2009 Lincoln Cent Rolls Available Soon


This article was first published on the CoinNews sister site, 2009 Lincoln Pennies.

2009 Lincoln PennyThe United States Mint today updated its Product Release Schedule and has added slots for 2009 Lincoln Penny Rolls.

Here is the schedule (note the general dates for the final three pennies):

Release Dates Roll Sets
3/13/2009 Lincoln Cent Birthplace
Spring Lincoln Cent Formative Years
Summer Lincoln Cent Professional Life
Winter Lincoln Cent Presidency

Up until today, the Mint had not publicly indicated that 2009 Lincoln rolls would be offered. However, the difficulty in finding the new pennies at banks or in circulation led many collectors to assume such an offering would eventually come.

While the rolls are not specifically designed for collectors as proof and uncirculated coins are, they will contain Philadelphia and Denver cents produced for circulation that have never circulated. And best of all, the rolls virtually guarantee that anyone who wants to collect the coins will be able to without digging through pocket change.

As with all Mint products, there will be premiums charged. More than likely, each roll will have a price tag of at least 2-3 times face value, plus shipping and handling.

Whatever the eventual prices, they will be substantially lower than what most of the first set of 2009 Lincoln rolls have been going for lately on places like eBay.

[Editor’s udpate: The US Mint will sale 2009 Lincoln Cent Rolls for $8.95 beginning on Friday, March 13, at noon ET.]

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jimmy dee

the mint should have sell the 95% copper lincoln cent roll to the general public and coin collectors. instead the mint just don’t care and continue to make huge money by just producing the 97.5% zinc cent. what a mistake?.