Coin Chat Radio: Lost Gold, Grading Walking Liberties, 2009 Market Conditions


Coin Chat Radio Web siteAs always, the top of the June 11th episode of Coin Chat Radio begins with host Bob Van Ryzin’s "What’s In the News." He leads with Guam quarter mintages.

Ryzin reminds listeners that the Denver coins are the scarcest 2009 quarter designs with only 42.6 million struck, and that overall production is now at levels not seen since the 1950’s.

Editorial Director Debbie Bradley’s "Industry Insider" segment picks up with Miles Standish, Senior Grader and Vice-President of Business Development for Professional Coin Grading Service. Discussed is the Walking Liberty half dollar minted from 1916-1947.


"It is about design, and obviously the Walking Liberty half dollar, you know, was one of our countries most famous designs," Standish said when asked why the coins are so popular with collectors.

"And of course, as you can tell it was so popular the US Mint carried it on to the obverse design to the Silver Eagle in 1986. The freedom of Miss Liberty grabs everyone’s attention, as she’s reaching to the future, and the rising sun. Its just captivated peoples’ eyes and interest," explains Standish


Standish shares that he does not grade by counting features seen, but more by looking for the strike, the luster and the Liberty eye appeal.

Numismatic News Editor Dave Harper hosts the third segment with an interview of coin dealer Julian Jarvis. Jarvis was interviewed only a few months ago on the show. His latest insights are timely with the extreme interest in market conditions for 2009 coins.


"Prices are higher, mainly because distribution through the Federal Reserve banks is so poor, so many areas are not getting any new coin at all," Jarvis says about the 2009 quarter market.

As to the 2009 Lincoln pennies, "It’s still my firm belief that there’s plenty of the Lincoln pennies… Those are still in the distribution channels. Either still at the Mint, or have not been released by the Federal Reserves," adds Jarvis.


Topics change a few more times and land on the bullion market. Jarvis comments that both the US Mint and the Canadian Mint have been able to catch up with demand. The premiums appear to be down with this increased availability.

David Brierly, Editorial Intern, briefly recounts how commemorative coins may be worth more than current thinking — mainly due to a shift in policy by third party grading services and coins that receive the coveted 70 grade.

Online Editor Lisa Bellavin closes out the show with her "Freshly Minted" segment. Topics include a federal magistrate’s decision that treasure retrieved by Odyssey Marine Exploration should be returned to Spain (see CoinNews article Judge Says Spain Should Get Shipwreck Treasure), the new release from the Royal Mint of the Henry VIII coin and a news story that the Royal Canadian Mint may be missing over 10 million dollars worth of gold and silver.

To listen to this program, go to Coin Chat Radio. Current and prior week episodes are also available directly from sites hosting the free Coin Chat Radio player, like the one found in the upper right at Coin Collecting News.

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