Sedwick’s Sixth Treasure Auction Realizes Over $1.6 Million


Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC Treasure Auction #6Winter Park, Florida — Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC held their 6th overall and 2nd fully live internet auction of numismatic and shipwreck treasures on October 15-16, 2009, realizing a record price of over $1.6 million* in 2082 lots. Featured in the sale were coins and artifacts and printed materials from around the world, including the prestigious collections of Mark Bir, Louis Hudson, Herman Blanton and Thomas Sebring.


"This was by far our best auction, and the feedback from both consignors and bidders has been overwhelmingly Your browser may not support display of this image. positive. We greatly exceeded our goal of $1 million, and over 94% of the lots sold," said Daniel Sedwick, company principal and founder.

"We were honored to present for sale several great collections of coins and artifacts, including a few significant coins that are rarely offered at auction. This is proof that our relatively new and rapidly growing Treasure Auctions are a competitive specialized option for consignors, with an unparalleled level of personalized service from beginning to end for both bidders and consignors alike."


Setting the tone for the sale was lot 1, a Mexican cob 8 escudos fully dated 1709, which found a home with a private collector for a record price of $46,000*. Some 70+ gold cobs followed thereafter.

A couple of exceptional Panama cobs also set records: Lot 1176, the finest known 4 reales, sold for an impressive $22,425*, and lot 1178, a choice half real, sold for $19,550*, both to significant private collections.

Aggressive prices were also encountered in the Louis Hudson Collection of Potosi Countermarked Coins, over 70 lots of the rarest examples of a short-lived and controversial period in the colonial coinage of Potosi (1649-51). Also heavily contested were many dated shield-type minors of the early 1600s. A large selection of silver cobs from the Atocha (1622), including several from the famous Research Collection, saw spirited bidding as well.

Noteworthy results from the Treasure Auction #6 include the following (* all prices realized include 15% buyer’s premium):

Lot 1 Mexico City, Mexico, cob 8 escudos, 1709J, possible presentation issue, extremely rare, 1715 Fleet. $46,000
Lot 21 Lima, Peru, cob 8 escudos, 1702H, very rare, Calicó Plate Coin, from the 1715 Fleet. $25,300
Lot 22 Lima, Peru, cob 8 escudos, 1709M, scarce, from the 1715 Fleet. $9,200
Lot 28 Lima, Peru, cob 8 escudos, 1713/2M, scarce, from the 1715 Fleet. $10,350
Lot 41 Cartagena, Colombia, cob 2 escudos, 162(2) SF, posthumous Philip III, from the Santa Margarita (1622). $14,375
Lot 59 Seville, Spain, cob 2 escudos, Philip III, assayer B, from the Atocha (1622), rare provenance. $14,950
Lot 104 Quito, Ecuador, 8 escudos, 1852/0GJ. $9,200
Lot 114 Mexico City, Mexico, bust 8 escudos, Philip V, 1733F, very rare, choice grade, from the 1733 Fleet. $19,550
Lot 121 Paraguay (Republic, War of the Triple Alliance), cut 4 pesos fuertes (1866-69), 1 of 2 known. $9,200
Lot 138 USA, Coronet $20, 1857-S, PCGS MS-65 (20A Spiked Shield), from the SS Central America (1857). $10,005
Lot 384 Bogotá, Colombia, cob 8 reales, 1651PoRMS, rare and choice, Plate Coin in The Practical Book of Cobs. $5,463
Lot 1176 Panama, cob 4 reales, Philip II, assayer (o)B to left, AP-4 to right, extremely rare, finest known. $22,425
Lot 1178 Panama, cob 1/2 real, Philip II, AP to left, P to right, M below monogram, very rare and choice. $19,550
Lot 1435 Haiti, 25 centimes(?) countermark (1814-16?) on a Brazilian 960 reis, 1812-B. $4,889
Lot 1618 Gold “finger" bar #11 from the “Golden Fleece wreck” (ca. 1550), 204 grams, 20-1/2K. $10,925
Lot 1625 Gold “finger” bar from the Maravillas (1656), 336.3 grams, 19-1/4K. $23,575
Lot 1626 Gold “half potato” ingot from the 1715 Fleet, marked “4o3”, 59.32 troy oz, estimated fineness 20K. $46,000
Lot 1627 Justh & Hunter gold ingot #4280 from the S.S. Central America (1857), 20.93 oz, 90.7% fine. $94,875
Lot 1630 Large silver “tumbaga” bar #M-66 (“key bar”) from the “Tumbaga wreck” (ca. 1528), 21.66 lb. $13,800
Lot 1641 Large silver bar from the Atocha (1622), 91 lb 4.96 oz troy, Class Factor 1.0. $27,600
Lot 1716 Gold cross studded with 6 high-grade emeralds from the 1715 Fleet. $23,575

Prices realized for all lots sold in Treasure Auction #6 are available online at Treasure Auction #7 in April of 2010 will present another impressive selection of cobs and important numismatic and shipwreck trophies. Consignments for this upcoming auction will be accepted until January 31, 2010.

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About Daniel Frank Sedwick

Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC is the world’s premier specialist in the colonial coinage of Spanish America, shipwreck coins and artifacts of all nations. In addition to an Online Store, Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC sell coins and artifacts at various numismatic shows around the nation.

Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC also has the honor of being the only auction company in the world specializing in Authentic Treasure! Auction catalogs are accessible on the web and printed in a high-quality format with full-color illustrations for all lots.

In addition to publishing several catalogs per year, Daniel Frank Sedwick is a regular vendor at major international coin shows, including FUN, CICF, and ANA. Until early 1996, Mr. Sedwick worked in partnership with the late Dr. Frank Sedwick, who began the business in 1981 and became known as a pioneer in the field of Spanish colonial numismatics with his book, The Practical Book of Cobs.

The fourth (2007) and third (1995) editions of this well-known book were authored and co-authored by Daniel Sedwick, who is also a contributing editor to The Numismatist

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