Final 2009 Lincoln Cent Mintages, Presidency Cent Most Scarce


2009 Lincoln Presidency CentThe last of the four redesigned 2009 Lincoln Cents is by far the most scarce, final production figures from the United States Mint reveal.

The Denver and Philadelphia Mints struck 198,000,000 and 129,600,000 Presidency cents, respectively, for a total run of 327,600,00. The level is nearly half that of the second least minted penny, the Lincoln Birthplace bearing the log cabin design.

2009-P Lincoln Presidency cents rank as the most scarce of the group, directly followed by the 2009-Ds, as the following table illustrates:

2009 Lincoln Cent Mintages by Design

Denver Philadelphia 2009 Total
Birthplace Cent 350,400,000 284,400,000 634,800,000
Formative Years Cent 363,600,000 376,000,000 739,600,000
Professional Life Cent 336,000,000 316,000,000 652,000,000
Presidency Cent 198,000,000 129,600,000 327,600,000
Total 1,248,000,000 1,106,000,000 2,354,000,000

Despite new designs which are exceedingly popular with coin collectors, their demand in daily commerce is greatly limited due to a barrage of older hoarded coins there were thrown back into circulation. The US recession is to blame, resulting in production cuts across all circulating coins.

The Mint struck 5,419,200,000 cents during 2008. In contrast, penny production last year dwindled to 2,354,000,000.

For interested individuals who can not find Presidency cents in change or at local banks, two-roll sets of them are currently available from the US Mint for a price of $8.95. The sets include one roll of 50 coins struck in Philadelphia and another roll of 50 coins minted at Denver. Each is wrapped with special United States Mint coin paper depicting the new designs, a "P" or "D" representing the roll’s mint of origin and "50¢," representing its face value.

The new 2010 Lincoln cent is expected to launch in February. It features a reverse designed depicting the Union Shield which is "emblematic of President Lincoln’s preservation of the United States of America as a single and united country." The design will be the final for the penny, unless new legislation is introduced, passed and signed into law mandating another change.

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Oscar Gonzalez

Thanks for posting this information, now where can I buy 2009 Lincoln Presidency pennies, I didnt know we had that change 🙂


I just checked the Gov. site and they are now sold out (12/08/12.
I do know local coin dealers usually have them? I bought some.
In particular, I am interested in the Presidency coin.
I believe there is a specific “unknown” minting error!
So, I suggest, buying as many and the highest grades you can!



I found one with no D or P on it. Looks smaller than other pennies Also the ink looks two toned. Any help me with valueing it.


Hi Charlene,
About the 2009 Cent? I don’ get the ink part, or the no P, D showing?
The most valuable 2009 cent wood be the proof COPPER, 2009-S Presidential. All due the few minted only in sets of the each four mints! It also is the only 2009 minted cent with a small “o” in the U.S. of A.!!! Other than not seeing your coin I suggest a trip to several coin stores to get comparable evaluations. Good luck.


The O is lower cased.


I’m here because I have a presidency one. I found it and noticed it wasn’t like any other penny I had seen. Very interesting. It’s the most scarce.


Hi, I would think the 2009S Presidency proof only cent, would be the most scarce!….Also note all presidency reverse cent have a small “o”, as the others are all capitol “O”‘s…..but no one seems to have the true number minted? Those are the ones that should excel in value by 2019. (10 yrs.)


I have a presidency cent with no visible D or P on it anywhere. I found it while counting some change


Hello just going through old change and saw a penny that looked different so I found out that is the presidency coin with a small “o” and in 2009 wanting to know if it has any value?


Today i went to McDonalds and got a few pennies as change, I was looking at the pennies only to find a 2009 presidency penny. Me and my cousin were freaking out because we had never seen this before. Later we found out this penny was rare and at that point we were shouting.

Shannon Hunter

I have a 2009 Lincoln presidency penny in my hands now

James Powers

There are four types of 2009 cents. The true scarce issue and increased future value lays in the 2009S PROOF Presidency cent….noting that ALL P, D and S minted Presidency cents have the small ” o “. There is no explanation from the mint, as why the design changed to a capitol “O” since the 2010 cent??

James Powers

The truely rare issue and the unknown amount minted is the 2009S Proof Presidency cent!?

Jim Powers

Who knows ???? How many “2009-S PROOF, ALL COPPER, PRESIDENCY CENTS” were minted, INCLUDING all those in the LINCOLN Commemorative PROOF sets?? There seems to be no official gov’t. number announced, except the 50,000 Lincoln silver Commemorative sets issued?
This coin seems to be Super scarce compaired to the total mixed metal cents!!????


I have a mint condition 2009 Lincon Presidential penny printed in the Denver mint, about how much would it be worth.