Coin Chat Radio Review, April 16th Episode


Coin Chat Radio Web siteThe April 16 edition of the Coin Chat Radio program features a couple of interesting interviews that cover three centuries: from sunken steamships filled with coin treasure of the mid 1800’s to the grand opening of an online numismatic store.

Central States Numismatic Society Educational Director Ray Lockwood is interviewed by Numismatic News Editor Dave Harper. The discussion centers around the upcoming CSNS 70th Annual Convention in Cincinnati Ohio that starts on Wednesday, April 29th with PNG day and then opens to the general public on the 30th. An estimated 250 dealer tables will be available along with the many speakers and seminars.

A post convention highlight is a seminar by feature speaker Bob Evans, who was the chief scientist of the S.S. Central America Project. The S.S. Central America was a steamer ship loaded with treasure that went down off the coast of the coast of North Carolina in 1857. According to Lockwood, Evans will be "talking about preservation and conservation of the gold coins, the silver coins, and the gold bullion that was brought up from the bottom of the ocean," along with many other subjects in relation to the ship.

For anyone considering or attending the convention, this week’s program is a must listen to event.

Also in this episode, KP Numismatics Publisher Scott Tappa talks with Online Editor Lisa Bellavin about the introduction of the new online store. Tappa describes it as "one stop shop for everything we offer numismatically."

A new feature available at the store is digital downloads, to include what Tappa describes as "micro-catalogs" that have 20th century coin pricing and catalog information from countries all around the world.

Listen to the programs at Coin Chat Radio. Current and prior week episodes are also available directly from sites hosting the Coin Chat Radio player, like the one found in the upper right at Coin Collecting News.

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