Coin Chat Radio Review, April 30th Episode


Coin Chat Radio Web siteBob Van Ryzin starts the April 30th episode of Coin Chat Radio with a brief news report on the upcoming May 14th release of two-roll sets containing the new Lincoln cents.

One roll is from the Mint in Philadelphia and one from the Mint in Denver. These rolls will contain the second design in the four being issued this year. The reverse of the latest Lincoln cent features Abraham Lincoln reading a book while taking a break from rail-splitting.

Numismatic News Editor Dave Harper then completes an interview with coin wholesaler Julian Jarvis about 2009 US coinage, and the supply and demand for them.


First topic discussed was the new Lincoln cent, and Jarvis explains "lots of areas still have never received the Lincoln first cent, the Log Cabin…. due to the huge glut of circulated coin. Because of the economy, people are turning in their change, thereby the Federal Reserve is not having to buy coin from the US Mint."

Due to this shortage, sellers have been charging premiums. However, Jarvis thinks the situation will settle down. "It’s my firm belief, that within the next few weeks, that we will see these first Log Cabin pennies, I think in the wholesale level, down to the dollar a roll."


(For more regarding the glut of circulating coins Jarvis describes, read the CoinNews article US Mint Halts Nickels and Dimes Production.)

Also discussed are the new DC and Territorial Quarters. Quarter production was lowered to such a level that many areas of the country never received any, nor does it look like the new issues will be any different. As such, pricing has been affected. Other 2009 coins were also discussed including the Presidential Dollars, as well as some historical reference to coin shortages in the past.

Finally, World Coin News Editor Maggie Stigsell interviews Kevin Foley, the bourse chairman of the Chicago International Coin Fair. The Fair took place April 23 through April 26.


Foley best describes the differences between this show and a normal coin show when he said that the "…Chicago International Coin Fair is a specialty event. It’s focused on the world and ancient numismatic market places. This is not an event where you would find US coins."


Foley said that in spite of the world economic condition, attendance was actually higher this year. He also states that "this specialty market is very much driven by collector demand, and it’s remained stronger than the US market."

To listen to this program, go to Coin Chat Radio. Current and prior week episodes are also available directly from sites hosting the Coin Chat Radio player, like the one found in the upper right at Coin Collecting News.

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