Numismatic News: Lincoln Cent History, Ten Rarest Gold Dollars


July 9: Four numismatic news or coin blog articles are referenced on CoinNews every Tuesday and Thursday. These articles are not authored by us, but we recommend coin collectors read them for their unusual or interesting content. Here are today’s coin articles:

The History of the Lincoln Cent
Susan Headley | Coins

The Lincoln Cent might never have come to pass had it not been for a stubbornly persistent U.S. President by the name of Theodore Roosevelt, and the untimely death of a great sculptor. Roosevelt had an eye for art, and felt that America’s coins were quite uninspiring compared to those of European nations. His acquaintainship with renowned sculptor…

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The Ten Rarest Gold Dollars
Doug Winter |

During the last year or so, I have been working on a series of articles that discusses the ten rarest individual issues in each of the Liberty Head denominations. I haven’t done one of these articles since October 2008 when I wrote about the ten rarest Liberty Head quarter eagles. Gold dollars are a series that is on my mind right now, especially considering I am selling a wonderful group of Type Three Proofs known as the Tri-Star Collection. This seems like a good segue into…

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20 Great Places to Find Coins
Jeffrey Strain |

I like to walk and when I walk, I am always on the lookout for coins. I don’t really consciously do this — it has become a habit over the years. What I do know is that most years I add over $100 to my savings (you would need to keep over $10,000 in your local bank to earn the same amount in interest) simply by keeping my eyes open and knowing where to look…

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Langbord family responds to Fed claim
Numismatic news

Joan Langbord’s family responded June 19 to the Federal government’s claim that 10 double eagles, all dated 1933, never legally entered circulation and thus could never have been legally held by her father, Philadelphia jeweler and part-time coin dealer Israel Switt. The substance of the response came in a memorandum of law signed by Barry Berke, lead lawyer in a matter that has attracted a "friend of the Court" brief of the Professional Numismatists Guild…

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