Numismatic News: Cherrypicking Coins, Lincoln Dollars, Larry Stevens


June 2: Four numismatic news or coin blog articles are referenced on CoinNews every Tuesday and Thursday. These articles are not authored by us, but we recommend coin collectors read them for their unusual or interesting content. Here are today’s coin articles:

How to Make Money Cherrypicking
Mike Thorne | Coins Magazine

As it is used in the coin market, cherrypicking refers to buying a coin that, for some reason, is really worth more (often much more) than the price you paid for it. Continuing with the fruit terminology, cherrypicking may refer to finding a cherry mixed in with a group of prunes (or dried plums, as the prune sellers would have us call them)…

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No Coin, Bird Detail Escaped Photographer
Lauren Wiseman | Washington Post

Larry Stevens spent his early years as a professional photographer covering celebrities in Hollywood and Washington. He was a member of the White House press corps and took photos for some of the most popular magazines of the era: Time, Life, Parade and the old Saturday Evening Post… Mr. Stevens, 87, who died Feb. 25 of cardiac arrest, became a leading photographer of coins…

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Lincoln dollars popular
Al Doyle | Coin Values

Understandably, attention recently has focused on the 2009 Lincoln, Early Childhood and Formative Years cents. Since few pieces are showing up in circulation, competition for Brilliant Uncirculated rolls is intense on eBay and elsewhere. Another 2009 Lincoln coin has also been a big success. The U.S. Mint has sold out of 450,000 commemorative Lincoln Bicentennial silver dollars…

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Hackerbot Labs Resizes Quarters into Dimes
Priya Ganapati |

It’s true your money doesn’t go as far as it used to. Seattle-based Hackerbots Labs can take a coin and shrink it down such that quarters appear the size of dimes and dimes become little more than little molten balls of metal. What’s amazing is that through this process, the identity and value of the coin remain almost intact…

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