New, Free PCGS Photograde Online

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) has launched PCGS Photograde™ Online ( as part of the recently revamped PCGS web site. An Apple iPhoneTM version also is available.

PCGS Photograde Online
Click image to sample PCGS Photograde™ Online

Using high-resolution images from the extensive PCGS Grading Reference Set and other selected coins also archived with the acclaimed PCGS TrueView™ photo service, collectors, dealers and the general public can match up their United States coins with the superb-quality online photos to determine their approximate grades and values of their coins.

PCGS Photograde Online is free, and provides detailed close-up photo images for 25 types of 19th and 20th century U.S. coinage issues in up to 12 different grades.

A special PCGS Photograde Online application for iPhones and the Apple iPod touchTM can be downloaded free from the Apple iTunes App Store. It will be demonstrated by PCGS during the upcoming Florida United Numismatists convention in Orlando.


"PCGS Photograde Online is one of the most useful, easy-to-use tools ever developed. While it is not a substitute for certification of authenticity and grade by PCGS experts, it will revolutionize the coin collecting experience. Even a novice will be able to estimate the grade by comparing his or her coin to the photo that most closely matches its condition," said Don Willis, PCGS President.

"Imagine walking through a coin show and being able to instantly bring up clear grading guide photos on your iPhone to compare with the coins you see offered for sale," said PCGS Co-Founder and Collectors Universe President David Hall.


The 25 series of denominations and designs now available online are:

Indian Head cents, 1864 – 1909

Lincoln cents, 1909 – date

Liberty nickels, 1883 – 1913

Indian/Buffalo, 1913 – 1938

Jefferson nickels, 1938 – date

Barber dimes, 1892 – 1916

Winged Liberty/Mercury dimes, 1916 – 1945

Roosevelt dimes, 1946 – date

Barber quarters, 1892 – 1916

Standing Liberty quarters, 1916 – 1930

Washington quarters, 1932 – date

Barber halves, 1892 – 1915

Walking Liberty halves, 1916 – 1947

Franklin halves, 1948 – 1963

Kennedy halves, 1964 – date

Morgan dollars, 1878 – 1921

Peace dollars, 1921 – 1935

Liberty Quarter Eagles, 1840 – 1907

Indian Head Quarter Eagles, 1908 – 1929

Liberty Half Eagles, 1839 -1908

Indian Head Half Eagles, 1908 – 1929

Liberty Eagles, 1838 – 1907

Indian Head Eagles, 1907 – 1933

Liberty Double Eagles. 1850 – 1907

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles, 1907 – 1933

Eventually, PCGS Photograde Online will include all major 18th, 19th and 20th century U.S. coinage series from half cents to Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles in up to 30 grades from Poor 1 through Mint State 70


"You can use PCGS CoinFacts first to determine what kind of coin you have, then determine the approximate grade by matching it up with a similar image shown on PCGS Photograde Online, and then easily click to the PCGS Price Guide to get a ballpark estimate on the coin’s current retail value when it’s PCGS-certified," explained Willis.


Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple, Inc.

About PCGS

Founded in 1986, Professional Coin Grading Service ( is a division of Collectors Universe, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLCT), and represents the standard in third-party certification. PCGS experts have authenticated and graded more than 18 million coins with a combined total value of over $19 billion.

For additional information, contact PCGS by phone at (800) 477-8848 or by email at

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where do i buy the photograde book?


A definition and/or translation of “SHARP FINE” in an evaluation of a coin’s condition please.
Thank you in advance for your response.


Would be nice to be able to look up my ancient roman coins this way

Delmer Jack

Hello has any one ever seen a coin that had a hole threw the coin. Plus on top of coin ds kinda smears up it’s a buffalo nickel

I have several wheat pennies also a few asian and Canada coins I also have a few gold dollar coins…how do I go by finding out their value

R. Gopalakrishnan

Can I get grading service for my coin collections?

Duane Bryant

I have a 1935 wheat Penny that I want to see about getting graded how do I go about doing that could you please tell me


im with you im lost trying to find a grade service


Same here. I’d like to get my coins graded as well. I definitely don’t trust putting thing like such in a envelope and sending it away to someplace with the possibility of never seeing it again. If anyone has found any answer please let me know


Really no point in going through the struggle of getting a coin graded for a wheat penny. If you had one that looked absolutely flawless though, then I guess. PCGS is literally one of if not the most credible grading service out there, to the point it actually adds value to the coin. Hope that helped at least a little bit.


Trying to find population of 1932 San Francisco quarters in M S grade above 60 ?

Joshua. Singh

How do I get started with this photo grade system. I have coins that I’m interested in learning on if there of any value.


Unfortunately not available for Australian collectors


I have a 2004 Texas quarter and the in God we trust the i and the t are not raised. All the other letters are. Is this a error?


I have a 1934 Native American head nickel and would like to see if I could have it verified.

Igwe munachiso Dayspring

I have a Roosevelt coin worth 456, 000 dollars where can I grade it