Coin Chat Radio: Coin Market Conditions, 2009 Lincoln Cents


Coin Chat Radio Web siteBob Van Ryzin leads this week’s edition of Coin Chat Radio with news that the US Mint has raised the order limit on 2009 UHR (Ultra High Relief) Saint-Gaudens gold coins from one to ten.

Following is Numismatic News Editor Dave Harper who interviews dealer Ken Pines from Coast to Coast about current coin market conditions. Pines seems optimistic.


"The market is pretty healthy. Summer is usually our slower period, but true meat and potato coins are selling very well," states Pines.


Conversation turns to specific coins, and among others, the new Lincoln Cents are discussed. Their popularity appears without bound.


"Lincoln Cents are amazing right now." comments Pines, "Yes, its the hundredth anniversary of the series. You’ve got the new reverses for the 2009. All the stars are lined up right for that series right now. And, there is an awful lot of interest, and it doesn’t seem to be waning at all."


Online Editor Lisa Bellavin talks with with Krause Market Analyst Tom Michael about new book releases from Krause Publications, like the 2010 edition of North American Coins and Prices. Also discussed is the website, and the varied products available there.

Closing out this week’s episode is World Coin News Editor Maggie Stigsell with new coin issues in ‘Freshly Minted.’ There has not been new coin announcements of late. The only coin discussed is the upcoming Julia Tyler coin. (Read the US Mint statement Julia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coin and Medal Available August 6.)

Listen to Coin Chat Radio by going to their website, where previous episodes may also be found. You may also listen to them at sites like Coin Collecting News which host the free Coin Chat Radio player.

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