2009 Lincoln Cent Mintages Finalized for Three Pennies


US Mint circulating production levels for the third 2009 Lincoln penny, known as the Professional Life cent, are now known for each Mint facility in Denver and Philadelphia.

2009 Lincoln Cent Mintages

Denver Philadelphia 2009 Total
Birthplace Cent 350,400,000 284,400,000 634,800,000
Formative Years Cent 363,600,000 376,000,000 739,600,000
Professional Life Cent 336,000,000 316,000,000 652,000,000
Total 1,050,000,000 976,400,000 2,026,400,000

The Birthplace or "Log Cabin" penny continues to rank as the scarcest in combined Denver and Philadelphia mintages, while the 2009-P Lincoln Birthplace cent is still the most scarce at 284,400,000.

The 2009-P Professional Life cent is the second least produced.

In the notable category, product levels dropped following the Lincoln Formative Years cent. The US Mint is currently producing the fourth and final 2009 Lincoln Presidency cent. It will not be released into circulation until Nov. 12, 2009. Will production levels rise or continue to fall? Only time will tell.

This story was first broke by Numismatic News editor Dave Harper on his Buzz with Dave Harper blog. (See Cent production falls, but Birth design still scarcest.)

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Dr. Lakey

There appears to be NO shortage of any of the ‘Zinc’ Lincolns. From what I’ve been able to establish over a MILLION Proof ‘S’ mints will be available through the different sets. Is there a figure available on the Number minted of the ‘Original Copper’ content Cents produced?