pieces. Also excessive inventory of a previous year should have no effect on the current year offering dates. If anything it should help predict their initial minting numbers better but not when they should be minted/released. This all comes back to poor (if any) planning on the part of the deputy director of the mint.


wher can I find a listing of coins minted by year and mint of coins minted from start to date? (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar)